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The Ultimate Moving Guide to Maryland

Tags:  Before Moving,  Moving Tips,  After Moving  | 05-05-2021

Introduction to Maryland,

Planning to move to Maryland? Then you should know that it is more than the crab cakes and the Chesapeake Bay! As one of the first 13 provinces, it's loaded up with rich history, various cultures, changed geology and offers plenty of opportunities to rise in your career. The state comprises three specific locales – the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Appalachian Mountains, and The Piedmont Plateau – offering sandy seashores toward the east, mountains toward the West, and clamoring urban areas in the middle.

Maryland is also called the "Free State" for its historical custom of strict resilience and political opportunity. Read this guide to learn everything about this marvellous state and decide whether it is for you or not.

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Reasons to Move to Maryland

Reasons to Move to Maryland

1) Cheaper than Washington DC

One of the fundamental motivations to pick Maryland to live in is that you are near the country's capital Washington DC. Furthermore, Living in Maryland is less expensive than living in Washington DC. So, if you work in the country's capital, and don't want to spend significantly to live there, then settling down in Maryland might be perfect for you. You can undoubtedly commute from Maryland to Washington DC via train or even by driving yourself.

2) Plethora of Job Opportunities

Another primary rationale behind choosing Maryland to live in is that you are near Washington DC, which is full of job opportunities for varied aspirants.

3) World-Class Hospitals

Maryland is home to some of the country's best medical clinics with an incredible staff. Probably the best clinic is Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. The team at this eminent clinic is fit for performing wonders. Some other acclaimed emergency clinics in Maryland incorporate Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, Grace Medical Center, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, St. Agnes Hospital, and many more.

4) Beautiful Beaches

The exclusive oceanfront of Maryland is made out of a few dazzling seashores. Sea City and Assateague Island are two exceptionally mainstream seashores in the state. Aside from these two acclaimed seashores, there are countless different seashores in the express that you can explore when you are living here. Chesapeake Beach in Calvert County and Sandy Point State Park (proper external Annapolis) by Chesapeake Bay Bridge are also mainstream among Maryland occupants. You can enjoy a few water-related activities like swimming, sailing, and fishing.

Maryland Driving License and Vehicle Registration Process

All new occupants with out-of-state non-business driver's licenses should acquire a Maryland Driver's License within 60 days of setting up Maryland's residency. To apply, you should show up face to face at one of our Driver License Centers.
All new residents are needed to apply for the Maryland title and registration of their vehicle(s) within 20 days of undertaking the Maryland residency.

The Affordable Cost of Living in Maryland

While Maryland is a great place to live on the East Coast, it is also one of the most expensive states to live in the United States. Home market is pricey due to high demand from buyers. Rent is above the US average while Goods and services also cost more than the national average. All in all, the cost of living index is above 100, which means this state is more expensive.

Coolest Attractions in Maryland

Maryland offers many activities to the table, right from mind-blowing nature sightings to stunning galleries and aquariums. Regardless of whether you like to live it up inside or outside, we're confident you'll find out your ideal recreational activity in the Old Line State. To assist you with an onset, we have arranged a rundown of the 8 best pastimes in Maryland!
The National Aquarium in Baltimore: This fascination is ideal for those who love seeing the delightful animals that live in water. More than 15,000 creatures are holding back to be watched there!
Fells Point: If you're about bohemian life, you'll be excited to visit this waterfront neighbourhood in Baltimore, which offers few cafés and bars.
Brookside Gardens: For any individual who's searching for a serene and peaceful place in Maryland, the Brookside Gardens are the ideal spot for that, as you can spend time watching beautiful blossoms blooming!
Salisbury Zoo: Zoos are consistently an incredible spot to visit and connect with nature, particularly if you have youngsters. The Salisbury Zoo welcomes visits from every age group as well as overnighters!
Calvert Cliffs State Park: Located in Lusby, this state park has more than 10 miles of trails for you to have some good time and appreciate the nature around you — including seashores, fishing openings, and fossils!
Mallows Bay: If you're a follower of the supernatural, you can't pass up on the chance to visit Mallows Bay and investigate the wrecks in the locale.
Maryland Scenic Byways: Take any of the nineteen scenic Maryland bylands and pass through some of the most spectacular and historic areas across the United States.
Channel Place: Music lovers will be charmed to visit the beautiful Canal Place and watch shows by community groups just as by prestigious specialists. What's more, you can also ride a bicycle along the delightful waterway!

Weather and Natural Disasters in Maryland

Maryland is called 'Little America,' because it is packed with just about every kind of natural feature here, except a desert. This state has rich geology and geography, and you'll discover everything from mountains to seashores in this state. Even though Maryland is known for its coastline, you can likewise have loads of fun in the wilds and the snow in this state. Unfortunately, Maryland is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes, and more.

What are the Best Places to Move to in Maryland?


Wedged among Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Cumberland is concealed in the rural valley of Allegany County. Home to growing midtown with impressive scenery, Cumberland is rich with history, healthy individuals, and outside experiences. Encircled by the Appalachian Mountains, there are plenty of trekking and exploring trails. In case you're an outdoor lover, this little city possesses all the necessary qualities. Allegany College of Maryland is there in Cumberland.


Situated in Washington County, Hagerstown is quite possibly the most moderate urban community in the state. The city has since formed into a significant centre point of transportation. It's additionally a social area of interest, home to craftsmanship exhibitions, galleries, the Maryland Symphony, the Maryland Theater, and the 50-section of land Hagerstown City Park. Hagerstown Community College, Award Beauty School, and Purdue University Global.


Settled along the Chesapeake Bay, under 30 miles east of Washington DC and south of Baltimore, Annapolis fills in as Maryland's capital. This little city has been reliably positioned as one of the Top 20 seaside urban areas to live in America.
Known for its delicious crab food and various water stops like cruising, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing, Annapolis is an assorted city overflowing with more than 350 years of history. It additionally incorporates Johns Hopkins University, Loyola University, and the University of Maryland.


As one of the top provincial areas of Washington DC, Bethesda is positively a prosperous local area. The city is one of the richest and positions among the Top 25 best places to live in the country.
Bethesda offers first-rate government-funded schools, shopping, amusement centres, top medical services, tech, venture organizations, and numerous administration workplaces. Combined with a flourishing position market, picturesque environmental factors, and stunning framework, it's not difficult to fall head over heels in love with this territory.

Higher Education Institutes in Maryland

Maryland has excellent educational institutions. There are many excellent private and public schools with some great universities. The prominent ones are:
1.    Johns Hopkins University
2.    University of Maryland – College Park
3.    Loyola University
4.    St. John's College
5.    The University of Maryland – Baltimore County
6.    United States Naval Academy
7.    Mount St. Mary's University
8.    Hood College
9.    Towson University
10.  St. Mary's College of Maryland

Job Opportunities in Maryland

Maryland is a promising state for several professionals as its economy is growing. Some of the highest-paid industries are:
1.    BioHealth & Life Sciences
2.    IT & Cybersecurity
3.    Advanced Manufacturing
4.    Military & Federal
5.    Aerospace & Defense
6.    Financial Services
7.    Energy & Sustainability
8.    Agribusiness

Taxes Scenario in Maryland

Maryland's powerful real-estate tax rate is 1.10% in the nation. The best part is that Maryland districts do not have local sales tax. There are, however, eight marginal tax brackets for state income tax which is between 2–5.75%.

Ready to Move to Maryland?

Before moving to Maryland, there are some factors that you should keep in mind. While this state lies amid the great commercial and population complex that stretches from Maine to Virginia, it also goes through facets like high cost of living, heavy traffic, and increased crime rate. However, if you are ready to move to this state which is probably the wealthiest state in the nation, then let make your move safe and secure like a walk in the park.

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