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The Ultimate Moving Guide to Las Vegas, NV

Moving to the entertainment city of the world? You must be super excited to move to and live in the sin city, Las Vegas. It is a popular city in Nevada, which is prominently known as a resort city all around the world.

The city not only offers you gambling but is also considered a perfect place for nightlife, shopping, entertainment, and is home to the best DJ’s in the world. It is a well known growing city for families and young people. Las Vegas is also an admirable tourist place. People from all over the world visit to spend their vacations.

When we talk about living in the city, again it attracts plenty of folks every year from all over the country, due to its low tax rates, affordable cost of living and as it offers many career opportunities in the field of hospitality, retail and more.

The main urban area of Las Vegas is a thriving place with numerous hotels, casinos, and restaurants. And let's not forget, Las Vegas offers you everything, in regards to entertainment. Now let's dig in deep and find out whether this city is for you or not.

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Reasons to Move to Las Vegas

Before you move to Las Vegas, here are some positive aspects of the city that ensure your decision of moving here is a wise decision.

Amazing Job Opportunities

The city offers plenty of job opportunities. The unemployment rate of Las Vegas is lower than average. Many young people are moving to Las Vegas due to primed job growth especially in the field of hospitality, retail and construction.

No State Income Tax

The best part of living in Las Vegas, no residents are liable to pay any state income tax. Unlike other cities, the city does not have any income tax.

Tourist Attractions

Las Vegas is a city that offers cultural attractions of all sorts. It is a place where you will experience every culture of the US.

Affordable Houses

If you are moving to Las Vegas, you don't have to worry about buying your own home. The city is full of affordable homes as compared to US average rates.

Hot All Year

It is a positive point for many, Las Vegas is one of the cities that stays hot throughout the year. You don't have to worry about freezing weather if you are living in Las Vegas.

Weather and Natural Disasters

With desert climates throughout the year, the city experiences hot summers and mild winters. There is very little change in season. July and August are the warmer months of Las Vegas and December and January are the cooler months with minimum change in temperature. There is no snow in Las Vegas and also minimal rainfall.

When it is about natural disasters in Las Vegas, there are possibilities of earthquakes, flash floods and droughts. To be careful about disasters, make sure to download a handy app to get alerts about the disasters.

Best Neighborhoods of Las Vegas

Sun City Summerlin

Sun City Summerlin is one of the best neighborhoods of Las Vegas and Nevada, it is only 20 minutes away from downtown Las Vegas. The place comprises a community of age-restricted people and about 12542 residents are living in Sun City Summerlin.

As per the rules of the community, residents living in Sun City Summerlin must have at least one owner or occupant of up to 55 years old. If you are a golf person, then this is a perfect place for you.

The community comes with three golf courses, specially designed by professional golf players. Here many residents have their personal golf courts. Also, there are facilities for playing tennis, racquetball and more sports activities.

Kyle Canyon

If you are a mountain lover, then Kyle Canyon won't disappoint you. It is a neighborhood that is only 30 minutes away from downtown Las Vegas and it is surrounded by natural beauty and mountains.

You will find single-family homes in Kyle Canyon, the streets are full of 14557 residents. Residents love to sit in bars and enjoy gambling at many bars of Kyle Canyon. Schools here are above average, so it is a good place to raise your children.

Tule Springs

Tule Springs has a population of 19044 residents and most of the homes are centred around Floyd Lamb Park. The beauty of Tule Springs is you will not have a feeling that you are out of Las Vegas, as every gas station has slot machines for your entertainment.

If you are looking for a perfect neighborhood of Las Vegas to raise your children, then here is some good news for you, Tule Springs is home to above-average rated high schools. The place is full of coffee bars and you can easily grab sweet bars at every street of tule Springs.

Summerlin North

It is a larger neighborhood of Las Vegas with a population of 48606 residents, and it is only about 15 minutes drive from Las Vegas Downtown. Summerlin North is known to be the most affluent area of Las Vegas.

Here, you can find large and modern homes with plenty of space. It is home to nine golf courses and many parks that gives you the benefit to enjoy yourself with your whole family and friends. The neighborhood comes with highly rated schools and universities. It is a good place to enjoy Thai food.

The Lakes

It is a perfect neighborhood of Las Vegas for young professionals. The Lakes is known to be the most diverse neighborhood in Las Vegas and offers a suburban vibe. It is well located on the southwest Downtown of Las Vegas and is only about a 15 minutes drive away.

The population here is 29173 with median home prices. You can enjoy amazing Mexican food in The lakes. The Spanish trail park is one of the main highlights of The lakes, as it offers plenty of space and a playground for kids. Schools are average in this neighborhood.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is just 15 minutes drive away from downtown Las Vegas, it is a quieter and suburban area of Las Vegas. With a population of 14970, residents prefer to enjoy walking trails over the streets. The Pioneer Park playground has a large canopy shade that allows families to have a peaceful day out. It is one of the affordable neighborhoods in Las vegas with median house prices and affordable rents.

You will get Sushi of Las Vegas here in Pioneer Park and is a good place to enjoy Mexican food. When it is about schools in Pioneer Park, they are not rated good as compared to other neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

Centennial Hills

On the northwest side, Centennial Hills is only about half an hour drive away from downtown Las Vegas. It is a recently developed planned community with 45680 residents. The streets of Centennial hills are full of single-family homes, ranch-style houses and townhouses.

Centennial Hills is a larger neighborhood of 120 acres, and boasts ramps, water play areas, picnic areas, beach volleyball courts, water play areas and also offers many more fun activities. The neighborhood has many options of average rated schools for all aged kids.

Angel Park Lindell

Angel Park Lindell is the 8th best neighborhood in Las Vegas. It is one of the most affordable places to live in Las Vegas. With 13650 residents and 15 minutes drive from downtown, people enjoy both urban and rural life in the neighborhood. It is a good place to raise your children as the place has many private and public schools that offer great educational services.

Average Cost Of Living in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas is expensive as compared to other cities. As per research, if the cost of living is lower than 100, then it is considered to be an affordable place to live in but if the cost of living is higher than 100, then it is said to be higher than the average cost of living in the US.

And the cost of living in Las Vegas is 120, which is quite higher. Housing, utilities, and transportation are the biggest contributors to the high cost of living in Las Vegas. Although, grocery and health care on the lower side, which is below average.

Job Opportunities in Las Vegas

The city experienced an unemployment rate of 5%, which is 1.1% higher than the average unemployment rate of the US. The tourism, gaming and conventional industries run the economy of the city.
Top Employers of Las Vegas are:
  • MGM Resorts International
  • Caesars Entertainment
  • Station Casinos
  • Las Vegas Sands Corporation
  • The Valley Health System
  • Boyd Gaming Corporation
  • McDonald's
If you want to find jobs in Las Vegas, it is recommended to connect to NevadaJobs or try online portals like Linkedin, Indeed and many more.

Educational Opportunities

Las Vegas is the fifth most populous school district in the US. Although the quality of education here is on the lower side, there are few schools that are above average and offer a good education.
  • Walter Bracken Elementary school
  • John W Bonner Elementary School
  • Charles Phyllis Frias Elementary school
  • Jody and John Goolsby Elementary School
  • Palo Verde High School
  • Arbor View High School

Ready to Move to Las Vegas?

Before you get ready to move to Las Vegas, it is important to know the drawbacks of living in the city. Here are some cons of living in Las Vegas:
  • Higher crime rate than average.
  • Poor Education system, as the schools here, are mostly poorly rated. Due to this, the city is not the right place to raise your children.
  • The unemployment rate is higher than other places in the state and higher than average.
  • The weather is sunny and warm throughout the year.
Now that you are aware of both pros and cons of living in Las Vegas, it's decision time! If you are in favour of moving to this incredible city, then start planning your future career and adventure in this city and leave the intricacies of the actual moving tasks to We wish you all the best with your move and Happy Moving!

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