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The Ultimate Moving Guide to Portland, OR

Introduction to Portland:

There's a reason why this Pacific Northwest pearl has become so famous. The city is known for its lovely environment along the Columbia and Willamette waterways. Beautiful landscapes can be found everywhere you turn, as the city is charmingly located in the shadow of the white-covered Mount Hood.

Living in Portland brings excellent metropolitan facilities, beautiful nature, and a comfortable, friendly local area. In any case, before packing and moving to Portland, there are many things which you should consider.

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Reasons to Move to Portland

Everywhere Nature

Portland is a paradise for nature lovers. Mountains and breathtaking landscapes surround Portland. It doesn't matter what kind of outdoor activity you like; Portland has everything to offer to its Hikers, bikers, kayaking, skiers, boarders, windsurfers, climbers, campers, hunters, and anglers.

Literacy Rate is High

Portland is known as one of the most literate cities in the US as people here are exceptional book lovers, and the bookstores are the most visited places in Portland.

Diverse City

Even though Portland's racial demographics are still predominantly white, the city has gotten considerably more assorted as of late. Portlanders are comprehensive nature lovers, and individuals from varying backgrounds are welcome in Rose City.

Portland Driver's License and Registration

Portland is the city of Oregon State, so to acquire a driver's license for new residents, you have 30 days. For applying, you need to follow these steps:

If you are Under 18:

  1. Prepare for Safe Practices knowledge test
  2. Instruction permit for six months
  3. Complete 100 hours of supervised driving
  4. call local DMV for a test drive
  5. If you pass the driving test, be ready to pay a fee

If you are above 18:

  1. Fill out the application and submit local DMV office
  2. Show proof of residence and ID
  3. Pass vision test
  4. Schedule a driving test in your local DMV
  5. If you pass the driving test, be ready to pay a fee.

Vehicle Registration

According to the state policy, new residents coming to any city of the state have to register their vehicle within 30 days of their move.

Cost of Living in Portland

Portland city of the Oregon state has a cost of living that is 50% more than the national average. If you are planning to move to Portland, then you have to prepare yourself for the high housing and transportation costs, which are double the national average. Well, there's one relief that healthcare costs are lower than the national average.

Weather and Natural Disasters

If you're moving to Portland from some bright place, you can anticipate a significant mental change. It rains a great deal here. The Northwest is known for its sprinkle, a fog that endures the entire day long along with a relentless mass of dampness. Some would say it isn't raining in any way.

And when it is not pouring, you can expect cloudy skies for the more significant part of the year. Summers in Portland are usually dry, warm, and sunny, with average temperatures in the low eighties. When we talk about natural disasters, there are chances of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the area.

Best Places to Move to in Portland

We have compiled a list of the best places to move to in Portland so that you can choose wisely which area of Portland city suits you. You can make decisions based on the cost of living, education, job opportunities, and more.

Pearl District

If you love eating out, then Pearl District is the perfect neighborhood for you. Situated in the heart of downtown, it's one of the city's most attractive neighborhoods for youthful professionals searching for extraordinary nightlife. But at the same time, it's incredible for families with little youngsters who need to be near family-accommodating exercises.

Many public and private schools are in and around the Pearl District like Chapman Middle, East-West Sylvan, Lincoln High. The cost of living in this area is slightly lower than the city's average and has a lower crime rate.

Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is about as family-accommodating as you can get. Situated in Southwest Portland, it's one of Portland's most picturesque areas, as it's settled in the Tualatin mountain range. There are around 300 single-family homes here, and the area has the absolute most famous parks around there, with 323 acres of land of open space. There are 20 public and non-public schools in the Arlington Heights territory.

A good number of citizens send their children to Chapman and Ainsworth Elementary schools, East-West Sylvan, and Lincoln High. Arlington Heights is an incredible place for outside sweethearts, with excellent, extensive parks reachable within the area. If you want panoramic views of Portland and Mount Hood, moving to Arlington Heights is the right choice.

Alberta Arts District

This fun and crazy area is known for its fiery road fairs, varied food, and non-mainstream shops. Alberta inhabitants comprise a mix of ethnic foundations, and the local's stores and cafés mirror the variety of the region.

Alberta overflows with celebrations when autonomous sellers, artisans, and customers assemble on the roads on the last Thursday of each month. Schools in the area incorporate Alliance High School, Ainsworth Elementary School, and Benson Polytechnic High School.


Eastmoreland is perhaps the most beautiful neighborhood in Portland, with its tree-lined roads twisting through the delicate slopes, past stunning notable homes that were underlying the mid-1900s. It resembles entering a different universe, nearly a dreamland of Old English homes set up on slight slopes sitting above the road beneath, or tremendous Tudor-style homes put off from the road with gigantic yards nurseries.

It is the thing that individuals long for when they think about Portland's unique homes and old trees with branches looming over the roads giving it a quality of sorcery. The housing is costly as compared to the national average.

Southwest Hills

The Southwest area is situated in what is prominently known as the "West Hills" in Portland. The sloping landscape and great nature stop in this area provide stunning viewpoints from many homes. Factoring upon which territory you are in, you may have an all-encompassing perspective on midtown Portland. It is possible to see Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Holy in the distance on a crisp morning.

The Southwest Hills area has a great deal to bring to the table. It is practically in midtown Portland, so the drive is speedy and quick. Many of the occupants are youthful professionals. With exceptionally evaluated schools and loads of delightful parks, Southwest Hills is an excellent neighborhood for families.

State Tax Scenario In Portland

While moving to Portland, Oregon, you must be aware of the tax rates in the state. The property tax is the lowest in the state as compared to the national average. So in Portland, you can easily purchase your dream home as the property tax is less.

The state's current base sales tax is 0%, which means the state does not have a general sales tax. When we talk about income tax, the state's income tax ranges from 5 to 9.9%, higher than the national average.

Job Opportunities In Portland

Portland is otherwise called the "silicon forest" because of the growing number of tech employment opening up here. The majority of the employment rate is in the management and professional sector. If we talk about the specific industry, Portland has jobs in education, health, and social services.

At the same time, the jobs in professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services industries are also common. Nike is the largest employer in the Portland metro city. People also have a chance at the University of Oregon and the State of Oregon to have a career.

Higher Education In Portland

The Portland city of Oregon state hosts some top universities and great schools for the higher education of your children. The University of Portland is one of them.

Ready to Move to Portland?

Indeed, Portland is a city with a ton of characteristics. These peculiarities give it a character like no other city in the country. Portlanders are glad to walk to the beat of their drum, and they are finding real success at it. While a portion of the generalizations – like bunches of downpour, cafés, utilized book shops, and distilleries everywhere remain constant, there are likewise a ton of amazement everywhere in Portland.

There are numerous neighborhoods with incredible rural feels to them, and surprisingly the metropolitan inclination areas are affectionate and glad for the networks they've made. Regardless of whether you're looking for a place to be exactly who you need to be or searching for an area that offers practically every sort of excellence accessible within easy driving distance, Portland is a great location to call home.

There are some other factors that you should also consider before moving to Portland like the following:
  1. The city has some significant traffic issues. Although public transportation is easily accessible, the cost is high
  2. High cost of living
  3. Portland witnesses more rainy days
  4. You can't pump your own gas
Despite which neighborhood you end up in, we hope that this short guide will help you both in your decision and in settling down. With the best movers handling your move, you can leave the actual task of moving and shifting to the movers and start working on settling down in the new city. Start your move here with and move forward.

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