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The Ultimate Moving Guide to Florida

Introduction to Florida:

If you are looking for a place to live where you can enjoy sunny days on the beach, then Florida is the perfect place for you to move. Florida is known as the "Sunshine State" and every year plenty of people flock to this state from around the U.S. This remarkable state is not just known for its sunny landscapes but it has a lot to offer to its residents, right from exciting parks for the children to flourishing job markets. But it's not necessary that moving to Florida is suitable for everyone. Keep reading this guide to find out what this beautiful state offers before choosing to reside here.

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Reasons to Move to Florida

1. Warm Climate

The warm and pleasant year-round weather is one of Florida's most significant reasons for people to move here. Did you know, people who live in southern Florida spend the entire year without wanting to put on a sweater. And thanks to the warm climate, residents of Florida spend more time outside in the sunshine. So, Make sure you load up on sunscreen when you move to this Sunshine State!

2. No State Income Tax

You will not believe Florida is the only state in the entire country that does not charge any state income tax! This is a significant reason for all the individuals and businesses planning to move to Florida, as this means your monthly salary can grow farther than anywhere in the country. And no state income tax means you have more money to spend on all of the experiences Florida has to offer, from beaches to theme parks and city fun.

3. Beautiful Beaches

Wherever you go in Florida, you will not be going more than 60 miles away from the beaches! Florida highlights some of the best and most visually astounding beaches throughout its coastline, like Clear-water, Delray, Panama City, Miami Beach, and many more. If spending time soaking up the sun and experiencing the relaxing sound of the ocean waves is what you're looking for in your day-to-day life, moving to Florida is the right move for you.

Florida's Driving License and Vehicle Registration

If you have a driver's license from another state, you will not have to finish a driving test. When you visit the DMV, you'll need your current driver's permit and one other type of recognizable proof, similar to a visa or birth certificate. You'll additionally require a social security card and two things that affirm your Florida address, identical to a service bill or an apartment rent.

Update vehicle insurance to mirror your new location and register your vehicle. You'll need to call your vehicle insurance agency and contact the nearby expense assortment office to refresh your protection, title, and enrollment. You need to accomplish this process within ten days of your moving to Florida.

Cost of Living in Florida State

Most U.S. states require state income tax. However, Florida doesn't have a state income tax that implies you can save a more significant amount of your pay for yourself. Because of Florida's tourist areas and grand hotels, the state's economy is prospering, which implies you have better job opportunities. Additionally, Florida inhabitants appreciate discounts to attractions like Walt Disney World.

The average cost for essential items in the big cities, similar to Miami or Orlando, is perhaps as high as on the U.S. scale. Yet, the rest of Florida is more moderate than you may suspect. The expenses of residence and products and enterprises fall only marginally under the nation's average.

Coolest Attractions in Florida

Seashores & National Park

The Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico never go downhill! Make a road trip for sunbathing, surfing, or swimming. Try not to pass up the absolute most mind-boggling seashores on the planet, including Clearwater, Pensacola, and Delray, and many more. Everglades National Park is a fantastic spot to see intriguing untamed life like alligators and pythons.

Exceptional Theme Parks

From heart-racing roller coasters to toy story land, you can’t think of theme parks without thinking of this Sunshine state. The options here are overwhelming, Walt Disney World Resort, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, and another three parks at Universal Orlando Resort. Every one of these spots offers fun and a great time for your friends and family.

Key West

Famous for watersports, lively nightlife, beaches, historic sites, and its pastel, conch-style architecture, Key West is one the coolest places in Florida to hang out. It offers the most energetic strips of shops, bars, and cafes at Duval Street for fun-loving people, and the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum for the sober-minded people.


Florida is an excellent spot for avid supporters also! You can consider moving to Orlando or Gainesville if sports are a critical piece of your life. You can appreciate in-season baseball and football match-ups; however, be set up to pick sides!

Weather and Natural Disasters in Florida

Florida experiences warm and pleasant weather throughout the year. If you are planning to move to Florida, then you should be prepared to endure the intense sun.
Florida's most common natural disasters include wildfires, tropical storms and hurricanes, severe storms, floods, coastal storms, tornadoes, and power blackouts.

What are the Best Places to Move to in Florida?

1. Sarasota

The main reason why plenty of people choose to move to Florida is for its unmatched climate. And is this regard, Sarasota surely doesn't disappoint, as life here is full of sunny days.

Sarasota sits on the Western side of the state, about mid-route among Tampa and Fort Myers. This Gulf Coast has a portion of the top-of-the-line seashores in the country. Lease and lodging costs are somewhat higher in Sarasota because of its small size, making it a more costly spot to live than numerous other Florida cities.

2. Jacksonville

It is the most popular city in Florida State. Situated in the Northeastern part of Florida, this city is a financial and social center point. Jacksonville appreciates an expanding economy with reliable occupation possibilities, which means the joblessness rate here is below the national average. A portion of the essential businesses here is in corporate banking, financial services, media, manufacturing, and technology.

3. Miami

If you've at any point gone on a regular spring break trip as a youthful grown-up, odds are Miami seashores were on your short rundown of spots to visit. Miami is a huge metro territory and can negatively criticize the touristy and nightlife viewpoints. Like any city, it has a lot of poverty, crimes, and unfairness. Nonetheless, Miami has a culture, not at all like some other city in Florida. There are a variety of Spanish-talking societies, from Cuban to Columbian to Mexican. The healthcare of Miami is also world-class.

4. Fort Myers

This quickly developing town is found only a couple of hours from Orlando toward the north and Miami toward the south. Situated on the Gulf Coast, the focal area gives Fort Myers more road trip alternatives throughout all the state territories instead of somebody who is found further north. Fort Myers has a growing economy and abundant job opportunities that attract people who come for vacation and decide to stay. Jobs are sufficient in health care, education, and government. Top employers in the city include the Lee Memorial Health System, the Lee County School District, and the Lee County Government.

Quality of Higher Education Institutes in Florida

Florida is home to many higher education institutes and universities. The prominent Universities are:
  • University of Florida
  • University of Miami
  • Florida State University
  • Florida Institute of Technology
The Prominent Schools are:
  • St. John’s County School District
  • Hillsborough County Public Schools
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  • Duval County Public Schools

Job Opportunities in Florida

Florida is a promising state for job searchers as the economy is reliable and offers several job opportunities. Some of the highest-paid sectors are:
  • Tourism
  • International trade
  • Health sciences
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Marketing and sales

Florida State Tax Policies Scenario

The economy of Florida is thriving as it is home to many tourist locations and grand hotels. The best part of Florida state is that it has no state or local income taxes, which means you can save a lot on your salary. The state estate tax for the family estate in the Northeast can be significant compared with reducing Florida’s state estate tax. Home and property prices are generally lower in Florida, resulting in a $2,000,000 assessed value reduction from a property tax aspect.

Ready to Move to Florida?

Exciting summers, low housing costs, no state income tax, DisneyWorld, love Florida so far? Well, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, here are some factors that you should keep in mind before moving to Florida. They will help you move to make an informed decision, keeping all the Florida facts in mind and keeping you from experiencing anything different from expected.
  • Storms and extreme warmth and moistness have an impact.
  • The state is too flat, lacking mountains and valleys.
  • There are a more significant number of tourists and part-time residents than in different states.
  • You'll be paying higher security costs than other parts of the country.
  • Bugs are immense in Florida, and there are heaps of snakes and crocs.

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