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11 Essential Moving Day Tips for a Smooth Move

You have probably heard multiple times that Moving day can be extremely stressful, so be prepared for it! But it’s not exactly that earth-shattering. Do you know you can relieve this stress with a little planning and can convert your horror story of a moving day into a happy and pleasant one?

As the moving day comes, you get more irritated, and thereby tend to make mistakes. After hearing plenty of shocking tales about the moving day, we have compiled a couple of effective moving day tips that will save you from many difficulties.

#1: Wear Fitting Garments

The clothes you will wear on your moving day may be a casual thing for you, but you should not underestimate them. On moving day, you should put on comfortable loose-fitting clothes that will make it easy for you to work. Choose breathable clothes and avoid wearing branded or new clothes

If you are going to travel a significant distance, then it might be possible that the weather changes, depending on your moving destination. So in that situation, you should keep extra clothes to change during the trip because once you packed all the things, it will be difficult to find the clothes in between the road. As for footwear, choose close-toed, comfortable shoes that will completely protect your feet.

Here are some more tips on what you should wear on moving day, to ensure that your clothes will not be a hindrance.

#2: You Should Charge your Mobile Phones

Ensure that you and your family, or companions you are moving with, have full batteries on their cell phones. Having your mobile phone’s battery die will make it hard for you to keep in contact, and it can cause plenty of issues. Ensure that you must be reachable all the time if your movers need to get in touch with you or you want to contact them to ask about their whereabouts.

#3: Make Records While Moving

If you think list-making is tedious and inessential work, think again. Lists can save a great deal of time and stress while moving. Before your moving day:
  1. Make lists of all the activities that are to be done on moving day.
  2. Prepare a list of all the mobile numbers of your movers and the driver.
  3. Make another list of everybody's duties on moving day, and remember to have a moving checklist that details all the moving boxes along with their belongings.
Lists make things simpler, so use them. Set up an extra plan to keep the progress of your move. You can likewise utilize a moving application on your mobile phone for better tracking.

#4: Additional Help on the Moving Day

If you are getting additional assistance on your moving day, ensure everyone has their jobs given out prior to the moving day so they come prepared. Make sure that various duties don't overlap with each other because this can create misunderstandings and can create chaos. Plan your moving day with your family before so that they will do every task on schedule without any delays.

#5: Moving Day Packing

Packing isn't as simple as you might assume, so educate yourself and read some packing tips online before your relocation day. If your items and furniture are not packed properly, they might get harmed during transit, particularly assets like your electronics, expensive cutlery and collectables.

Talk with your movers before you begin packing. Moving specialists can give you lots of packing tips and you can also completely or partially hand over the task to them.

Last but not least, if you are packing yourself, ensure all the boxes are appropriately named and sealed. Utilize more expressive labels so you will save time while unloading to your new place. Also, don't forget to protect your floors and carpets while moving out.

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#6: Moving Day Food Ideas

It would be best if you make arrangements for the food the day before the moving day. Try not to leave everything for the last second. Think about sandwiches, pizza, even a few desserts. Furthermore, prepare food in such a quantity that you can offer it to the movers too.

In case the packing and the loading take more time than expected, you should enjoy a food break, so it's a smart idea to have a few ready-made refreshments around. If it is cold outside, rely on hot beverages like coffee, tea, etc.

#7: Moving Day with Children

Moving with kids is a serious job. Ensure that there will be somebody to take care of your kids. There will be movers and, maybe even a couple of your friends moving around, coming in and out constantly of your house. You can ask a friend or relative to watch out for your kids on moving day, as they generally need special care.

If everyone is occupied around, recruit a sitter. It will cost you some additional money, but it's the best idea on moving days. Plan your kid's food beforehand, since you might not find a particular store to get food while moving.

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#8: Moving Day With Pets

If you have a pet, ensure that it will not cause inconveniences. It will be ideal to entrust someone in your family to look after your pet.

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#9: Take Every Single Document and Jewels with You

The moving day can be extremely busy and tense, so make sure all your documents, cash, and accessories are not in some moving bag or box that will be placed in the moving truck. Keep these items with you in the bag which you will be carrying with you in your vehicle.

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#10: Confirm Route to the New Area

Whether you are moving locally or even a significant distance, make sure to check the route twice before setting for the new area. If you are driving and moving without help from anyone else, the last thing you need is to get lost in the middle of nowhere. Talk about the route with your movers so that both you and the movers can move together without losing each other. Movers can give you simple to follow directions for your excursion.

#11: Look At the Stock Moving List

Remember to look at the moving list and make sure that everything is appropriately noted on your mover’s stock. This is vital because in case there is any damage to your belongings or if some items are lost, then you can immediately file a complaint against your moving company or claim insurance depending on this record.

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Moving day is full of hustle-bustle. We hope that these moving day list tips will assist you with dealing with your moving day without surprises. If you have other ideas on reducing pressure during the moving day, share them with us in the comment section below.

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