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How to Cope With an Unexpected Move?

Tags:  Moving And Storage  | 12-19-2020

Life throws many challenges many of which are unexpected ones. Getting compelled to move to a new station with family out of certain sudden pressing circumstances is one such situation where one has to draw a new map of his/her life within days. The sudden predicament may arise owing to an unexpected job transfer, firing from job, eviction from home by the landlord, resignation, a sudden health problem or certain personal or social issues which compel one to move immediately. Well, it is not just that all such situations will be throwing life out of gear. Many such unexpected turn of events are blessings in disguise. A sudden move might have in store some hidden opportunities to excel in life or a stroke of luck that puts life on a more promising track.

Thus, worrying to the extent of depression if a sudden move comes up will serve no purpose. Just like other spheres of life, a positive approach will pay here too. Here a few sound suggestions to tackle such a sudden move.

1. Accept and Take the Move to be a Challenge

Move Challenge
The first step is to accept the move with a positive mindset. It might be a godsend. Summon your positive vibes and accept the situation to be a challenge. Remind yourself that you have been chosen to prove your mettle. Such positive thinking will help you stay strong and motivated and you will be in a far better position to take up the unexpected move.

2. See the Silver Lining in the Move

Just take some deep breaths and ponder over the sudden change of events. Concentrate on what brighter this situation has to offer. If it is a sudden transfer by the office, see what the new office has better than your old one. It certainly is an opportunity to start with a new slate. Let old mistakes by bygones be and be prepared to start afresh. Remember, the new office will bring in new colleagues and friends too. You stand to win them with your experience and mature handling which you have acquired at your previous posting.

If it was an eviction from home, ponder over what messed up the things and try to mend if possible. Try to move with cordiality intact as far as possible. If it were a health issue which prompted you to move, the new place must be a healthier place where you can enjoy good health and gives you a fresh chance to get more disciplined towards your well-being.

Whatever the cause of move, a new life awaits you at the next location. It is a fresh beginning providing you a novel opportunity, a new neighborhood and a different community to get into. Focus on the lifetime chance of embarking on a beautiful journey on the road ahead and start preparing smilingly.

3. Get Going after Making yourself Positive

Make yourself Positive
After you have chosen to stay positive and resolved to think as discussed in above points, go with the groundwork and preparations without wasting time on baseless ruminations. Make your to-do list, go organizing (please refer to our section on how to organize a long-distance move and related sections) and pack with a cheerful mood.

4. Sit your Family together as an Emergency Meet

Make your family sit together for an emergency meeting of sorts. Tell them about the sudden change of events and prepare them mentally. Explain them clearly when you would be practically shifting base. Let them come up with some opinions and suggestions, many of which would ease your anxieties. Besides, strong assurances by your kin and their promise to stand by you will help you deal with the situation and organize it far better.

5. Get Moving Company Quotes as Soon as Ready

Get moving quotes from professional moving companies as soon as possible. The rates may shoot at the eleventh hour. Book the movers even before you start packing. Get the quotes from at least three four companies to get maximum possible optimized costs and competent services. Get free moving quotes from only authorized and reliable companies instantly.

6. Try to Keep Costs Under Control

One of the most unnerving factors during a move is the sudden shaking of the budget. Moving involves expenses and an unexpected one tends to cost more. So, try to cut costs wherever possible. Visit our section How Can Moving Costs be Reduced for some practical suggestions. Cut your costs through self-help, seeking help from friends and trading off things no longer required at the new location. Keeping things within budget will help you stay calm.

7. Shoot Mails to Offices that Matter

A sudden compulsion to shift your base might not allow you enough time to visit offices of essential services companies like the internet, telephone or insurance. Make a quick list of the services you use and send them mail regarding the change of address (if known) or at least inform them about your prospective move with a statement that you would be sending the exact address soon. Read our section What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving which should help in an urgent move.

8. Do not Lose Composure at Any Cost

Please refer to our section How to keep your calm during a move for the significance of staying calm during a move and some real-world tips on attaining composure during the same. The value of acting cool and composed attains additional importance when the moves come up all of a sudden. It is because one is bound to get perplexed more this time due to urgency and has less time to organize all the mess. The first sane advice is to realize that undue haste and getting irritated or anxious will not postpone your move, rather it would make it messier. So, stay calm and focus on one thing at a time. Speculate on adages like this too shall pass.

9. Call a Charity Home to Donate Unusable Stuff

Charity Home
There are chances that unexpected moves will be a bit more costly than the planned one. Just for example, the movers hired on an urgent basis can come for a slightly higher rate. So, it would be advisable to think of some money saving tricks like self-packing, taking help from friends and traveling as light as possible. The last step, if materialized sensibly, can actually cut your costs remarkably. If there is time for selling the unusable stuff, go for it. If there is no time, just be generous and call a charity home and donate some things like old clothes, toys no longer required or old bicycles etc. This act will benefit you in two ways. First, it will bring you some peace of mind due to the nobility of the deed. Secondly, it will make your bagging weight lighter, thus cutting your moving costs.

10. Make a Quick Round of Thinking on Debts or Liabilities

Since a sudden and unexpected move usually does not take enough time to come to terms with the circumstances, it is wise to learn from other people’s experiences. One suggestion is to spare a few minutes to think and make a list of your pending debts or dues at the present location. You will not be able to inform and approach each and every person around before you move as you would be too busy in moving related tasks. So, at least you should call or reach out those who owe you money or the other way around. Clear such issues with local grocers or neighbors etc. A lapse on this part may affect your social image as the persons who lent you money might interpret your sudden move to be fleeing with their money.

11. Inform your Immediate Neighbors Positively

How much may be the urgency to move, do not forget to take your immediate neighbors into confidence. It is advisable to inform about your sudden urgency to move. For the sake of humanity and cordiality, express your gratitude to them for being your neighbors and tell them that you would be pleased to welcome them at your new address. Also, tell them your new address (if known) or remember to inform them after shifting. This will come handy if your postal mail, couriers or similar correspondence lands at your old address. Your neighbors will be in a better position to guide it to your new location.

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