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The Ultimate Moving Guide to Kentucky

Introduction to Kentucky, 

The Bluegrass state is famous for rolling green fields and, of course, well-bred horses and is one of the most amazing places in the United States. The state lies in the central-eastern part of the US, Kentucky has West Virginia to the east, Ohio to the north, Missouri to the west, and Tennessee to the south. Kentucky is a dream destination for those smitten with horse racing and spirited life, also known for breeding horses, basketball, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, My Old Kentucky Home, waterways, exclusive bourbon, bluegrass fields, livestock, Kentucky Fried Chicken and much more. The official language is English and is the most spoken language in the state. A small population also speaks Spanish. Due to the trademark thoroughbred horses, Kentucky is also called the horse capital of the world. Among the major cities in Kentucky are the capital Frankfort, Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green.

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Reasons to Move to Kentucky

Kentucky offers a lot of beautiful reasons to move to the state. People move to Kentucky due to a spirited lifestyle, affordable life, cheap housing, horses, and for professional reasons.
Economical Housing Price: Having a house in the state of Kentucky is far economical if you compare to other US locations. You can have a house for less than $2,00,000.
Jobs: People willing to work in the coal industry, automobile manufacturing sector and fond of horses can find no better place than Kentucky.
Diverse Weather: Kentucky has four distinct seasons, and the famous Derby season.
Nice Outdoors: People willing to explore more of the outdoors can find Kentucky quite inspiring.
Generosity: Kentucky locals are kind, generous and love to help others.

Driving License and Vehicle Registration in Kentucky

Please note that you get 30 days after moving into the state to obtain your Kentucky Driver’s License. The new movers or those planning to move to Kentucky must note that the driver license services are currently provided by the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in each county. But the services are soon to be transferred to the Transportation Cabinet’s new network of Driver Licensing Regional Offices by June 30, 2022. The written and road testing will continue. Please visit the official website for latest updates in guidelines.
It should be noted that you need to be above 16 to apply for a permit/license in Kentucky. Those below 18 should submit the application duly signed by parent or guardian. Those moving to Kentucky with driver privileges from other states need not appear for a new test. But the guidelines differ for those moving in from other nations.

Affordable Cost of Living in Kentucky

Kentucky has a cost-of-living index of 89.5 against the national average of 100. Nearly 80% of the state's electricity is generated by coal. This makes utility bills affordable. Sales, groceries, properties, and income tax are also comparatively lower.
The median home price is about $1,55,000. The monthly rental price is nearly $600-700. Healthcare, food, and transportation is economical than many regions of the US.

Coolest Attractions in Kentucky

Kentucky is beautiful with many attractions. There are natural springs, navigating waterways, amazing caves, and a lot more. The Appalachians offer a perfect retreat from your busy life.
Mammoth Cave National Park: The world’s largest known cave system is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is known for rolling hills, weird rock formations, deep river valleys, and vast plant/animal life.
Red River Gorge: Perched in Daniel Boone National Forest, Red River Gorge is a grand climbing and rappelling spot. There are rugged cliffs, natural bridge formations, and rock formations. It is advised to bring your own gear and hire a genuine guide.
Muhammad Ali Center: Located in downtown Louisville, this center is a major Kentucky attraction dedicated to the boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The visitors get to know the stories from Muhammad Ali’s life and his six core principles. Get to see Ali’s fight videos and even hands-on boxing fun.
Kentucky Derby: An event horse racing enthusiasts wait for. Held each year in May at Churchill Downs near Louisville, this is a major horse racing event that attracts large crowds.
The Daniel Boone National Forest: Running through 21 counties in eastern Kentucky, the park is marked with gorges, cliffs, rivers, streams, and ravines.

Weather and Natural Disasters in Kentucky

Kentucky experiences all four distinct seasons, with Derby season, of course. The weather is moderate and mild. Louisville has an average temperature of near 75˚F in summers and near 35˚F in winters. The summers begin early (May through September) and can be very hot and humid. In the winter season, be prepared to face snow. Kentucky gets 11 inches of snow every year.
January is the coldest month and July is the hottest month in Kentucky. Spring and fall are pleasant times in the state. Kentucky is prone to winter storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, hurricanes and earthquakes.

What are the Best Places to Move to in Kentucky?

Fort Thomas

With an unemployment rate below 3%, this place is one of the richest in Kentucky. The city is on the Ohio river and has a rich history and the current population is around 17,000. There are some good schools, parks, and breweries. The median home value at Fort Thomas is around $2,25,000.

Villa Hills

Also tagged as The South’s Wonderland, Villa Hills is a place to move to. Also located along the Ohio river, Villa Hills scores 9.5/10 in terms of liveability, costs, safety, and education. The median home value is near 2,20,000.

Douglass Hills

This corner is Kentucky’s 6th best place to live in. The median home price is around $2,50,000 and the unemployment rate is just around 2.5%. Douglass Hills is home to smart educated people and has low poverty.


Located in Madison County, Kentucky, Berea has a population of about 13000 people. There are some fine restaurants, good colleges, and lively festivals.


Known for Toyota Motor Manufacturing factory, this small town is friendly and is inhabited by nearly 35,000 people.

Prominent Higher Education Institutes in Kentucky

Kentucky is at number 27 in education as per the state school’s report. Kentucky has good higher education infrastructure. Except national institutions like University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, several higher education centers are privately funded.
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Louisville
  • Centre College, Danville
  • Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes
  • Spalding University, Louisville
  • Berea College, Berea

Job Opportunities in Kentucky

The Economy Rankings by US News and World Report puts Kentucky at number 39 in The United States.
The following jobs are expected to have a good scope in Kentucky:
  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Technical professions
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Teachers and professors

State Income Tax Policy in Kentucky

Income tax is due on Kentucky residents on all income, and is also due on non-residents on all income from Kentucky sources. The state of Kentucky levies a flat income tax. There is a flat 5% income tax irrespective of income. This is in contrast to the federal income tax system where income tax rises with the rise in income.
Kentucky is hailed as a tax-friendly state for retired persons. There is no tax on Social Security income. One another relief is the exemption of sales tax to all consumers in certain items like wrapping and packaging materials, properties to be used in publication of newspapers, security lightning products.
The major tax rates in Kentucky:
  • Sales tax: 6%
  • Income Tax: 5%
  • Property tax: 0.86%

Ready to Move to Kentucky?

If you are seeking a spirited life, fun, food, horse riding, outdoor excursions, and adventures then moving to Kentucky could be your option.
Here are a few points you should know about Kentucky State.
  1. The major modes of transportation in Kentucky are roads (interstate highways), air, trains (Amtrak), taxis (bluegrass taxi, yellow cabs), buses, car rental (Alamo, Hertz), ports, personal vehicles, and car-pooling.
  2. There are some special laws which may seem weird to new movers. Just for example, you should not hunt from a moving vehicle.
  3. Kentucky is filled with friendly vibes. The people are usually welcoming to the new movers.
  4. Kentuckians are very proud of their heritage and culture.
  5. If you are moving in the summer season, please cover your head with a scarf etc. and keep yourself well hydrated.
  6. Large cities have a lot of traffic.
  7. It is recommended you hire professional movers. Get tuned to to get free moving quotes from the most eligible and cheap moving companies who are licensed and insured to handle your move to another state.

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