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How to Choose a Local Mover for your Upcoming Relocation

Local moving is often deceptively challenging and time-consuming, which leads many of us, especially first-timers to underestimate it. This miscalculation is unfortunate because it might become quite costly very fast. Un-monitored expenses add up quickly, and we tend to have to overpay just to make up for the lost time. For this reason, it is advised to plan, budget and begin the process at least 2-3 weeks in advance, even earlier if possible. And while planning the main questions that come to your mind is 'do you really require local moving companies?', and 'how to choose a local mover?' With this guide, get answers to all your questions regarding a local move and find out the steps to find the best local movers near you.

How to choose a local mover

For many people, the thought of hiring movers never even cross their minds. If it does, it might even seem absurd. Professional moving services are just for long distance moves, aren’t they? The common perception is that local movers are simply expensive. While they may be convenient and save us time, they just do not make financial sense.

The truth, however, is quite a different story. Local movers are not nearly as expensive as long distance movers. More importantly, high-quality local moving service is actually so cost-effective that it can pay for itself.  Think about it, how easy it would be to lose track of time and when minor expenses pile up. Well, good local movers can avoid the loss of time, and unnecessary expenses and thus be cost-effective. That said, let's have a look at how to choose a local mover for your upcoming move.

Ask for Recommendations

The most reliable way to find trustworthy local moving companies is by asking your friends and family who have recently moved. Ask them about their experiences with the move. Remember, both positive and negative inputs can prove to be useful. While positive recommendations can connect you to a quality mover, negative reviews can help you stay away from scammers.

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Whether you have a set of recommendations or not, it is important that you explore other options too to find the best deal. While a simple google search can lead you to many movers, trusting them blindly would be like playing the moving industry’s version of Russian roulette. This is where Moversfolder can help you.

Moversfolder is dedicated to pairing customers with local movers who are charging the most reasonable rates and who deserve their business because they stand behind their work. All you have to do is fill out a brief form with your basic move information and submit. Within seconds, you’ll get no obligation free moving quotes from the most reputable local movers in your area. Compare these moving company quotes on the basis of prices and services offered and find the best movers that match your requirements. Once you have a list of shortlisted movers, it's time to research them.

Research about Movers

Research Movers
The key to choosing the right moving company is research. You have to research, investigate and interview. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re hiring an upstanding company, and that’s vital. Moving industry is extremely lucrative, and it is easy to turn a quick buck if you’re willing to be shady. Avoiding that kind of company has to be your topmost priority.

Check local mover's license and insurance details, if you don't find the details on their website, ask them directly. Remember reputable movers won't hesitate to provide you with their license details. Also, visit BBB (Better Business Bureau) and check any complaints were filed against the movers and how those were resolved.

Call for In-home Estimates

After preliminary research, contact the local movers whom you think can handle your move and ask them to conduct an in-home survey. During the survey, show the moving company estimator everything you plan to move. Be as thorough as possible in your details, so there are no surprises at the end. Make sure to let the moving company representative know about any factors like a steep set of stairs, no elevator, etc. both at your current home and the home you’re moving to, that could complicate the move. Make yourself aware of all the hidden moving costs and ask your movers whether they implement to your move. Get your moving estimate in writing after the survey.

Interview Movers

Interview Movers
In-home surveys also give you an opportunity to interview your movers. Ask them questions like how many moves have they conducted, whether they own their own equipment or use subcontractors, how long they’ve been in business, and whether they’re a member of reputed moving organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association or Better Business Bureau. These questions will give you a glimpse of the type of company you’ll be working with and help you understand easily ‘how to choose a local mover’.

Final Checks

Now that you have the moving estimate, make sure that you read it thoroughly and understand it completely. This document might serve as your order for service and your bill of lading, make sure to clarify with your local movers. A local move estimate is usually based on an hourly rate and any additional service costs that you have hired. Make sure that you clearly understand how much do movers cost for a local move. Also, understand valuation coverage options to protect your goods. Compare every aspect of the moving company quotes before choosing the local mover. Lastly, trust your gut and if you feel anything sketchy about any movers, remove them from your lists.

Choose your Local Movers

Now that you have done your research and understood all the involved moving prices, negotiate with your movers. Ask them if any marketing campaign is going on which you can benefit from. Lastly, choose your local mover based on the total package which should include your assessment of the movers, moving company prices, services offered, insurance and experience. Choose the local mover that best meets your customized moving needs and budget.

Let Moversfolder Help you Find the Best Local Movers

The Internet has more moving portals than you can shake a stick at, but what separates Moversfolder from the rest is the way we go about selecting our moving partners. All the Moving companies are listed only after an extensive screening process which includes reviewing their track records history and credentials. So, without any further ado get started on your upcoming move by choosing a local mover from Moversfolder network.

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