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Different Modes Of Auto Transportation

There are different types of transportation available with the car shipping companies to move your car to a new home in the same state or across the country. Explore the following different services available from the companies:

Truck Transport

The truck transport ships your car to the new address on a two-level trailer where the cars will be arranged in two straight rows. This truck transport car shipping method is a most preferable and less expensive than rail freight and air transport. This truck transport moves across one or more states and drops off the car at a terminal operated by shipping agency. The car delivered to the terminal can be picked by the owner or you can ask for a delivery to the home for a small fee.

Hauling Vehicles as Rail Freight

In rail freight, the car is loaded on a train and shipped as rail cargo to the train station. Rail freight is a preferable shipping for it’s faster and safer delivery. But this type of shipping is expensive, which is not provided by all auto transport companies. Upon that, this type of car shipping required an additional insurance for secured delivery.

Car Shipping on Air Transportation

Air transportation is a fastest and safest service to prefer which comes with an expensive tag. This type of auto transportation is suitable for luxury and high priced cars. The car can be picked up from the airport or the customer can ask the car shipping company to deliver it to your location.

Auto Transport for International Relocation

The cost of this service is quite high and one has to look after the legal norms of foreign countries before opting for such auto transportation. For instance, if you are moving to England, their roads prefer right-sided steering wheel. In this case, your car is not authorized to ride on England roads.

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