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Find Cheap Long Distance Moving Companies in 7 Steps

The process of finding reliable and cheap long distance moving companies is a daunting task. But investing your time in proper research is very important in order to save money and to avoid scams. With this guide, learn the complete process of hiring cheap long distance movers who are both competent and dependable.

1) Get Recommendations

Ask your friends, families, co-workers about the moving companies they have recently hired. These people are the most trusted source of information, ask them about their moving experience etc. While a positive experience might lead you to the good movers, a negative experience will educate you about which movers you should stay away from. You can also learn about what moving problems they faced and how they were resolved. All this information will not just help in choosing reliable long distance movers, but it will also help you in making a solid moving checklist which will help smoothing out your moving process and ensure a hassle-free moving.

2) Obtain free Online Estimates

Once you have the recommendations, contact the moving companies, provide your moving information and obtain for free moving quotes online. In case, you don't have any recommendations, then can help in all your local or long distance moving and storage needs. The main benefit of choosing this mode is that you get quotes only from the movers who cater to your needs and are available on your chosen moving dates. Also, all the local movers and long distance moving companies listed here are licensed and insured, so you can trust them to transport your belongings.

3) Do some Initial Screening

When you have a list of shortlisted movers, go online and do an initial background check on them. It is advisable to do a thorough check about the movers, as you are going to hand over your belongings to them. All long distance movers are required to have a USDOT number, as mandated by FMCSA. Visit the FMCSA portal and check whether the movers have an active USDOT number. Along with this, Visit BBB (Better Business Bureau) to check their ratings and reviews left by past customers. Also, check what complaints had been filed against them and how they were resolved. You can also visit AMSA, to check if the mover is a member or not. AMSA membership is voluntary for every moving company, whether a local mover or long distance mover. It is important to do your homework about the movers before you hire them.

4) Ask for In-home Estimates

After basic screening and comparing, you should have at least 3 cheap long distance moving companies in your shortlist. Contact them and ask to conduct an in-home survey of your belongings. Do a complete walk-through of your home with the moving estimator and make sure to explain all your moving needs. Show everything at the time of in-home survey including the closets, backyard, garage, attics and others. If on moving day, the movers find significantly more stuff than those were initially estimated for, then they can challenge your moving costs. While the moving estimator is at your home, take all the information from them about the company. Also, make sure, the moving company is doing the move themselves, instead of hiring any subcontractors to do the process.

Find out since how long the company has been into the moving business. Be vigilant, and ask these 5 questions to ask your cheap long distance movers. By the time the estimator leaves your place, you should have the following things in hand:
  • The complete business name of the moving company
  • The moving company’s address, contact number, email id and website
  • USDoT number and insurance details
Since you are moving long distance, it is wise to get binding estimates or not-to-exceed binding estimates. Both of these moving estimates guarantee you a cap on money that you have to pay for your move. Non-Binding moving estimates are also legal, but be prepared to pay more than estimated.

5) Review the Moving Estimates

The moving estimate is a combined document, where you and the movers will sign and consider it as an order of service and bill of lading. It comes along with other documents like the inventory list which is created when your belongings are loaded in the truck. These are the major and basic documents that every mover has to provide to their customers. Make sure you check whether 'binding estimate' is written on the top of the estimate along with the mover's signature at the bottom of the document.

For long distance move, the movers should clearly specify the type of move, the number of your goods, the distance of your move, the timings of your move along any additional services hired by you. Also, ensure you understand the moving costs and details of the coverage the mover is providing.

6) Compare Movers

Be aware of moving companies that give much lower estimates than others. Look at the high bids and check from where these moving costs are coming from. Always call and ask questions in case you don't understand anything. Even if you receive reasonable bids from professional moving companies, don't hesitate to negotiate the prices to get the best possible deal. In the moving industry, the competition is huge, which is why most movers agree to offer discounts and deals to get your business.

7) Book your Movers

Now that you have done the research and taken every measure to get the best possible deal, it is time to hire movers. Don't wait too long or else you could lose the deal. Confirm the moving date and timings along with other details of the move, and ensure you get a signed order and bill of lading.

Find the Pre-Screened, Licensed & Insured Movers!

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