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How to Choose the Best International Movers for your Move?

Whether for personal reasons or professional, moving abroad is never an easy decision, neither is choosing the best International movers for the relocation job. With an international move, you have to deal with complicated logistics, legalities, and many other administrative tasks. This is why you need International movers who have experience and network to make sure all the legalities are fulfilled as well as making sure all your belongings are secured and they reach their destination without any damage. Keep reading to learn how to find such experienced and competent professionals for your move and how to handle the international move efficiently.

Begin with researching about the country you are moving to and learn all the aspects like your new neighborhood, rules to be followed, customs, languages, etc. Proper research will prepare you mentally and give you the confidence to accomplish an international move.

Give yourself Time to Prepare

Start preparing for your international move as soon as you are sure about it. Make a detailed moving checklist with a timeline and make sure you follow it. Don't leave any task for later, make sure you complete all of them as per the timeline.

Only Take what you Absolutely Want

If you are looking for the cheapest ways to move, then remember, the fewer items you move, the lesser will be your moving costs. Depending on where you are moving, it is wise to carry only the most essential items and sell/donate the others, rather than paying greater moving costs. Also, get an exclusion list from your International movers and even check on the consulate website of the country to understand what items are illegal to import in the country.

Work Out a Moving Budget

International moves may incur various unexpected charges like customs delays, unexpected stays at hotels en route, storage charges, etc. So, make sure to plan and work out a realistic moving budget with an emergency fund just in case.

Steps to Choose the Best Movers

Finding and choosing the best international movers is not that different from choosing local movers or long distance movers with a few additional points to remember. So, begin with understanding how to choose a mover, then follow these steps.

Understand Your Shipping Options

Depending on the country to which you are moving, the best international movers may offer you options to transport your belongings overseas. They include:
  • By Road: This is the most common moving option, but it may not be suitable for all international movers. The move is executed with the help of a sturdy moving truck along with experienced moving labor.
  • By Sea: This method involves moving by sea by using shipping containers. Depending on the size of your.move, you can either use it solely for you or share it with other movers to save on moving costs.
  • By Airfreight: The fastest and most expensive way to move internationally is by this option. You can consider it if you are moving very few items.

Obtain & Compare International Moving Quotes

To understand how much does it cost to move, begin with getting free moving quotes for your international move. This type of move is not very common, so the chances of getting recommendations are pretty less.  So, fill in your basic moving requirements, and get connected with the best international movers who can handle your move easily.

In-Home Surveys when Moving International

Once you sort the quotes as per your needs and budget, contact the international movers to conduct a visual survey for your move. This survey is extremely necessary so that international movers can understand all your moving requirements and assess any difficulties that they may encounter on moving day. After analyzing all your requirements, the moving company representative will formulate a move plan and explain most of the scenarios that may present themselves during the move.

In-home surveys also allow you to interview the international movers and assess their suitability to carry out the move. Ask the following questions to gauge their rightness for your relocation job.

Questions to Ask your Movers

1) What are their license details? International movers are licensed and bonded with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Moving companies based outside of the U.S. must be in good status with FIDI which is the biggest global alliance of professional international movers.
2) Who will be handling the move? Do they use subcontractors?
3) Will they share the details of the mover's point of contact in the destination country?
4) What items are not allowed to move?
5) How long will the move take? Is the move trackable?
6) What insurance cover are they offering?
7) Do they offer storage facilities in the destination country?
8) What are their payment methods, schedules, terms, and cancellation policy?

Checking their Credibility

The best International movers accredited by FIDI which means they had complied over 200 quality requirements ranging from administration to performance. You can also check if they possess FIAM, which is a quality award for FIDI members. While these are proof enough of a mover's credibility, but, if you are still confused about making the final selection, then read reviews of international movers and rely on real-life experiences of other expats. This will help you in hiring the most reliable and competent International mover.

Book your Movers as Soon as you Finalize

Once you are sure about the best International movers, then don't waste time pondering on other options. Book them as soon as possible, so that both you and the hiring movers would have plenty of time to prepare for the move.

Compare International Moving Estimates & Save!

International moves are challenging with lots of logistical hurdles to custom clearance to specific packing requirements as per the mode of transportation. So, don't cut any corners and hire only the best international movers for your upcoming abroad moving needs. Submit the quote request form for an international move at and get free mover quotes from multiple reputable international movers who are fully dedicated to going the extra mile to complete your move.

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