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How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car?

Tags:  Auto Transport  | 05-22-2021

When you are moving to a new place, for whatever reason, you probably want to take your car with you. For local movers or long distance moves (up to a certain mile), you can drive your car yourself and be done with it. But when you are relocating to another state or across the country, moving a car yourself is not a wise idea due to the various risks involved. In such a case, you would require an auto transport company to ship your car from your current place to your destination.

But most probably, you are already holding onto the strings of your purse with various moving-related costs, so you would obviously want to know what will be the cost of transporting your car from one place to another? Well, keep reading to understand some of the factors that majorly affect the costs of transportation.

Factors that Affect your Car Shipping Costs

1 - Distance and Location

The major factor that affects your car shipping cost is your moving distance. Like moving your belongings, the more miles your car will travel, the more expensive your shipping cost will be.  However, distance is not always a deciding factor, such as if you are transporting your car from a big city to another big city, it will cost you less whereas if you are shipping the car to some small rural town, be ready to pay more. This is because whenever you are shipping your car from or to a remote area, the transportation cost is higher when it is far away from the highway.

2 - Vehicle Type

Your car’s model and make is the second important factor that affects your shipping cost. In case you have a smaller car, it will cost you less than shipping your bigger car. Therefore, small sedan cars like Honda Civic or Yaris will cost you less than transporting your medium-sized sedans. If you have experience or vintage cars, make sure to hire the best automobile transport company for your luxury cars to ensure your car reaches the destination safely and securely.

The average cost of shipping a small sedan car is $750 when you are travelling from west to east, whereas from north to south, it will cost you around $1100. In fact, the cost of shipping your car is majorly dependent on the size of your vehicle and the direction you are moving.

3 - Vehicle’s Condition

Your current condition of the car affects your moving costs. This would determine whether the car can move on its own or it needs to be carried in a trailer. Whenever you are hiring an auto transport company, it is important to inform them about the condition of the car. An auto transport company prefers transporting a running car, where it can move with its own power, in which case the shipping cost is lower. While transporting a non-running vehicle, it is difficult to load and unload a vehicle and requires a forklift to pick up and deliver the car which is going to be an expensive deal. It is always better to get auto shipping quotes to understand the various costs before you hire an auto transport company.

4 - Modifications of your Vehicle

If your car is modified, whether you have lifted or lowered it, changed the tyre size or more, it majorly affects the transportation cost. It is because the weight of the vehicle is changed due to modifications, that affects the trailer weight while transportation.  The weight of the vehicle matters a lot at the time of shipping, so make sure you inform your movers regarding this.

5 - Transporting Vehicle Type

There are two types of vehicle transportation, and usually many companies and customers prefer open auto transport, as this is a less expensive option, as compared to enclosed types. With this type, your car is placed on an open trailer with other cars while moving. An enclosed container, on the other hand, is mostly used for vintage, luxury and sports cars, due to the more protection they provide and because the vehicle is fully covered. It is a better option as it saves your vehicle from weather conditions and road elements.

6 - Shipping Season

The transportation routes are affected by seasons, and the shipping cost as well goes up and down as per the complexity. For example, when you are transporting your car in the winter season and snow areas, the cost will be higher than during the summer season. If you want to lower down the transportation cost, consider moving during summers.

7 - Fuel Price

Current fuel price affects the transportation cost. You must not forget there are fluctuations in the fuel prices every week or month.  These changing prices in the fuel affect the overall shipping cost.

It is important to be aware of all the factors that affect the shipping cost before you choose an auto transport company. Make sure you research thoroughly and know every aspect of shipping your car before scheduling an auto transport service.

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