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How Much Do Movers Cost?

When planning a move, one question that troubles all of us is “How much do movers cost?”. The answer to this question will depend on the type of your move since each one of them will be charged differently.

Moving is Categorized into Local Moving & Long Distance Moving
Depending on the category of your move, moving companies charge according to their tariff which is a fancy word for their price list. There are also different types of additional charges depending on the type of your move.

So let's take a look at local moving vs long distance moving company costs. Remember, these moving costs are only estimates. The only way to get an accurate idea of moving costs is by getting moving company quotes after an in-home survey conducted by the moving estimator.

How Much do Movers Cost for a Local Move?

If you are moving no more than 50 miles, then it is usually considered to be a local move. When moving locally, most local movers charge an hourly rate, but few movers also offer a flat rate depending on the size of your move.

Let's begin with understanding how much do movers cost for a local move? Legitimate, licensed and insured local movers usually charge between $75 and $120 per hour, for two men and a truck, depending on the area in which you live. For an extra mover, you are required to pay $45 to $65. Along with this, there are also many extra charges involved with a local move. These include charges for packing, flight charges, elevator charges or even a long carry fee if your front door is certain distance away from where the moving truck can park. Make sure to understand all the additional fees before hiring movers.

As for packing charges, that depend on your need of professional packing services with material. Packing belongings of a 1-bedroom apartment could cost you over $100. This charge will also include packing supplies like moving boxes, shrink-wrap, tape bubble wrap and others. So, the answer to 'how much do movers cost' for a local move is relative and will depend on the moving category, the number of movers and hours you need them to work and the standard of the area you live in. 

Have a look at the amount of time it typically takes for a particular move:

1-bedroom apartment: 3 to 5 hours
2-bedroom apartment: 4 to 6 hours
3-bedroom house: 6 to 7 hours

The total time required for the move can vary depending on what moving services you need and want the movers to do for you, how prepared you are for the move, and weather and road conditions. These things can lengthen or shorten the time that local movers would consider and charge for.

How Much does It Cost to Move Long Distance?

A Long distance move could be within the state or out of state or even across the country. Typically, any move that is over 100 miles is considered as a long distance move. As for moving costs, there are two types of long distance moving companies – one that furnishes quotes for your moves in terms of the weight of your belongings and distance to be travelled which is more accurate, other long distance movers base their quote in terms of the volume of your belongings and distance to determine the moving cost which is not so accurate. Let’s have a detailed look at both types.

Long Distance Movers: Charges by Weight

Moving company quotes based on the weight of the household goods is the moving industry standard. These estimates can be verified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (US-DoT). However, remember, if you go ahead with this way, then you are looking for a minimum of 2000lbs irrespective of your moving distance.
The approximate cost for long distance moves is about $0.50 per lbs., without any packing service. For example, if you are moving from a 2-bedroom house (with a garage, basement, living room, kitchen, etc.) in most cases your stuff will weigh about 5000-6000 pounds. If you move it to about 1000 miles away it will cost, you about $3500-$4000 for the complete move.

This moving cost includes services only for loading, delivery and unloading. All the other extra services, including packing, unpacking, storage and even insurance will be added extra charges. Make sure to check how much do long distance movers charge per pound and per mile before you commit to any agreement. You can also choose to go with full-service movers and get an all-inclusive quote for your long distance move. And if you are on a budget, you can also consider other cheapest way to move across country.

Long Distance Movers: Charges by Volume

Long distance movers that determine the moving cost based on the volume of your belongings come in this category.  Since the volume of your household goods is determined by the moving crew that loads your belongings inside the truck, this method is not very accurate. Another reason for moving quotes per cu.ft. are frowned upon because they can’t be verified by the US-DoT. Moving prices with this method can vary dramatically depending on who loads your stuff on the moving truck.

Consider more than Weight & Volume to Avoid Moving Scams

For a long distance move, it doesn't matter whether your moving estimate is based on weight or volume of your shipment, a scammy mover can overcharge you in plenty of other ways. What's important is that you should focus on hiring a reputable moving company. So, don't just rely on moving quotes offered, research the moving company thoroughly. Make sure they are a member of reputed moving organizations like AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). Also, check BBB (Better Business Bureau) if any complaints have been filed against the movers you are considering and most particularly, how those complaints were resolved. Another important point is to get binding estimates, especially for a long distance move. So, in that case, the weight vs cube estimate issue doesn’t matter.

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Whether you are moving locally or long distance across the country, always remember that a good and reliable mover will make sure to quote accurately and they will also enlighten you about any scenarios where your moving cost could increase. Find such reliable and affordable movers at (an online moving portal for all your moving needs). Get started with planning your move, just fill out a short & simple form to know how much do movers cost and get instant moving quotes online, compare the services and prices to find the best deals that fits in your customized moving requirements and budget. *Happy Moving*

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