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Enclosed Auto Transport – Don’t Forget their Variations

You need an auto shipment service and after researching, you have finally decided to use Enclosed auto transport service. You may think that this transport would mean just one thing that your shipment is “enclosed” while transiting – yet this is not the case. Different companies provide different types of  Enclosed auto transport and hence before hiring them, you need to clarify what kind of services will the company provide with whom you are dealing. Let’s have a look at some of the various forms of enclosed transport that are generally offered by various companies.
In this type, the cars are placed on trailer or pallet and then covered completely by a tarp which is securely tied down. While this is deceptive in a way, your car will still be enclosed in the strictest sense of the word. However, covering with tarps will not protect your cars from the wind or from an accident as if it were enclosed in something more solid. So make sure, when the service provider offer “enclosed” service, he is not offering the use of tarps, especially if your cars or vehicles are expensive.

Partial enclosures

As the name suggest, this form of enclosure provide trucks that are only partially enclosed. They might have a solid top and bottom but with partially exposed sides and are considered “enclosed,”. Again Vehicles  if you are transporting a highly valuable car or items, partial won’t save them from all kind of exposure to elements during the transportation.

Full Enclosures

This is the securest form of transport with Four solid walls, a solid top and bottom. It will not only protect against the elements, but will provide some kind of security in case of accident. Full enclosures are just what you need to transport your valuable vehicles by protecting and securing them with solid mass from all sides. Apart from the type of truck used during transportation, it is also important to consider what kind of protection will be offered before and after the transportation process. These questions needs to be addressed when you hire an enclosed auto transport for your vehicle.

If you are delivering your vehicle to a terminal, you need to check whether these terminals are fully enclosed or they are just little more than open-air parking lots.  For best results, you can request door-to-door service, where the service provider will pick your vehicle from your house at the time of transportation, however this will drive up the cost of your auto transport. Before choosing an enclosed auto transport option for your high-end car or antique vehicle, make sure you address all of these questions. There are also specialized transportation companies, who work only in this field and has experience dealing with all types of vehicles. They may charge more for their services, but for proper kind of protection and security needed, and for your peace-of-mind, it will be worth every penny.

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