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How to Find, Analyze and Finalize Movers for your Move?

Your moving out date has been set and you are now probably worried that you won't be able to find good movers who can handle the toughest aspect of your move. And understandably, you don't want to hand over your beloved possession to just any mover, you want to hire only the best, which means it's top notch movers for you.

Top notch movers are those professional moving service providers known for delivering your goods to your new location without causing any damage to them. They are responsible members of the community who value integrity as much as you do. This is further expressed in the degree of care that they deliver with their services. But how do you find such movers? You certainly cannot choose any mover randomly as it is too risky, neither it is the recommended way for how to choose a mover for a safe, fast, and hassle-free move. With this simple guide, understand who are top notch movers, how they can turn your move into a smooth ride, and how you can hire them for your move.

How to Find the Top Quality Moving Service Providers?

Now that you know what it takes for a mover to be considered top-notch, your next step is to find the best moving companies. Luckily, with a few simple steps, you can easily find movers that are the most competent and trustworthy. To consider top in terms of movers, you need to look for dedication and commitment to quality above all else. Let's have a look at how top-notch movers earn their highest reputation.

Top Quality Moving Services: Any moving service provider cannot be considered as top notch movers until they provide exceptional services to their customers. These movers exhibit a strictly professional manner while fulfilling all your moving needs. Be it packing your belongings or disassembly and reassembly of furniture or hoisting up your bulky couch since it doesn't fit in doorways or hallways, these competent movers can handle up all your moving needs by following the best practices.

Moving Experience: Another factor that sets apart top notch mover from others is their experience level. They can handle your move efficiently under various working conditions and environments with their expertise and rich industry experience.

Fast-Paced Move: Top notch movers understand all the peculiarities of your move, make a solid plan of action and then act on it by working most efficiently and speedily. With professionalism, speediness, and experience, you can only get the most organized, efficient, and hassle-free move.

Get Recommendations from Family or Friends

Think about it, who can recommend the best ways to move or the best movers in your area. Well, people who have been there and done that can give you the best advice on whom should you consider hiring and which movers you need to stay away from. So, ask your friends, family, and colleagues who have recently moved, whether they can recommend any professional and reliable movers in your area. These people are your most trustworthy source of information, so make sure to inquire about their first-hand experience and get general impressions of movers from them. By understanding the reasons why your people recommend a particular mover, you can find top notch movers.

Compare Free Estimates and Analyze Movers

If you are lucky enough, you will get recommended with some good movers, then all you have to do is contact them, provide them with your details and get moving company quotes from them. But life is not always fair and luck might not favor most of us. This is where reliable online moving platforms like come in. This platform provides free mover quotes from multiple pre-screened, licensed, and insured movers, thereby eliminating the need for you to call endless moving companies. The moving quotes you receive are free of charge, and you are under no obligation to choose any of the movers who quote you.

These moving quotes online are probably enough when you are dealing with local movers, but that might not be the case when you are moving long distances. So, it is wise to ask your long distance movers to conduct an in-home survey so that the movers can more accurately tell you how much does it cost to move. Make sure you explain all your moving needs to the estimator so that they can provide you with the most accurate estimates.

AMSA Membership

All reliable movers fulfill their license requirements as per their state or possess a USDoT number mandated by FMCSA, especially in case of long distance movers. However, top notch movers are usually a step ahead as they are members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) which means you are using the best-of-the-best.

Being an AMSA ProMover means that the movers have passed additional levels of screening and they will uphold the Code of Ethics of the AMSA. So, with top-notch movers, you get fully trained and highly experienced moving crew along with licensed moving trucks, comprehensive insurance, and many added benefits too like deposit protection and complaint handling.

Check BBB Ratings & Reviews

Along with cross verifying license and insurance, it is important to check customer reviews too. As a lot can happen in the course of a move, and many customers share both the greatest experiences and the challenges off the top of their heads. While it's understandable that challenges may arise during the move, it is more important to focus on whether the top notch movers were able to come to a good solution for the issue. You can easily check ratings and reviews on the BBB website along with their service track record history, total number of complaints against your hiring movers and how many have been resolved or pending.

Make an Affordable and Hassle-free Move with!

If you are planning to move, whether locally or long distance, simplify your moving process with, this platform offers a great database of excellent top-notch moving and storage companies who can readily give you a hand during such a stressful period. Get free moving quotes from them, compare these quotes, and reach the right decisions for your household move, all the while saving up to 40% on your move.

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