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The Complete Moving Guide To Hawaii

Tags:  Interstate Movers,  Before Moving,  After Moving  | 03-04-2021

Introduction to Hawaii,

The famous Hawaii state of The United States, the only state outside North America, is known for its sunbathed beaches, volcanic landscapes, never ending coconut palm trees and vacation like experience throughout. The sheer natural beauty spirited living conditions and extensive room for outdoor activities keep Hawaii upbeat and a cherished relocation option for the potential movers. With an area of 28310 square kilometers and inhabited by nearly 1.5 million people, Hawaii is a place to feast upon. The balmy Hawaii beaches offer some cool adventures in snorkeling, swimming and surfing. The sunsets are pure magic making your Hawaii moving worthwhile.

Hawaii is lazily placed in the Pacific Ocean attracting people from all parts of the world. Presenting as a beautiful array of islands, the state of Hawaii holds attraction due to its balmy beaches. It has a chain of islands each with a beauty of its own and thrills it has to offer. While you can snorkel with sharks at Oahu, watch sunrise at The Big Island and take to doors-off helicopter tours at Kauai, the excitement of a dream-like beach walk awaits at Maui.

Why Move to Hawaii With

Moving to Hawaii has been on the mind of many. There are several players around guiding you for the move. ensures a totally hassle- free guidance towards a delightful move to Hawaii. Just log on to to get instant access to the chosen movers licensed to operate in Hawaii. The process is simple and dependable. Besides, there are some valuable tips regularly uploaded on the portal which guide you to the most efficient ways to move. The present Hawaii moving guide explores the living graph of the beautiful island state.

Reasons to Move to Hawaii

There are more than one good reason to move to the archipelago of Hawaii. Just have a quick look.

A Dream Like Island Group

Hawaiian Islands are lazily perched in the middle of the Pacific Ocean making it a dream like scenic relocation and vacation destination. The lifestyle is vibrant, people are warm-hearted and the economy is stable. Remember Jurassic Park which has its scenes shot in Hawaiian Islands?

An Adventure Haven

There is so much to look for in Hawaii – sightseeing, laidback lifestyles and adventures. Ah yes, Hawaiians love food and love to party. (The world-famous Kona coffee is grown on Hawaiian Islands.  Besides, there are several food and beverages Hawaiians binge on like Poi and Lomi Salmon). There are some scrumptious cuisines like Saimin, Poke and Luau Stew also which Hawaiian life is known for.

The Buoyant Life

The cheerful life one finds in Hawaii is a dream for many. The people are smitten with the sheer beauty of locales and their life is marked with warmth, food and multicultural celebrations. With a pleasant climate adding to the holiday like living, the Hawaiians are known to make the most of it.

The Pleasant Weather

There is idyllic weather throughout the year. Most may not need even winter clothing. There are gentle winds blowing and sunny skies on the Hawaiian Islands. Some variations depend on which island you are at.

Hawaii’s Driving License and Registration

As you move into Hawaii islands, you need to register your vehicle in the state. Also, your license should be updated. The issuance of a driver license in Hawaii has its own guidelines. The licenses are issued 25 through 71 years. Those under 25 also get the four-year licenses. Please remember that you have to get your motor vehicle inspected for safety every year in Hawaii. All vehicles getting registered in Hawaii must comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. One should contact the Motor Vehicle Control Inspection Section (PMVI) for further details and help.

Major authorities in various counties that deal with licenses and registration formalities:
Honolulu: Division of Motor Vehicle, Licensing, and Permits (DMV)Maui: Motor Vehicle and Licensing Division (MV&L)
Kauai: Motor Vehicle Division and Driver License Division
Hawaii County: Vehicle registration and Licensing Division

The expenses will again depend upon the exact place you are moving to in Hawaii. Some other factors that affect the cost are weight of the vehicle, plus taxes etc.

Affordable Cost of Living in Hawaii

Life in Hawaii may seem a bit costly to some new movers. The expenses could pinch, especially shopping at supermarkets. (Honolulu is the 8th most expensive city in the United States). The state also has one of the highest income tax rates in the country. The median home price is around $8,35,000. Talking in the terms of rent, it is somewhere between $800-1200 for a single room house. Thus, you should check out the related estate websites for more updates before moving. If you will be living in Honolulu, you should be ready to fork out more than $ 5000 (estimated for a family of four).
The high living costs are due to the fact that the state is surrounded by water and everything has to be shipped or flown in. Electricity and food are also costly.

Coolest Attractions in Hawaii

  1. Waikiki beach and Diamond Head State Monument: A long -stretched dream like the oceanfront, Waikiki is simply mesmerising. Look for some cool resorts, shopping and fun activities.
  2. Haleakala National Park: A great spot to see the famous 10,000 ft high Haleakala Volcano. The sunrise looks stunningly beautiful from here.
  3. Pearl Harbor: A famous US spot offering a glimpse into history, this place is also home to USS Arizona Memorial.
  4. Waimea Rock, Oahu: Waimea Bay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Waimea Rock is where tourists and fun- loving locals come to experience the thrill of free jumping in clear waters.
  5. North Shore: Extending seven miles, North Shore is a happening place for surfers.

Weather and Natural Disasters in Hawaii

The climate of Hawaii is tropical. The hot season is June to October. December to March is somewhat cooler. The temperature does not vary much ranging between 10˚C (50˚F) to 35˚C (95˚F). Though Hawaii is a pleasant archipelago with soothing weather conditions, the state is not alien to natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. During heavy rains, Hawaiian islands get flash floods too.

What Are the Best Places to Move to Hawaii?

1. Honolulu

When we talk about best places to move to in Hawaii, the capital city of Honolulu perched on Oahu island tops the list. Inhabited by nearly 1.5 million people, Honolulu is liveable, safe and well connected. Public transport is efficient, but the city is expensive as compared to other locations.

2. Waikele

Yet another happening place on Oahu island. The city is family friendly and relatively less costly as compared to Honolulu. (The median home price is nearly $5,45,000). The best point is that the place has a largely young population. But you will need your car to move around in this small city.

3. Oceane Point

Oceane Point is also known for vibrancy and youthful ambience.There are some good schools here and the place is considered safe and clean. You will find good job opportunities here.

4. Wailea

Sitting on Maui island, this place is picturesque and natural. No point for guessing that it gets quite a good number of visitors and tourists. There are some gorgeous beaches, and hiking trails. Schooling is also good at Wailea. At times, tourists may overcrowd the place.

5. Mililani Mauka

Located on Oahu island, this city has good schools and great academic performance. This is a good place to raise a family and is considered safe. Mililani Mauka is known for community feeling also.

Quality Higher Education Institutes in Hawaii

Hawaii has a good academic infrastructure with 19 colleges and universities imparting higher education. The prominent higher education institutes include:
  • University of Hawaii, West Oahu
  • University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • Hawaii Pacific University
  • Chaminade University of Honolulu
  • Leeward Community College, Pearl City
  • World Medicine Institute, Honolulu

Job Opportunities in Hawaii

The new movers to Hawaii could land a good job if qualified in the following sectors:
  • Family Medicine Physicians
  • Surgeons (not much place for ophthalmologists)
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing care
  • Nursing anaesthesia
  • Architects

Taxes Scenario in Hawaii

Hawaii has 12 tax brackets ranging from 1.4% to 11%. An annual income exceeding $200,000 attracts highest income tax. When we talk about sales tax, the rate may vary from 0% to 4.5%. The average property tax is 0.28%.

Ready to Move to Hawaii?

Moving to Hawaii must be considered after weighing your personal circumstances and  long distance move and related articles on organized packing and cost-efficient move. The tips and suggestions are more or less the same. But you must know a few crucial facts about a place you are moving to.
Not everything is rosy about Hawaii. The state might offer white sand beaches, liveliness, rich culture and rare animal species, but there are some lesser known facts too. A potential mover must update himself/herself about the following too.

Brain Drain: Hawaii islands are struggling with the problem of brain drain. You may see job shortage for certain professions. (Use Craigslist Hawaii, Facebook for job search in Hawaii.)
Economy Mostly Tourism Driven: The economy is mostly tourism dependent. Those wishing to pursue their science, technology and business careers may not get opportunities as expected. Better if you search/land a job at Oahu which has the biggest job market.
Most of the Food is Imported: Though the islands are lush and fertile, most food is imported. There are not many egg farms and dairies left.
Limited Healthcare at Some Islands:
Some islands on the Big Island have limited access to specialised healthcare facilities.
Some Unwelcome Guests:
Due to tropical climate, bugs, cockroaches, ants like things are common.
Theft at Beaches: Be wary of thieves at the beaches. The incidents are reported.
Mid-ocean Location: Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of The Pacific Ocean. The weekend trips to other states might not be that easy.
The Traffic Pains:
Though there is not much traffic issue in Molokai and Lanai but Kauai, Oahu and Maui see a lot of traffic.

Some Practical Tips Before You Move to Hawaii

  1. It is better if you do not drag your bulky furniture along to Hawaii. The big moving size can be a lot costly. Move with minimum baggage as if going on a vacation.
  2. Try selling your car at your old location instead of shipping it to Hawaii. But if you ship it must, be prepared for the costs.
  3. Kayak and Expedia are good flight search options.
  4. You should be having a saving of two to three months before you move to Hawaii.
  5. Grab your State ID as soon as possible. It will give you the Kamaaina status and discounts at hotels, restaurants and other shopping places.
  6. If you plan to rent a house, Craigslist is the most widely used platform.

Landing at Hawaiian Islands During COVID-19 Times

Here are a few things which those moving to Hawaii during pandemic times should find useful:
  1. As the Covid-19 pandemic is making things change in the world, those landing at Hawaii must know that there might be long lines for temperature checks at the major airport on Oahu, and also at Maui and the Big Island.
  2. After October 15, 2020, those travelling to Hawaii are not required to undergo 14- day quarantine provided they bring in a Covid-19 negative report.
  3. Some airlines like Hawaiian are offering pre-flight testing facilities too.
  4. On the Big Island, those landing from outside states may be asked to undergo a rapid Corona test on arrival. (This test is available free of cost at all three airports).
  5. The movers to Kauai and Maui may be asked to take a second voluntary testing after three days of landing.
  6. The clarifications, if any, can be had from the official website of Hawaiian Tourism Authority.
  7. The movers may find the local Hawaiians a bit reluctant to welcome you on their island due to virus threat. The movers must respect their concern and ensure to stay safe by following health authorities’ guidelines.
  8. Do not crowd the public places unnecessarily and wear masks.
  9. (There have been reports when unmasked tourists threatened the health of local people by gathering on Waikiki beach and Koko.)
  10. Wearing a mask is mandatory state-wide while using public transportation and other outdoor activities.
  11. Violations in Hawaii attract penalties and imprisonment.

The list and suggestions discussed might fall short of the description the rich locales of Hawaiian Islands deserve. It may be just a glimpse into the feel of the mesmerising archipelago and some suggestions so that the moving experience remains positive and memorable. Keep tuned to to keep unfolding the moving joys at potential relocation locations.

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