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How to Make A Home Inventory When Moving?

Tags:  Moving Checklist,  Moving Tips  | 04-26-2021

Moving chaos tends to continue even after the move, especially if you are not organized. You may end up searching for your things among the boxes for hours and you wouldn't even be easily able to tell if any of your items went missing. To avoid any such scenarios, it is important to create an inventory list before you even begin searching for movers.

Keeping a record of your belongings is not as easy as it looks. However, it is of utmost importance when you are moving, regardless of the distance you are moving.

The best way to avoid any problematic situation is to have proper planning and organizing while moving. There are many efficient planning options present these days that will help you stay focused and monitor your belongings during and after the move. To begin with, you must have a moving checklist that should list all the moving tasks that you must take care of before and after moving. Along with the checklist, you should also arm yourself with a detailed home inventory list which comprises all the details of household items and other belongings you want to take with you to your new place.

Having a moving checklist will make sure all your moving tasks are completed in a timely manner, thereby ensuring an amazing and smooth moving experience. As for your inventory list, here are some important considerations you must keep in mind while making a home inventory to ensure you are not forgetting anything.

How to Make a Home Inventory While Moving?

As soon as you are sure about your move, the first thing you need to do is create your inventory list, no matter whether you are moving yourself or hiring movers. You need to give yourself time to make a detailed home inventory and packing list. If you rush it, you might find yourself in a mess later, especially while unpacking. To do it in the right way, follow the below five steps.

Choose The Right Inventory Method, Either Pen and Paper Or Choose A Digital Way

While making a home inventory, you may get confused about which method you should go for. Should you go with the traditional method which is manually penning down every belonging in paper or should you go with the modern digital way by using some application? The old traditional method requires a lot of time and effort, whereas the modern techniques allow you to make a home inventory more efficiently and effectively. With the help of a digital way, you can quickly edit and replace the belongings, whereas the old method will take plenty of time.

Making a digital inventory comes with many benefits, and the best part is you will get many spreadsheets and home inventory templates online for easy process. That said, you must always choose the method you are most comfortable with.

Get Into Room By Room Approach

Making a detailed home inventory is a time-consuming task undoubtedly and it involves a lot of work. But with a few simple tricks, you can speed up the process rather than spending days cataloguing each and every thing. You cannot afford to waste time while pre-moving and post moving days as there are so many other important tasks on the line. For better efficiency, start making your inventory room by room. Choose one room at a time. The process is simple, go to your bedroom or living room and start cataloguing the belongings. Once finished, close the inventory sheet and make a new sheet for another room. In simple words, every room should have a separate inventory sheet.

Make Special Notes About Important Information

The moment you enter any room for cataloguing its inventory, always begin with larger items such as furniture pieces, electronic appliances and more. Once you are done with bigger items, start documenting small belongings. While the main purpose of creating a home inventory is collecting more information about the belongings, cataloguing everything will help you to decide which items you should take with you and which ones you should leave behind. You can easily make a few columns in your inventory sheet to note down specific information such as item description, current condition, recent value and more. This practice will help you discern which items are usable and which are not. In case of unusable stuff, you can check out for better ways to get rid of unusable stuff before you move to lessen the weight of your belongings.

Using Inventory Tools

While nothing can beat a traditional inventory list or even a digital detailed list, sometimes you might just not have time to process your household belongings. However, this doesn't mean you should skip on this task. This is where inventory tools come in handy, the best of them being a digital camera. You can easily complete your inventory list only by having pictures of them. To be more precise, make sure you take pictures of your household items, kitchen accessories and more. For insurance purposes, you can also take pictures from every angle to know the current condition of your stuff.

Another best way to make a home inventory is making a video of your home. Video recording is the easiest and fastest way to make an inventory. Take someone’s help to open doors and drawers for you, so that you can record them in a better way.

Get A Personal Home Inventory Application

Using a traditional, i.e manual handwritten inventory sheet takes a lot of time that you may not be able to perform while preparing for your move especially when you are falling behind your moving checklist. In such cases, it is important to take the help of inventory software which will help you to make the task easier and faster than you could do by hand. Choose any inventory software as per your need and comfort and enjoy making a home inventory.

When Should You Create a Home Inventory List?

Practically, as soon as you get to know that you are relocating, you must create a home inventory list. And once you start packing, this list will help you in packing too and will doubly work as a packing list too. It is a wise decision to make an inventory list before you begin packing, as this list will help you to evaluate your belongings and assist you in reducing the number of belongings which will further help in lowering your average moving costs.

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