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How to Evaluate Moving Estimates for your Move?

Tags:  Local Movers,  Interstate Movers,  Moving FAQs  | 09-23-2020

Planning to move? Then online moving quotes can help make your decision-making process a whole lot easier. The reason is that while you may not want to choose solely on the mover with the lowest quote of all, moving company quotes can help separate contenders from those who priced themselves out of the running. Once you have located a mover that provides the moving services for the route you will be starting and ending at, there are ways to evaluate mover quotes to find the one that is right for your relocation.

Types of Moving Services Offered

First, there are many different types and levels of service professional movers offer to you to move your belongings. A full service mover, for instance, may handle anything you need, from supplying moving boxes to packing all of your belongings, disassembling furniture items, loading to the moving truck and transporting all your stuff to a new location. In addition, they will unload and even unpack at your new location as well. Alternatively, you can also choose to hire movers for selective services, like for packing only fragile and furniture items. So, when you are initiating the quote process to locate a mover, determine what moving services you may want to include.

For the customers who are looking to minimize the costs of hiring a professional mover, identify priorities of your move. The lowest movers quote might not necessarily be the best, but they can be a starting point. From there, determine if you are going to need assistance with or without a truck, packing services, moving supplies, or any other additional moving services. Whatever the services that you want to include in your moving company quote, know that there are ways to incorporate such services in the best way possible.

License, Insurance & Credibility Check

Look at the quote for the moving companies that are up to date on their insurance and licenses both to operate vehicles and to provide moving services. While local moving companies are usually licensed by their state, some states require their local movers to possess USDoT number like long distance movers. Additionally, it will also be wise to consider movers who are members of reputable moving organizations like AMSA. Another important factor you need to check is whether they are carrying proper insurance to cover your whole world of belongings as they are transported. Without such coverage, you may find that some messy situations can ensue.

In addition, movers that retain all the licenses and insurance in order to operate a moving business may also be more likely to be more responsible and trustworthy. They will take special care while moving your belongings, but even if they damage some of your belongings, whether in transit via a trucking accident,  a good professional moving service provider will assume the accountability and file a claim with their insurance company or replace or repair your items as per the terms of your insurance.

The Role of Moving Estimates

While initial mover quotes are essential to helping you to determine which companies are contenders for your business, you will need to take the process one step further beyond the moving quotes. The next step beyond identifying which companies have the credentials, licenses, insurance, and permission to transport along your route, is to look at getting more accurate estimates. When you have shortlisted a few moving companies, contact them to visit your home to conduct an in-home survey and evaluate your belongings.

Importance of In-home Surveys

With an in-home survey, moving company estimators will be able to determine how many people they will need to perform the job, how large of a moving truck is necessary for the move, and whether you need additional moving services like hoisting services, flight services etc which are required to finish the move. During the survey, it is also essential that you allow them to make a fair estimate by showing them all of your belongings and explaining every moving service that you require and want to be included in the estimate. It is best, to be honest. After the survey, the moving estimator will provide you with written moving estimates.

Examine the Estimates

Review this estimate carefully, and find out if they are non-binding or binding estimates. Most professionals will allow for a little bit of wiggle room, which may bump up or down the cost by up to ten percent. Many people who are moving long distance prefer using a binding estimate, which means that the price is fixed once you sign the contract. This also helps you know whether you can afford the movers or not. In addition, if you are moving long distance, you may want to also inquire about mover quotes for moving your automobiles as well. While this type of transport can be expensive, it may be far less expensive than the wear and tear that a long trip can put onto your vehicle.

Review your Options

Lastly, review all your options before making one decision or another. And, be sure to review all estimates prior to signing anything. Without proper analysis, moving can be stressful, no matter whether you are going down the street or across the country. It can be hard enough to entrust strangers to all of your worldly possessions, but with mover quotes, your moving stress can be significantly reduced, further you can read more about how to choose a mover.

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