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Moving across the country is never easy, however, a reliable and experienced cross country moving company can make this transition smooth and hassle free. But if you are not careful while choosing your movers, you could become a victim of unethical movers, who can make your move a nightmare. Follow these steps to make sure that you hire reliable and cheap cross country movers who can smoothly perform the job and move your belongings safely to your new destination without ripping you off.

Research your Long Distance Moving Options

Start searching for the professional but cheap cross country movers as soon as you decide to move. Ideally, you should hire and book your mover 30 days in advance, however, since you are planning a move across the country it is important that you start planning your move as soon as possible and you can even book your cross country movers 90 days prior to moving.  Your first step for searching the reliable cheap cross country movers is to take recommendations from your friends, relatives, or your office colleagues. You probably would be knowing who has recently moved to another place, so contact them and ask about their moving experience. Chances are they would be able to give a few recommendations and even if they had a bad experience, you will learn which movers you should avoid.

Search Movers On the Internet

In case you don’t know anyone who has recently moved, move on to the online search. With a simple google search you would find local movers near you who handle both intrastate and interstate moves, but you cannot really trust them until you research them thoroughly. Alternatively, you can choose a reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder where you will find pre-screened, licensed and insured moving companies. You can also check for a list of reliable movers on BBB, where they rate movers on a number of various factors like complaints, and any legal action taken against the company. Lastly, make sure to check the reviews of the moving companies which will also give you an idea about the reliability of the movers.

Vet the Moving Companies

Once you have a list of cross country movers, it is important to delve deeper and cross check more about every moving company. It is essential to know their license and insurance details and USDoT number. If any of the details are missing, just remove that moving company from your details since if they are not showing their details it probably means they are not licensed to move across the country.

Once you have the moving company’s USDoT number, search about the company on the federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) website. You will get the result about the company which are categorised into three types, household carrier, broker, and freight forward-moving company. A carrier is a moving company that you directly hire for moving your goods to a new place whereas the broker will hire a carrier company for your move and will charge an additional fee. Freight forwarding movers will take all responsibility for the moving process but will take the help of one or more carriers for moving, sometimes they even consolidate smaller moves into a larger moving truck.

Once you have understood the kind of moving company for hire, check the recent rating and complaints from past customers against the company. While it is common to have few complaints, beware of numerous complaints about any delays, or damage claims. Also, make sure to check how the company dealt with customers upon resolving complaints.

Get In-home Survey & Binding Estimates

Once you are sure about the reliability of the mover, contact them to conduct a visual survey of your belongings. Normally, professional movers will insist on providing accurate quotes after an on-site survey. This gives an opportunity to the cross country movers to inspect all the belongings you want to move and understand all the moving requirements and they provide you with an accurate binding estimate on how much does it cost to move across country, rather than giving inaccurate estimates based on the verbal description provided by you.

When the estimator arrives at your place with their company details and answers all your questions or concerns pertaining to moving. Then it's your turn to show them everything that you want to move for getting the accurate moving estimate. It should include all the stuff kept under your bed, garage, attics and items outside your house like bicycles, strollers, lawnmowers and more. Also, make them aware of any special moving requirement that you may have both at your current home and new home. This could include speciality moving needs like moving a piano or pool table or if you require flight services since there's no elevator at your new home.

Clarify All your Questions About Moving

When the executive is inspecting your belongings, make sure you ask them how they are calculating moving cost and what all things are added in moving estimates. Find out whether the estimate is based on the weight of the belongings or volume of your household goods and how much do movers cost for additional services like packing costs, stairs charges, long-haul charges and any special item moving.

Another important thing is that you need to ask is whether they have their own skilled moving crew or they will be using subcontractors. You also need to ask whether they will be switching trucks en route while moving before they deliver the belongings to your new place. Lastly, make sure your mover explains the insurance coverage policies as well. Be sure that you read the written document of the insurance to check all the inclusions and exclusions, whether they might replace or repair the damaged item etc.

Review your Offers

After the survey, the estimator will provide you with a written estimate which can be either a binding or non-binding estimate. A binding estimate states that movers cannot charge you more or less than the stated moving estimate unless the particulars of the move are changed. A non-binding estimate depends on the weight of your belongings and the movers can charge only 10% more than the official moving estimate.

Book Movers

Now that you have written binding estimates in hand, compare them not only on the basis of prices but also on the basis of services offered and their reputation. Once you decide on the best and cheap cross country movers you may proceed to book them.

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There is no doubt that cross country moving is difficult and time consuming. Luckily, there are professional movers available to help you and carry that burden off your shoulders. Get in touch with the best and cheap cross country movers using Moversfolder, just submit a request with your basic move information to get started. Compare free moving companies quotes, prices and services to get the best deal and save up to 40% on the average cost of moving.

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