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Ultimate Moving Guide to Washington DC

Introduction to Washington DC,

As the country's capital, Washington DC is known for American governmental issues, yet there's a great deal more to this unimaginable city. From landmarks and celebrations to diverse areas and humming cafés, DC is exceptional. It is commonly known as the "district." The capital city is settled on the east coast with the Potomac River, adjoined by Maryland and Virginia. Washington DC gives the perfect combination of stunning nature, high quality of life, different opportunities, and a flourishing economy. There's no surprise that so many people are floundering to this Evergreen City. Keep reading to find whether you should consider moving to Washington city or not.

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Reasons to Move to Washington DC

Reasons to Move to Washington DC

a) Flourishing Job Market

Washington DC is a powerhouse to some of the world's biggest software giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.
Even if you're not involved in tech or working for a multinational corporation, there are plenty of job opportunities for you.
The military also has an extensive appearance in Washington city at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, south of Tacoma. JBLM employs 56,000 people. You don't need to register to get involved: there are several civilian jobs both on and off-base offered here.

b) No Income Tax

This amazing city is among the few places that have no income tax and does not have local income taxes either. However, earners are liable to pay federal income taxes.

c) Education

This city is a powerhouse of some of the most renowned universities, including Gonzaga University and Seattle University. You'll find world-class academic options varying from liberal arts to research-oriented institutions.

d) Great Outdoors

This place is nicknamed for its expansive evergreen forests that offer endless activities, like hiking, cycling, sailing, fishing, rock climbing, boating, kayaking, skiing, the list goes on.

e) Offers High-quality of Life

Along with being heaven for nature lovers, Washington's City also offers a high quality of life to its residents with its mountains, rainforests, lakes, deserts, and Pacific coastline.
Washington DC Driver's License and Registration - H2
All immigrants who already have driver's licenses from other states shall get the local authority within 30 days after getting residency, and the car registration should be done within 30 days.

To obtain the local driver's permission, you will have to visit the driver licensing office. The car registration also requires a visit to the vehicle licensing office. Ensure that you have all the needed documents before making an appointment. It can take up to three weeks to receive your registration and car plate number.

The Affordable Cost of Living in Washington DC

Whether you are buying or renting, housing in Washington city is expensive. If you are moving from a State with reasonably priced housing, the prices here will be a bit surprising.

Coolest Attractions in Washington DC

Washington City is the perfect place if you're looking for easy entertainment. Get an espresso and go for a walk through the National Mall or appreciate going through a day meandering around the city's endless galleries. There's no doubt that Washington DC is bursting with history just waiting to be explored, and most of it is free!

1) Georgetown

You can shop the day off in this charming neighbourhood that is also home to Georgetown University. Cobblestone streets lead you to local shops, bars, and restaurants along M Street NW and Wisconsin Avenue NW.

2) Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a real part of American history and an essential foundation of our country. It's truly empowering and exciting to see in person.

3) City Segway Tours

This tour is full of excitement and offers one-on-one engagement. With the most extreme party sizes of 7 individuals, you can pose every one of your inquiries about Washington city that your heart wants.

4) Smithsonian's National Zoo

Home to more than 1,500 creatures and probably the most seasoned zoo in the US, the Smithsonian is open 364 days of the year.

5) White House & Washington DC Monument

The White House has been home to every President since the 1800s. The Washington DC Monument highlights glass elevators that take you to the top of an observation deck where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of Washington, DC.

6) National World War II Museum

This gorgeous and inspiring museum is loaded with history and recites the story of the American experience in the war that changed the world.

7) National Gallery of Art

Explore and experience art and creativity at this marvellous gallery. You can spend an entire afternoon eyeing old modern art.

Weather and Natural Disasters in Washington DC

The territory of Washington City is divided into two particular zones: western and central/eastern.
The western area is gentle and moist with a lot of downpours, overcast cover, and haze. Typical summer temperatures regularly stay under 80°F, while winter temperatures seldom plunge beneath 46°F. Yearly rain can reach up to 160 inches.  
East of the Cascades, the central/eastern environment is a lot drier, with more blazing summers and colder winters. Naturally, snowfall is considerably more integral here which contrasts with the western part of the state. Then again, this zone sees a yearly rainfall of just six inches.

What are the Best Places to Move in Washington DC?

Best Places to Move in Washington DC

1. Bellevue

This incredible suburb, which is only about a 25-minute drive from Seattle. This gem of a city offers a gentle climate, a flourishing economy, uncomplicated driving, and stunning regions. Most occupants own their homes and are pretty liberal. This city is different, and its government-funded schools are probably among the most awesome schools in the state.
Bellevue is an ideal spot that permits nature enthusiasts to go east for climbing and west for seashore fun, all within a short drive. Job openings are abundant, particularly in the tech and medical care sector. This place is also known to be kid-accommodating and safe and considered as a great spot to raise a family.

2. Olympia

Settled along the southern tip of Puget Sound in Thurston County, Washington DC’s capital city offers a stunning landscape, developing networks, top transportation, reasonable lodging, and many government employment. Like most western Washington DC urban areas, the government-funded educational system is exceptionally appraised here. In case you're an admirer of nature and searching for a moderate spot to live, Olympia offers the correct stability!

3. Redmond

This picturesque city was once known for logging and fishing (along with being home to Native Americans for at least 10,000 years), but it has become a tech hub now. With companies like Nintendo of America and Microsoft headquartered here, the population encompasses higher-income couples and singles that tend to be liberal and own their homes. Known as Washington DC’s tech capital, it has a lot to offer everyone, from art enthusiasts to nature lovers and children (along with kids). Popular attractions include Redmond Derby Days, Redmond Saturday Market, Big Picture movie theatre, Marymoor Park, Uncle's Games (great for families), Reading with Rover (therapy dog program), Redmond Town Center, and a bustling downtown.

4. Tacoma

Situated in Pierce County along Puget Sound, this medium-sized city is a considerably more reasonable option than expensive Seattle. Most occupants are property holders, and individuals are, in general, politically moderate here. In the wake of experiencing a difficult time during the 90s, this port city has reappeared as one of Washington DC’s top places for creative and financial specialists, including essayists, visual artisans, and business people. If you are looking for a fair-sized port city that offers moderately reasonable living and simple admittance to Seattle and other metropolitan regions, then Tacoma is one of WashingtonDC’s tricks of the trade place for such a manner.

Quality of Higher Education in Washington DC

Washington City is a hub for many higher education institutes and universities. The prominent Universities are:
  • University of Washington DC
  • Gonzaga University
  • Seattle University
  • Washington DC State College
  • Whitworth University
  • Western Washington DC University
  • Seattle Pacific University

Job Opportunities in Washington DC

Washington City is a promising place for several professionals as the market is growing. Some of the highest-paid industries are:
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Clean Technology (Cleantech)
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Forest Products
  • Life Science & Global Health
  • Maritime
  • Military & Defense
  • Tourism

Taxes Scenario in Washington DC

Washington DC has a real-estate tax rate of 1.03%. While the base sales tax rate is 6.5%, the total tax rate shifts from one area to another, which can be as high as 10.4%. For instance, Seattle has a joined local and state tax rate of 10.1%. Spokane, then again, appreciates a total tax rate of 8.9%. The best part of Washington DC's tax scenario is that there is no personal income tax in the city of Washington.

Ready to Move to Washington DC

Washington City is a beautiful, unique, historically rich city with plenty of beautiful things to offer. However, there are some factors to be considered before moving to Washington DC.
It can be expensive living here. There's a possibility for improvement when it comes to healthcare costs, access, and outcomes.

The western part of the city observes a lot of rainfall and a few sunny days than the national average. Central and eastern Washington city encounter a dry climate with extreme temperatures.

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