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The Ultimate Moving Guide to Tennessee

Tags:  Before Moving,  Moving Tips,  After Moving  | 05-18-2021

Introduction to Tennessee,

Tennessee is a South-eastern state of the United States known for natural locales, rich cultural heritage and comparatively low living costs. Besides, The Volunteer State is known for jazz music and blues-rock. There are multiple music venues like Grand Ole Opry. Geographically, the state of Tennessee shares borders with Kentucky and Virginia on the northern side, North Carolina to the east, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia to the south, and Mississippi river to the west. A sizable number of people move to Tennessee every year which include students, professionals, and retirees.

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Reasons to Move to Tennessee

Pleasant Weather: The weather in Tennessee is mild which makes it convenient and pleasant to stay here.
Lively City Life: The cities are vibrant, lively and picturesque.  The Volunteer State of Tennessee is known for its vibrant cities, mild weather and affordability factor.
Low Cost of Living: The living costs in Tennessee are affordable as compared to many eminent American cities. The cost of living index is 87.6.
A Land of Fun, and Adventures: There are a lot of opportunities to indulge in for fun loving and adventure seeking people.
Poised for Good Economic Growth: Tennessee is growing with a lot of promising opportunities for job seekers in various sectors. The Federal Funds Information for States has put Tennessee among one of the top ranking states gaining economic momentum.
Good Schooling Opportunities: There are several good schools, colleges and universities and professional institutions in the state of Tennessee.

Driver’s License and Vehicles Registration in Tennessee

Please note that you are given 30 days to obtain your Tennessee driver’s license as you establish residency in the state. For obtaining a driver’s license in Tennessee, you need the following documents:
  • Prescribed application for Tennessee Driver’s License
  • Your valid out-of-state license
  • Identity proofs (two forms)
  • Proof of Tennessee residency
  • Proof of US Citizenship (PR, Temporary, legal presence proof)
  • Document of SSN (Social Security Number)

Those holding a valid out-of-the-state driver’s license need not undergo a driving test, but yes a vision test is required. For registration of a vehicle in the state of Tennessee, you are again allowed 30 days after establishing residency. You need to contact the County Clerk’s office for the vehicle registration update. The documents required are:
  1. A mandatory emission check certificate
  2. Valid out-of-the state registration document
  3. Identity proof and residency proof
Please visit the state official website for the latest fees and updated guidelines.

Affordable Cost of Living in Tennessee

Tennessee cities are affordable as compared to many noted cities in the United States. On an average, a small family of four (two adults and two children) can lead a good comfortable life on an earnings of $75,000 annually.

The cost of living is calculated on the basis of expenses incurred in housing, food, basic needs, medical facilities, energy, transportation, taxes and other essential things. The cost of living in individual cities in Tennessee is discussed below.

Coolest Attractions in Tennessee

The Volunteer State is known for pleasant weather, lively life and fun-filled activities. Some of the attractions the state is home to are:
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Famous for long hiking trails,  scenic drives and ski resorts.
Home of the Blues, Memphis: Includes Memphis Music Hall of Fame, and W C Handy’s House.
Oak Ridge: American Museum of Science and Energy. Go through a fascinating history of nuclear energy.
Lookout Mountain: Offers some of the spectacular views of Tennessee.
The Titanic Museum: This is the world’s largest Titanic museum located in Pigeon Forge. The imposing building itself is shaped like the Titanic.

Weather and Natural Disasters in Tennessee

Tennessee experiences all four seasons. The autumn in the state is beautiful.
Tennessee faces a hot and humid summer season. Moving is not that much comfortable in summer thus. July can see the thermometer touching 92°F with uncomfortable humidity hovering around. The North eastern part of the state gets more snowfall during the winter season. The average winter temperature is 40˚F.

The best time to visit the capital city of Nashville are spring, summer, and fall (April through October. There are vibrant outdoor activities seen during this time of the year.
Tennessee gets 53 inches of rain, 5 inches of snow and 207 sunny days per year on an average. The state of Tennessee is prone to floods, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, tropical storms, ice storms, and lightning.

What are the Best Places to Move to in Tennessee?

Best Places to Move in TennesseeTennessee is a vibrant state with multiple places offering modern life amenities and joys. Here are some of the cities which are perfect to move to in the state.


Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee, is also called Athens of the South. With an unemployment rate of just 2%, Nashville has good job opportunities. The median home price is a bit lower than $300,000.The metro city is also famous for its lively nightlife and music scene.


Bartlett is to the outside of Memphis in Shelby County. The city is a  peaceful place.The median home price is a bit high and is slightly above $200,00 and the rent is between $1000-1300.


This Rutherford County is around 45 minutes south to the capital city of Nashville. There are some good quality schools and affordable living options.

Johnson City. Considered the best place to live in Washington County, Tennessee, Johnson City has a median home value of around $150,000. The rent is nearly $700-750.


The fourth largest city in Tennessee, Chattanooga has a median home value of nearly $150,000 with monthly rentals around $820.


The place has close- knit community ambience. There is easy commuting to Nashville, Bowling Green.


A vibrant neighborhood of Nashville, Clarksville is just 40 minutes’ drive from the capital. The median home price is near $135,000 only. The place is also famous for The Rivers and Spires Festival which is a kaleidoscope of food, fun and art.

Quality Higher Education Institutes in Tennessee

Tennessee’s higher education comprises 105 colleges and universities. A few of the higher education institutions are:
  • Tennessee State University, Nashville.
  • Vanderbilt University, Nashville
  • Bethel University, McKenzie
  • Belmont University, Nashville
  • University of Memphis, Memphis

Job Opportunities in Tennessee

The cities of Tennessee are promising job markets for the young and aspiring professionals. The capital city Nashville offers tremendous growth opportunities and quality of life. The following careers enjoy a good scope in the state:
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Home Health Aid
  • Interpreter and translators
  • Diagnostic medical sonographers
  • Tax preparers
Nashville made SmartAsset’s list of the Top 10 cities for Creatives in 2018. Besides, the big companies like HCA Healthcare, Fedex, Lifepoint Health, and Dollar General have their headquarters in Tennessee that are an asset for the residents for promising job opportunities.

State Income Tax Policy in Tennessee

There is no tax on personal income in Tennessee. This is, however, true for regular wages and salaries. Dividends and interest are taxed. There is no income tax in Tennessee but Hall Tax i.e. a 6% tax on interest and dividends. The sales tax in the state is 7%.

The retirees find the state of Tennessee a tax-friendly state. There is no tax on Social Security income. Nor are the withdrawals from the retirement accounts taxed. The wages are taxed at normal rates, with the marginal state tax rate at 5.9%.
Since there is no personal income tax, the take home salary is more.

Ready to Move to Tennessee?

  1. Tennessee is ranked at number 36 among all states in terms of healthcare access and affordability.
  2. There is traffic chaos in big cities like Nashville and Memphis. You should spare additional time for traveling through these places and adjoining spots.
  3. A child graduating from  high school in the state will be allowed to be admitted to Tennessee community college at zero expenses under Tennessee Promise Program.
  4. The Tennessee population is on the rise owing to good amenities, promising job scenarios, and affordability of living. The weather is also on the milder side.
  5. You should hire professionals while moving to Tennessee. The ideal platform is where you get instant access to professional moving companies with proven track records, you could obtain instant free moving quotes online for your customized moving needs and also find several hands on suggestions on long distance moving and related guidelines to make a smooth moving experience.

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