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8 Factors That Affect your Auto Shipping Costs

Planning to move your car with you or perhaps buying a vintage car from another state or city? Then be ready to spend money as car shipping is an expenditure on its own. This is why it is important to thoroughly research the average cost to ship your vehicle and get auto transport quotes well ahead of time. It will help you to prepare for additional expenses and shop for the best car shipping company.

When you get auto transport quotes, however, it is important to have a realistic understanding of all factors that can impact your car shipping costs. Car shipping costs are not similar in all states or cities, plus there are different ways to transport them. So let us understand some of the important factors which affect auto transport quotes that will help you with your research and preparation.

1) Bodytype of the Car

One of the main factors that affect your auto shipping costs is the weight and size of your vehicle. Usually, car carriers have limited space and certain weight limits that they can haul. For example, a 40-foot carrier can take two to three cars at a time. If you are planning to transport a bigger sized car, then naturally there would be less space for other cars which will affect the total number of cars it can transport at a time and hence the price.

Furthermore, bigger cars have more weight, which results in more consumption of fuel. This means you will pay less to move a hatchback than a pickup. So, while calculating the average cost to move a car, the auto transport moving company will usually note down the model of the car and will take it into consideration the weight and size of the car.

2) Make and Model

Knowing the make and model of the car will help you to get accurate auto transport quotes because some speciality cars cost more to move from one place to another. In case you have a luxury or classic car, then be ready to pay more than average, as these types of cars need special care and services to ship them. All the additional attention and care the auto transport moving company has to bestow on the shipping of speciality cars will hike the moving costs of your car.

3) Moving Distance

Moving Distance
Distance is certainly the major factor that impacts your auto transport move. Naturally, the farther the vehicle has to travel, the higher will be moving costs. The car moving company takes into consideration the fuel charges, toll charges, labour cost involved in auto hauling. Along with the distance, your location also influences your moving costs, like if you are shipping your car to the bigger city, then it may be among the most used routes by the moving company. It will work in your favour, and will significantly lower down your auto transport moving costs. However, if you are shipping your car to a rural area, then it could result in higher auto transport quotes.

4) Transportation Method

Another important factor that you should consider is transportation methods. Usually, there are two types of transportation methods, open-air carrier and enclosed carrier. If you are shipping your car through an open-air carrier, then it will cost you less because it allows more cars to fit into the truck and can be easily transported at the same time.

Although, it also means that your car will be exposed to all-natural elements, which is not a good option during bad weather. Your car can be in risk of damage through road debris or harsh rain, snow or other climatic elements. If you want to avail enclosed carrier, especially when you are shipping special or vintage cars, then your auto transport quotes will be on the higher side, but it is a safer option to protect your vehicle from unexpected weather conditions.

5) Insurance Coverage

Car transportation moving companies basically offer the basic level insurance coverage option, but it is not enough to match the true value of the vehicle. Get an accurate and complete idea of what type of damage is covered under the insurance coverage, which parts of the vehicle is covered, the limit of the coverage along with understanding the deductions. Accordingly, you can decide to purchase the additional coverage which will help you to reclaim the full value protection in case any damage occurs during transit. The cost of additional coverage will affect your auto transport quotes.

6) Delivery Time Frame

Of course, how quickly you want the vehicle to reach your destination will influence your auto transport costs. The company has to carefully plan its route to make sure there would be a quick pick up and delivery as per the requested time frame, which tends to increase the shipping cost. In case you are more flexible in terms of delivery time, then you won't be paying extra. Car transporting companies will provide you two to three time frame options, so be flexible enough to choose the best date that is suitable for your requirements and budget.

7) Current Fuel Price

Current Fuel Prices
Fuel prices fluctuate constantly, and this deviation will definitely influence your auto transport quotes. If the current fuel rates are high, the shipping costs will naturally go up. You can avail better deals when fuel prices are low.

8) Modifications

If you are having a modified car, then you must know that these kinds of cars need special handling and shipping, which can hike your shipping costs. Modifications such as lifting or lowering down the height of the car, which means there is no standard height of the vehicle, such vehicles require special handling. The additional attention and work put into transporting such vehicles will increase your shipping costs.

Compare Auto Shipping Costs & Save will assist you in getting instant auto transport quotes and even help you understand variations of shipping costs along with connecting you with the best auto moving companies. Collect quotes, compare them and choose the best possible deal.

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