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Planning to move Interstate? If yes, then consider hiring professional movers. Moving is always a demanding and tiring process, adding to it the hassle of moving and it becomes a whole new challenge. From packing to loading to moving and then finding a new home in a new state comes with many obligations and a long list of moving tasks. So instead of taking help from your friends and relatives, it is best to give your moving process in the hands of a reliable moving company. However to find the best movers and to understand how much do long distance movers cost, get interstate moving quotes from multiple movers and compare them.

Know the Average Moving Costs

The average cost to move out of state is largely dependent on where you are moving and how much stuff you want to move. It is researched and determined that the average interstate moving cost is around $3000-$5000, which is again based on the weight of your shipment along with additional moving services required. If these numbers are high for you, then you have to keep in mind that an interstate move is bound to be more expensive than local movers.

Factors that Determine Interstate Moving Charges

As it is said that interstate moving quotes are based on three main factors which include, the weight of your shipment, the distance to new location from the current and labor costs, which differs from state to state. Here we are going to tell you some other considerations as well about interstate moving quotes:

1) Packing

If you are considering long distance movers to take care of your packing services, no matter whether it is a mattress or a simple box or your entire home/apartment, the movers will charge you accordingly depending on the moving company’s packing material’s supply and time. It may also include assembling and disassembling furniture. Make sure to discuss this with your movers beforehand.

2) Travel Charges

Never forget long distance movers will definitely charge you for fuel and labor costs at the time of transporting your belongings. If there would be more distance, then expect to pay little higher than the initial free moving quote.

3) Liability & Valuation Charges

According to the law, all long distance movers are liable to provide two options of insurance coverage. They are full protection coverage and released value protection. Full protection coverage is a comprehensive option in which the movers are required to pay the full amount or replace the item for any damage or loss. Whereas released value protection covers only .60 cents per pound of each item.

4) Third Party Insurance

If you have more valuable items, and you are concerned about them then it is never wrong to get third party insurance. Make sure you have all receipts, and take pictures of all the belongings, as it will help you claim for any mishap.

5) Additional Storage

If you are dealing with complicated long distance moves, then you may wish to store your belongings either before or after your move. Be ready to pay these extra charges as your moving costs. Storage rates vary from movers to movers based on the location and time period.

While Getting Moving Quotes, Be Aware of These


Before you hire an interstate moving company, make sure you know whether the company is going to outsource your moving job to any other company for certain aspects of the moving process. While not a complete moving process, moving companies sometimes hire subcontractors to handle some part of moving. Since some subcontractors are not legal or follow the same rules or policies as the moving company you hired, you need to ask your movers regarding this to ensure a smooth moving process.

Moving Insurance

There is always a possibility that damage could happen to your belongings during the move. So ensure the moving company includes moving insurance in your interstate moving quotes. Never go for a mover that does not provide you moving insurance which clearly shows the moving company is not licensed.

Moving Scams

The last thing you would do while moving to another state, is ensure the moving company you want to hire is licensed and insured and check their USDoT number with FMCSA. Also check ratings, reviews and track record history by visiting BBB (Better Business Bureau). Along with doing the research, trust your instincts. If you have any doubts or moving company seems to be unprofessional, this could be a warning for you. Moving companies are supposed to conduct an in-home survey and provide you written and binding estimates. Never base your move on interstate moving quotes online alone as they don’t tend to be very accurate.

How to Reduce your Moving Costs?


When you hire movers for packing your belongings, it will save your time and energy but unfortunately not your money. Packing charges are usually added in interstate moving quotes, but you can always ask moving companies to cut these costs, as it varies from company to company. To save money, you can do at least partial packing yourself and you can ask your family and friends to help. Check out the cheapest ways to move if you are tight on the moving budget.

Choose the Right Moving Date

Believe it, your moving date affects your interstate moving quotes. It is strongly recommended not to move during national holidays or weekends, it is always better to move during weekdays to save your hard-earned money.

Trim Down your Belongings

As it is said, the more stuff you have, the more you have to pay for your moving. So before you move, it is advisable to trim down your belongings. Start donating or selling off your unwanted items to lower your moving expenses.

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