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Guide To Protect And Secure Sensitive Data During An Office Move

When you move your Office to a new location, it’s not just your furniture and equipment at stake. It also includes moving sensitive data relating your employees and clients, which they have entrusted to you.  Companies take precautions to prevent data breaches and identity theft all the time.  But office moving is also a prime opportunity for sensitive information to wind up in the wrong hands. The following guidelines may help you protect and secure your data from losing and falling into wrong hands during a move.

Hiring Reputable Professional Movers
A reputable experienced office moving company understands this concern, and make every effort to ensure that private data remains secure. While hiring a commercial mover for relocating your office, it is important to choose an office mover which not only has all the required licenses but is also experienced and skilled in data storage and protection.

Chain of Custody Procedures
Chain of custody means that your items are documented, packed, loaded, and sealed. This has proven to be the best ways to protect any company's sensitive information. The moving company officer will always know who is handling your items, and the seal will be checked for tampering or damage each time the load is handed off. Sealing of your boxes or data files will ensure that your materials remain untouched throughout the office move. This seal is only broken at your new location in presence of or by authorized person after unloading.

Storing and Moving Sensitive Data Separately
If you are worried about your data and do not believe in chain of custody process, you can always hire a separate commercial mover who is specialized insecure data storage. This is an excellent option for protecting sensitive data because separate movers pick up and store your data in a secure data storage warehouse, complete with trained personnel security and added protection of modern fire and safety technologies. After all your furniture and other accessories are moved, then these private sensitive data are delivered to the office's new location or can be picked up by an authorized person. By reducing the handling of sensitive data, companies reduce the risk of data breaches and identity theft.

Offices contain lots of sensitive data including identities and for a savvy thief to obtain this information and steal someone's identity. By stealing these identities during relocation, an identity thief can steal and abuse your clients' and employees' information. 

A company is held just as liable for the security breach as the thief who committed the crime if they y fail to protect their employees or clients private data. So don’t take the risk and hire the services of a commercial moving company with experience in chain of custody and secure data storage to protect yourself from potential harm caused by data breaches and theft, bringing the move some added peace of mind.

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