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How Much Does it Cost to Move with Professional Movers?

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, the one question that probably troubles you the most is 'how much does it cost to move?' By familiarizing yourself with the average moving costs and how these moving company quotes are devised, you can be prepared financially and even plan some smart cost-saving techniques. So, with this guide, learn how moving companies provide estimates and understand the cost of moving home both locally and long distance.

When Moving Locally

If you are wondering how much do movers cost for a local move, then keep reading to understand various moving costs involved with a local move.

Local movers usually base their moving quotes on an hourly basis. The average price for local moving is $90 and $120 per hour for 2 movers and a moving truck, but that hourly rate can differ considerably depending on your exact location within the country and the moving company itself. In case you need extra hands to complete the move, then you will be charged extra $25 for each additional crew member.

As for packing services, local movers typically charge about $25 and $35 per hour per packer, although the packing materials may or may not be included in the packing cost. In order to protect themselves from super-mini moves, local movers charge you with a 2 hours minimum charge.

Lastly, remember predicting how many hours your local moving company team will be working on your move is almost impossible, so it's a safe idea to trust what the professionals estimate after an in-home survey and provide you in their moving company quote. There are plenty of unanticipated moving problems that could easily slow down your entire moving process. This means planning for more time than originally estimated is never a bad idea when it comes to local moves.

When Moving Long Distance

Putting a price tag on long-distance moves is much tougher where the distance and the weight of the shipment will determine the final moving costs. Since every moving person has their own requirements, the right thing to do is to ask for accurate home moving quotes from long distance movers and compare those prices, instead of trusting the average cost to move.

But it never hurts to have a rough idea about long distance moving costs, before you start looking for the partial or full service movers for hire. So, here we go,

1 Bedroom Apartment: The estimated cost of moving a 1 bedroom apartment is approximately $1500-$2200, considering the moving distance to be 1000 miles. If you want packing services, expect to pay an extra amount of $200.

2 Bedroom Apartment: The estimated cost of moving a 2-bedroom apartment is somewhere around $3500-$4200 ( for 1000 miles) , while the additional packing services can add up to $400 on your moving costs.

3 Bedroom House: The average cost to move 3 bedroom houses could be about $5,250 to $6000, but the actual cost would vary from case to case depending upon your particular requirements. The same condition applies to your packing costs, so while packing services might cost about $500, be prepared to pay far more depending on how much stuff you possess.

4 Bedroom House: The cost of moving a 4 bedroom home can easily reach up to $6500- $7000, while professional packing costs can be about $800.

The above-shown values are estimated average costs. The only way to know accurate moving prices is by asking your movers to conduct an an-home survey so that they can evaluate the move and then provide you with written binding estimates.

Importance of Getting In-House Estimates

Getting in-home estimates are better for both you and the moving company. In fact, reputable moving companies will insist on conducting a visual inspection of your belongings and your moving conditions, before providing you with moving quotes the moving estimator will:
  • Have a look at all your belongings that you are planning on moving.
  • Point out if any item will need special packing or attention since they are too fragile, big or heavy.
  • Check out your accessibility issues like steep staircases, no elevator, narrow hallways, small doorways etc. This will help them understand what extra moving services will the move require.
  • Ask you certain pointed questions about the move like do you require packing services? Are there any accessibility problems at your new home? At this moment, you can also ask the estimator various questions regarding your move and get all your cleared.
In Home Estimates

After the survey, the estimator will prepare a written binding estimate, which will display your preferred moving date, estimated weight of your belongings, various services along with their prices, along with terms and conditions of the move. Make sure to read and understand every facet of the quote correctly before signing anything.

Determining the Real Cost of Moving

Now that you have all the moving quotes in hand, it's time comparative analysis on them. To be on the safe side, always begin with researching about the movers you are considering to hire for your moving job. Visit the FMCSA website and cross-check the details of movers with a USDoT number. In case of local moves, some movers are registered as per their state's requirement.

Your next step in understanding how much does it cost to move is by comparing all the received estimates. Compare them on the basis of prices and the offered moving services. Once done shortlist the movers that best match your needs and budget.

If you are having any confusion in making your final decision, then visit BBB and check the rating and reviews of the movers you are considering. This will surely help you in concluding who is the best mover who you should hire. Negotiate with the movers by asking for discounts or by being flexible about your moving time. The movers will then adjust their quotes and then offer you the best possible deal.

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