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Ultimate Moving Guide to San Jose, CA

Introduction to San Jose,

San Jose is one of the lustrous cities in the United States in the vicinity of Silicon Valley – the world famous seat of computer related industries extending along the south-western shore of the bay towards San Francisco.

San Jose lies in Santa Clara County and is hailed as one of the best places to live in California. The city has a suburban feel. The city is home to several parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and fun activities. The residents of San Jose are said to be liberal.

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Reasons to Move to San Jose

Move to San Jose

Locational Advantages

San Jose is close to San Francisco, Oakland and Berkley etc.
Seat of high technology and innovation. The city is a haven of newer innovations in technology and inventions. Forbes has ranked San Jose as the 19th ideal place to live in the USA.

Booming Economy

San Jose’s economy is largely technology based. Those in the hardware, software and technology profession can wish to flourish here.

Good Education Facilities

The city has sound academic infrastructure. San Jose State University, San Jose City College, Silicon Valley University have their bases in the city.

Nice Neighbourhoods

The city is known to offer some great neighbourhoods like Willow Glen and the downtown area. San Jose is good for singles as well as families.

Sports Enthusiastic City

San Jose has many famed baseball stadiums. The city has a good sports ambience. San Jose Sharks is a notable hockey team and San Jose Earthquakes is a famous soccer team from the city.

Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration in San Jose

As you move to California and establish residency, you must get a California driver’s license within 10 days. If you have moved to the state of California from any other state and hold an out-of-the-state driver’s license, you should visit the DMV location for the CA written and vision test. For the passing candidates, the driving test is usually not required and the concerned authorities issue the CA driver’s license. For your identity, you may produce:
  • Social Security Card
  • Valid out-of-the state license
  • Birth certificate/passport
  • Utility bill/mortgage bill/lease
For those moving from other countries, the driving skills test will be required.
If you have to get your vehicle registered in California after relocating to the state, you must do so within 20 days. The following documents will be required:
  • The prescribed application for Title or Registration (REG 343) PDF
  • Inspection certificate. (The inspection can be done at the nearest DMV office)
  • Smog and weight certificate (if applicable)
  • Fees and taxes as due
  • For more details and latest guidelines, one should visit the CA DMV website. The new movers have a dedicated page

What are the Best Places to Move to in San Jose?

People Moving to San Jose for myriad reasons. The city has a lot to offer in terms of fun, flavor, adventure, and technology. Some of the best places to settle down in the city are as below.


Considered safest, Evergreen is located in the eastern San Jose. There is a community college and the place has beautiful natural views. The famous Alum Rock district is to the north of Evergreen and Silver Creek Valley is to the south. Diablo Range lies to the east of Evergreen.

Walnut Creek

Located in Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek is considered one of the best places to live in San Jose. Weather in Walnut Creek is a bit warm but pleasant. The place has nice amenities like health, dining and shopping. Living here is slightly expensive. You can enjoy skiing in winter as the mountains are nearby. Apart from that, you can go fishing, biking, and hiking here.


Livermore has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor and indoor activities. There are about 28 neighborhood parks and 4 public golf courses. Livermore downtown is a shopping haven with several chain stores and fine restaurants. The place has a good job scenario in science and technology also. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory are famed centers in Livermore.

Almaden Valley

Almaden lies to the south of San Jose and has a livability score of 84. The famous spots here are Almaden Lake Park, Almaden QuicksIlver County Park and New Almaden Music Festival. The average summer temperature is 73˚F and winter temperature is 54˚F. There are some good schools here.

Willow Glen

This place is ideal for raising a family and has a small town vibe. There are some good schools and the place is safe, clean and friendly. There are some good dining options. But Willow Glen is on the expensive side.


This spot is perfect for shopping and is a happening part of San Jose.

Job opportunities in San Jose

Since San Jose is the hot seat of high technology, the following careers are promising in the city.
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software Production
  • Internet Services and Related Fields
  • Electronic Equipment and Semiconductors
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Healthcare
  • Business Start Ups

Top Rated Higher Studies Institutions in San Jose

  • San Jose State University
  • San Jose City College
  • Santa Clara University
  • Stanford University

Coolest Attractions in San Jose

San Jose Museum of Art: A mirror to creativity and new ideas, San Jose Museum of Art is a famous museum of modern and contemporary art.
Rosicrucian Park: It houses a museum of Egyptian antiquities and a planetarium and science centre.
Winchester Mystery House: The 160 room Victorian mansion has unusual architectural marvels.
Kelley Park: The famous park has a zoo, a Japanese garden, and a historic museum of old replicated buildings.
Alum Rock Park: Located on the eastern side, this is California’s oldest municipal park. Famous for Overfelt Gardens, Municipal Rose Garden.

Income Tax in San Jose

  1. The income tax rate in San Jose is 9.3%.
  2. California’s base sales tax is 7.25% which is the highest in the country. This implies that you will have to pay an additional 7.25% of the purchase price of any taxable commodity.
  3. The income tax lies between 1% to 12.3%. Please note that there is also a 1% surcharge on all taxable income beyond $1 million.
  4. California income tax has the components of Personal Income Tax and Sales Tax. Different states have different tax policies. For more details and sources, one can follow Article XIII of the state constitution. The states use these taxes to fund several state sponsored services. The other revenue sources are excise, federal funds etc.
  5. The state of California also levies a corporate Income Tax at the rate of 8.84%.

Affordable Cost of Living in San Jose

San Jose is the 31st most expensive city in the world. The average cost of living (rent not included) for a family of four is nearly $3,500 per month. This is 81% higher than the national average. The single person needs to shell out around $1,000 per month to sustain.

The cost of living index in San Jose is 214.5. The median household income in San Jose is around $100,000. As per Zillow, the current median home value is $1,073,255. The per square feet list price has been put as $610.

Weather and Natural Disasters in San Jose

San Jose is blessed with sunshine and warm weather conditions. The temperature does not dip too low during winters. San Jose offers pleasant outdoor conditions. There are around 300 sunny days a year in the city. People enjoy rainy days too as they ensure fantastic attractions and indoor activities. The average temperature in San Jose has been reported to be fluctuating between 50˚F and 85˚F.

The warm season runs from the first week of June through the mid October. The cold season runs from the last week of November through February. As far as natural disasters are concerned, earthquakes and summer wildfires are common in San Jose. People are advised to evacuate the premises and put on masks while going outside till the air quality gets better.

Ready to Move to San Jose?

  1. San Jose is a haven of eclectic food, culture activities, outdoor activities, and technology. You should secure a job and move through professional movers, thoroughly picked from reliable sources like
  2. San Jose has also earned the tag “Capital of Silicon Valley.”
  3. The traffic in San Jose can get chaotic. It is not uncommon to be stuck in Silicon Valley. It is suggested to hire a taxi nearest to your location. Yellow Checker Cab is a widely used and trusted taxi service provider.
  4. Move as light as possible. San Jose is an expensive place. It is not advisable to waste money on moving. Please refer to the articles on money saving techniques while undertaking cross-country moves or long-distance moves.
  5. The youngsters might miss the nightlife. San Jose may not be as bustling as San Francisco and Los Angeles, but has an appeal of its own.
  6. It is recommended to use your own vehicle but if not feasible, the public transport is efficient anyway. There is a bus and light rail system. Caltrain is a popular means to take the commuters to San Francisco. Also, there are rental bicycles and scooters available for local moving. Shared Lyft and Uber are other cool options for economical rides.
  7. San Jose is the hotbed of science and technology. Many corporate giants have their bases in the city. The prominent ones are Cisco Systems, eBay, Adobe, Sanmina, PayPal, and Western Digital.
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