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How To Move Locally - A Complete Comprehensive Guide

Tags:  Local Movers,  Moving Tips,  Moving And Storage  | 06-08-2020

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, one thing is for sure, nobody likes to move for a hobby. You could be moving for different reasons like a better job, promotion or starting a new life with your partner. Whatever the reason is, each one of us has to go through the moving process at least once in our life. This is why you need to know the answers to basic questions like how to move locally or long distance. With this guide, learn the different modes of moving locally and a few tips to move without breaking the bank.

Know the Different Modes of Moving

(1) DIY (Do-it-yourself) Moving

The best things about moving house locally, especially if it is a small move,  is that you can call on family, friends and even your neighbors to help you out with the move. This is probably the cheapest way to move locally. You are only moving a few miles from your current home so you can ask your friends and family to come along with their cars, or loan a truck from your friend (if you can find one) to help move some of our moving boxes. Plan a lovely meal in the evening, like a house-warming party and you might be able to convince them to even help you unpack!

(2) Moving with a Truck Rentals

The most obvious thought when you think about how to move locally, especially if you have lots of stuff, is to hire movers to do it. Isn’t that what we all do? Well, if you are moving locally, you do have some options. You can rent a moving truck and drive it to your new location yourself. You will have to do all the grunt work yourself like packing, loading and unloading the truck. To help you out, you can either enlist the help of your friends or hire moving labor. While this method is not easy but it will certainly help you save substantially.

(3) Moving Containers

Another “do it yourself” moving category option that you have is renting Moving Containers for your move. These companies offer "You load, we drive” service, which means you will still have to pack, load and unload the container, but you don't have to manage driving the heavily loaded container. The company will pick it up from your old home and deliver it to your new place.

(4) Hiring Professional Movers

The most stress-free and easy way of moving is by hiring professional local moving companies. They have all the equipment and well-trained movers who know how to deal with all your moving requirements while taking care of your belongings. You can choose to hire full-service movers who will handle all your moving tasks from packing to loading to unloading and unpacking. All you will have to do is direct the movers as per your requirements.

However, if you are on a budget, you can choose to handle moving tasks like packing yourself while hiring local movers only to load, move and unload your stuff to your new house. You can also customize your move by handling a few of the moving tasks yourself and asking the movers to complete the rest. In any case, here are a few moving services that local movers offer:
  • Professional packing, proper labeling and unpacking
  • Disassembly and assembly of heavy furniture items
  • Handling fragile items with Care
  • Moving truck and transport
  • Safety and Insurance
  • Moving special items like a piano, pool table etc.,
  • Additional services like flight services, long haul services, hoisting services, handyman services etc as per your moving needs.
  • Storage services

Tips on How to Save on your Local Moving Costs

“Now that you have an idea about how to move locally, here are a few more things to make sure everything would go smoothly on moving day”

(1) Prepare a Moving Plan

Even if you are moving locally, you need a moving plan. This plan should comprise all the moving tasks that you finish during this moving process, along with a timetable. Start making a moving checklist as soon as you are sure about your move. Even if you are moving locally, you still need to make time out of your busy schedule to finish all the moving tasks. This checklist will help you to remind and keep track of all the moving tasks.

(2) Decluttering is Important

This may sound like an obvious one but many people tend to ignore this. As a result, they are left with packing items that they don't need, thereby spending extra on packing materials and for extra hours required to move them. So, as you know that you are going to be moving house, start to declutter. Look around at everything you own in your house and be ruthless. For all the items you choose to declutter, you can either sell them or donate them. By selling various DVD’s, games consoles and toys that you no longer want, you can even make a bit of money.

(3) Prepare an Inventory List

Once you get rid of all the unwanted stuff, prepare a list of the items that you plan to take with you to your new house. This list will not only help you get accurate moving company quotes especially if you are getting a flat rate quote, but it will also help you to determine how many moving boxes you need, and check your items once your movers deliver them.

(4) Choosing your Moving Day

To get the best deals from the local movers, avoid peak moving days. Peak moving days are usually weekends, first and last week of the months and period between the months of April to October. If you choose off-peak moving days, you can get some discounts not just with local moving companies, but also with rental trucks, storage units, and other moving services too.

Simply your Local Move with & Save!

Although moving house locally can be almost as stressful as moving a long distance, you can simplify it by planning thoroughly and by hiring the best local movers for your move. Fill out a simple quote requisition form and get free local or long distance moving quotes right in your inbox. At, you would find the most reliable, licensed and insured moving companies with a good track record with BBB. Compare them and find the best deal that suits your custom-made moving requirements and budget. Happy Moving!

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