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How do Professional Movers Help During your Move?

Tags:  Local Movers,  Interstate Movers,  Moving FAQs  | 09-03-2020

Moing home is largely viewed as a very traumatic and daunting experience in most people's lives. Yet with a little support and planning, it can be a lot more manageable and fun than you think. To keep stress to a minimum, it's a good idea to know how movers for hire can help you with the move right from packing, loading, transporting and till unloading of your belongings.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of moving. However, it can be difficult, time-consuming and extremely frustrating without the help of professional movers for hire. When you employ packing services, the movers come in prepared with all the packing materials like packing paper, tape, foam, blankets and moving boxes of every size. They don't just pack everything securely, but they also label all the boxes in detail which makes unpacking easy. And once you reach your new home, the movers will then unload and place all the moving boxes in their desired rooms and unpack them as per your guidance. This will help you to settle instantly into your new home.

Disassembly & Assembly of Furniture Items

Most of the furniture items in your home will not need to be disassembled. However, there might be some items. The most common items that require disassembling are bed frames, large dining tables, a dresser with a mirror attached to it or any such furniture item which may not necessarily fit through the door. In such cases, these items are disassembled, packed and prepared for transport. As for how much do movers cost for such services? Local moving companies will usually charge their normal rates by the hour, while long distance movers will charge for the service by the weight.

Appliances Packing & Moving

Furniture items could be disassembled and moved, but what about your large appliances like washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. Well, movers do move them, but some of the movers won't disconnect and reconnect because they don't want to take responsibility. So, while choosing movers for hire, make sure to ask them regarding this. In any case,  you will need to prepare these appliances and give them all a good clean before moving them.

Storage Facilities

Moving is unpredictable, so you may not be able to move your belongings into your new home for many reasons, or you simply couldn't finish the move because you may not be able to fit everything in. This is why many moving companies, especially long distance movers offer secure storage facilities that allow you to keep your items for any length of time for an additional charge. Storage service charges are based on the content of the storage, the volume of storage and the duration for which you require the service.

Professional Inventory Process

Making a detailed inventory of all your belongings that you are moving is a daunting, albeit an important task. You would need this list to ensure that all of your items and boxes arrived safely to your new destination. While you can certainly do it yourself but it will require hours tracking each individual box or item in your home, and the result will probably be a cumbersome list, especially if you are inexperienced in moving. Professional movers can help you by providing you with a systematic list of all your belongings which will not only help in tracking all your items but will also help in case you need to claim insurance.

Accessibility of Moving Equipment and Transport

One of the greatest benefits of letting movers for hire to handle your move is that they offer all the moving equipment which is required in the move along with a moving truck which can fit all your belongings. Most accidents and damage happen while loading the moving truck and during transit. Professional and experienced movers make sure all your moving boxes and items are safely loaded onto the moving truck, arranged in a compact way and then secured properly so that no damage can occur during transit.

Safe, Efficient and Stress-free Moving

When you are moving, it is easy to get caught in stress and anxiety. Not to mention the emotional journey you would feel leaving behind a place that has become memorable for you. Now, it is undisputed that moving is stressful, but the actual process in moving should not be. You can avoid it by hiring reliable and experienced movers who can take care of all your moving needs and accomplish the move in the most efficient manner.

Should you Help your Movers or Get Out of the Way

Movers for hire can do their job efficiently only when you do a little preparation before they arrive. Here are a few things that movers expect from you:

Finish packing before they arrive

Finish packing all your stuff if you are planning to do it yourself. Make sure to have a Moving Checklist so that you don't miss anything. However, if you are choosing to get professional help, be sure to give your movers plenty of space so that they can get the job done in a systematic way.

Don't forget to remove things from the wall

Check out every room in your house to see what's on your walls. Certain items like pictures, clock, mirrors etc. you have gotten used to being out of sight. So, make sure to pack them before the movers arrive.

Make a clear pathway for the movers

To ensure everyone's safety during the move, establish clear paths of access to all areas of your house, so that no one trips on anything.

Make arrangements for your kids and pets

Getting your kids out of the house could give you the extra focus you need to make your movers more effective.

Find & Hire the Best Movers for your Upcoming Move

Now that you're aware of all the moving services provided by moving companies, it's time to find the right mover for you. Simply fill out a simple form here at and get connected to multiple reliable local and long distance movers near you. Get a free moving quote from each of them, compare them and hire movers that match your personalized moving needs.

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