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Free Moving Quotes - 8 Hidden Charges Might Surprise you

When hiring the local movers or long distance moving companies, you may come across some additional moving costs which you might have never expected in the first place. It is no secret that moving will soon flush away your budget faster than you ever thought if you are not careful. With this guide, we have decided to help you to prepare for unpleasant financial surprises at the time of the move. So, when you get free moving quotes, learn about the hidden moving costs as well and be prepared.

The major moving expense while moving is the moving cost involved with hiring the services of movers. Now local movers base their prices on the number of hours required to complete the moving job. But along with the base prices which includes charges for a moving truck and labor, there are many other charges which are applicable on your particular move. To understand them all, you must get free moving quotes from at least 3-5 professional movers.

About long distance moving quotes that are calculated based on weight of your belongings and the moving distance., ask your movers to conduct a visual inspection of your belongings and then provide you with accurate moving estimates. But not all movers are reliable or maintain complete transparency when it comes to free moving quotes. This is why you need to know all about hidden moving costs so that even if the mover forgets about them, only to surprise you at the last minute, you could be prepared.

Check out the following hidden moving costs that you may not be aware of until you have a closer look:

1. Packing Labor and Packing Supplies

The packing services and packing material is an additional service offered by a moving company. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to hire them for packing services or you can choose to do it yourself. Definitely, you cannot cover any damage to your possessions if packing is done by you and is not up to their standards. To completely protect your belongings, you need to hire movers to pack up your belongings.

Whether you pack yourself or hire movers to do it, you would need to buy packing materials. Many movers offer various packing kits as per the size of your move which you can purchase from them. You can also use our experts moving hacks and tips advice to reduce this cost. However, when you get packing services, charges of packing materials may or may not be included in your moving quotes. Review the moving estimate carefully to find out this detail, or contact your moving company for the same to confirm.

2. Moving Insurance

When you hire a moving company, you will automatically get basic coverage valuation protection. For the basic insurance, you are not liable to pay any extra cost, it is free of cost and covers 60 cents per pound, which is certainly not enough. To actually protect your belongings, you need to get full value liability coverage. Check what insurance is included in the quote and how much do movers cost for full value protection insurance as it helps in reimbursing the damaged or lost belongings.

3. Fee for Assembling or Disassembling of Furniture

Your movers may surprise you on the day of moving with an extra charge on assembling and disassembling the furniture items. So, when the moving company representative visits your home for inspection, make a note to ask them if your bulky furniture items like beds, wardrobes, or couches would require to be disassembled in order to move them and what would be the charges for the same.

4. Extra Charge for Handling Bulky Items

If your certain furniture or appliance seems to be oversized or heavy, you may be charged additionally for transporting such items. This is another hidden cost which you need to be aware of. Again you will be charged unexpected moving costs here if you want to move your piano, pool table, hot tubs or heavy metal stuff or other hard furniture that require special handling equipment and may take more space in a moving truck. If you are moving yourself, check out these essential tips while moving heavy furniture items.

5. No Elevator Fees

If your new building lacks an elevator or in case the elevator is not working, then you need to pay additional floors moving costs. The actual additional fee depends on the moving company. If you reside in a high rise building, then make sure you tell your building management to reserve the elevator on the moving day and don’t end up paying extra money.

6. Long Carry Fees

If your moving company cannot park the moving truck a particular distance from the door of your house or apartment, then a long carry fee is an additional cost, it is the result of the impossibility of parking a moving truck close to the entrance of your old or new location. To avoid this fee, check if you can reserve a parking spot for moving trucks. If not, you need to talk to your moving company representative to check out their long carry fee terms and conditions.

7. Extra Stop Charges

The extra stop is not a common moving expense, but you may still need to pay an additional cost of any extra stop that you ask your movers for additional pick up or drop off along the route. Discuss any possible extra stop with your company before you get free moving quotes and handle this issue with minimum expenses.

8. Storage Fee

Another hidden moving cost is so-called storage fees. Under emergency or any specific reasons, your belongings may need to be stored temporarily at the movers' storage facility. If you require storage services, then be ready to pay extra charges.

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