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How to Get Accurate Moving Quotes for your Local Move?

Tags:  Local Movers,  DIY Moving,  Moving FAQs  | 08-13-2020

As difficult as it may seem to extract genuine information from the internet, obtaining accurate local moving companies quotes is not tough, granted the right questions are asked and the customer understands what he or she needs from the movers. Most local movers tout some sort of estimation tool or widget that asks a series of questions regarding the move along with some personal information.

Size of the Move

Your local moving costs will, of course, depend on the size of your move. The larger your move, the more expensive it is bound to be. Even though local moving company quotes are based on the number of hours required to move, the more items you have, the more time it will take to finish the move. And if you live in a crowded city with heavy traffic issues, then it is wise to get flat rate quotes which are similar to the long distance movers quotes.

Additional Moving Services

You would probably need additional moving services as well form the movers. While some are optional, others are required to complete the move. For example, you can either do packing and unpacking of your belongings yourself, but if certain furniture items require hoisting to move them, you will have to get such services from the movers. Many of these services will come as a last-minute surprise if you didn't acknowledge them while the quotation making process. This is why they are often referred to as hidden moving costs. Make sure to understand all these hidden moving costs and discuss them beforehand with movers.

Special Services Required

Moving any specialty item like a baby grand piano, pool table, boat, jacuzzi etc. will add up to your moving costs. So, if you possess any such items, make sure to inform your local movers regarding such items.

Vehicle Moving

Another thing that can affect your local moving companies quotes is if there are any vehicles that need to be transported. This factor greatly affects the estimate, as any moving company will need to provide special transportation in order to haul vehicles. Water-borne vehicles, for example, require more specialized transportation.

Moving Estimates

After gathering this information, it comes down to securing the best moving deal possible from the movers. Usually, the moving companies uses an aggregation process to provide several pricing options at once. Information that will normally be asked of the client is the type of service requested, be it full or partial-service, as you can probably take on several of the moves responsibilities without help.

This is one among the top ways to save money on your move while moving as it has the greatest effect on the final price, as it eliminates many tasks that the movers would have to provide otherwise. This allows for a more accurate estimation and gives the movers a better idea on what size of a moving truck will be needed and how much fuel will be required etc.

The rest of the standard local moving companies quotation will consist of mostly personal information. This is needed for the moving company to get in contact with the client, as this will allow them to ask more specific questions that may not be included in the form. These questions are only needed to establish a connection between the buyer and the moving company providing the service. It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that the more information you are willing to provide, the more targeted the response will be.

Now, every move comes with different ways and challenges which means that all moves are not the same or work in a similar manner.  This is why it is important to get an onsite moving estimate when possible. So, Be prepared to get a complete walk through of your home with the moving company estimator and show them everything that has to be moved.

Here are a few Tips to Consider for the Walk-Through

For in-home moving estimates, the process is a little more involved and the evaluation will be more detailed. During this assessment, a representative from the moving company will survey the amount of work that needs to be done, taking note of any unique items or room layouts. During this process, it is best to specify exactly what part of the move the movers will be responsible for completing.

1) Be ready to explain to the moving company estimator, whether you are moving around the corner or how far across the town you are going. Let the estimator also know if there is any kind of accessibility issue with your current or new location. To get the most accurate moving estimate possible it is important that you don't miss even a single detail with your mover.

2) You should know what all services you need from a moving company. Every move and situation is different. For e.g., you might be planning to handle partial packing yourself and hire movers only to pack the furniture and the fragile items or you may not have enough time for packing and unpacking. Whatever your situation is, make sure to explain to the moving company estimator what needs to be done by them. Most local moving companies offer services for packing, moving, unpacking, and storage.

3) Your moving agreement displays your preferred moving date. But by being flexible you can avail a better deal from your movers. Make sure to talk to your estimator regarding the best moving date.

4) If you have a few special and expensive items like a piano, pool table or grandfather clock, then make sure to discuss and learn about how they will be moved or packed. Any requests regarding how these items are packed or loaded should also be communicated during the evaluation process.

5) The most important part of the process is to verify all the paperwork concerning the evaluation for the move. Make sure all fees and terms are understood before agreeing to the moving job. This will ensure the move goes as planned.

6) Lastly, plan your moving process with plenty of time to get all the details worked out. Selling and buying a home is stressful enough in itself and you don’t need the stress of overbooked schedules.

Moving companies provide a range of services, from packing to transport to unloading and setting up furniture. If the homeowner wants to oversee parts of the job to reduce costs, the company should be informed during the evaluation process.

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