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How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

If you own a piano, then it is surely precious to you and you probably take every care to maintain it. These beautiful instruments offer you hours and hours of entertainment, however they are tricky when it comes to moving them. Now you probably have doled out a good chunk of money while buying a good quality piano, but how much are you ready to spend to see them safely and securely moved without even a single scratch?

This question certainly troubles every piano owner who has to move it for some reasons. Well, keep reading and get a general idea about how much does it cost to move a piano?

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano: The Averages

  1. The nation’s average moving price for a piano is $405, which further depends on the location, and it ranges between $350 to $550.
  2. While moving a piano locally or short distance, the cost is between $150 to $400. Moving a piano in the same city is ofcourse cheaper than moving it to another state or country.
  3. The average moving cost to move a piano long distance is between $600 to $2000. This depends on the quality of the mover you choose and more attributes like distance and location.
  4. When you plan to move the piano overseas, be prepared to spend around $3500 to $5000.

Why Should you Hire Professionals to Move a Piano?

Moving a piano requires a lot of planning, the right pair of tools, and professional skills. Pianos are large and weigh more than 500 pounds. If you own a small-sized piano, you can move it with the help of three to four people, but if you are moving a grand or semi grand piano, then DIY is certainly difficult.

It is highly recommended to move a piano with the help of professionals. While DIY is possible with the help of a few solid and heavy people, it's certainly risky to both the movers and the instrument. A moving company who is experienced with piano moving is highly preferable because they have complete knowledge about the process of moving. If you are still unsure, learn the benefits of hiring professional piano movers before you head to the DIY method. Hiring professionals will protect your precious instrument and give you peace of mind.

What are the Factors that Determine your Piano Moving Cost?

When you hire professionals to move your piano, you must know the factor they consider while making moving quotes for you.

1) Hourly Rates: Many local piano movers charge on an hourly rate. Several factors that moving companies consider while providing their customers moving estimates includes, labor cost, equipment and tools used for moving a piano, number of moving persons involved, travel fees, and not to miss the number of hours movers will take to finish the moving process.

2) Fixed Rates: When professionals charge you a fixed rate, they consider the weight and size of a piano, location, and distance to be moved or any complexity involved in moving piano-like stairs. Only after considering all such factors, piano movers can provide you with moving estimates.

To get the accurate moving quote to move your piano, it is essential to provide all the basic details to the moving company, like from where you are moving your piano to which place. Also, they need a specific place where your piano is located inside the house or in the building. It is wise to ask the movers you like to conduct in-home inspection for better understanding.

Once movers have your piano measurements, they are ready to provide you a rough estimate as per your piano’s weight. This will also help them decide how many movers are required for the process and what all types of equipment are needed.

There are Two Type of Pianos as per Measurements, They are:

  1. Upright pianos are usually measured according to their height.
  2. Grand pianos are measured keeping in mind the length of the instrument.
If you are aware of the make and model of your piano, it will help movers with the exact size and weight of the instrument. Such information will help movers to provide accurate moving estimates.

How to Screen Movers for Moving your Piano?

Usually, all moving companies don’t have specific experience with piano moving, but almost all full-service movers have considerable knowledge of how to move a piano. So before you hire a mover, it is important to ask them about their experience of moving a piano. When you are screening a mover, it is important to get answers to the following questions.
  • For how long your moving company is moving pianos?
  • How many movers do you have to move a piano?
  • How many days before you want to know, to move a piano?
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • What will be the insurance coverage in case my piano gets damaged during relocation?

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Hiring specialty movers is a tedious task and seems to be expensive as compared to moving it yourself. Ensure you get the best movers from, it is an online portal that provides you a list of professional but cheap moving companies to move your piano. Also, you can request for moving company quotes from multiple movers in one go. It is highly recommended to hire a moving company to move your piano if you want to avoid any damage to your instrument or injury to yourself while moving.

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