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The Ultimate Moving Guide to California

Tags:  Moving Tips,  Interstate Movers  | 08-09-2021

Introduction to California, 

When we mention the United States, the state of California is one of the most sought after locations to move to. Many people across the world wish to migrate to the state owing to its magnetic effect. California is located on the westernmost side of the United States lined by The Pacific Ocean to the west. Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, and Mexico surround the state from the rest sides. Popularly known as the Golden State, California is an amazing place known for picturesque beaches, entertainment industry, shopping arenas, and spirited nightlife.

Why Move to California with

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Reasons to Move to California

California is the dream destination for many tourists, students, and moving families. The state holds special attraction to those smitten by the media and glamour world. Here are a few top reasons on why one should move to California.

Mesmerizing Landscapes

There are some coolest balmy beaches in the state of California. Venice beach, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, and Emerald Bay and San Jacinto Mountains to name a few.

Pleasant Weather

California weather is pleasant, crisp, temperate, and known for refreshing morning hours.

The Pacific Coast Highway

This highway connects LA, San Francisco, and San Diego making it super convenient to commute. The Pacific Coast Highway is a boost for the working class.

Media and Glamor Industry

When we say California, can we skip Hollywood? Well, the state is home to Los Angeles, San Francisco – the hub of the media and entertainment industry. Those wishing to carve a career in the media and glamor industry have an outstanding platform in California.

Diverse Culture, Hip Nightlife and Food

California is famous for cultural diversity, ethnicity, and some great food options also. There are some exceptional restaurants and food options to explore from. People are enthusiastic about the night life in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Great Business Opportunities

California has the famous Silicon Valley around the southern shores of San Francisco Bay. This world- famous place is the epicentre of various technological breakthroughs and a great spot for start ups and pursuing entrepreneurship goals.

Good Academic Infrastructure

The state of California is also a place to move to for academic purposes as the state is home to some of the outstanding universities and colleges.

Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration in California

The driver’s license and registration of vehicles in California is managed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The new California residents must get the driving license of the state within 10 days of moving to the state. For the registration of vehicles, the time allowed is 20 days. Visit the official website of the DMV for details and assistance. must also remember that persons moving from other countries to California have to undergo driving skills tests in California.

Affordable Cost of Living in California

The new movers to the state of California must be aware that living costs are on the higher side here. California ranks third when we talk about the cost of living. Only Hawaii and New York rank above California. The average price of a home in the state is nearly $5,75,000. Rest all utilities and transportation etc. are also on the expensive side.
However, the affordability depends upon the location you pick to move to. Fresno is slightly on the economical side. Please refer to the cost of living calculator to assess the cost of living in various locations in the state.

Coolest Attractions in California

California is a tourist dreamland. Besides a lot of people longing to move to the state on a permanent basis, tourists and students too flock to the Golden State in large numbers. The 840 miles long coastline is a bliss for the surfers. The major attractions in California include:
Venice Beach: A much- loved spot for surfers, Venice Beach is one of the most famous among the LA beaches.
Death Valley: This attraction in eastern California is a famous national park and the hottest, driest and lowest desert spot.
Disneyland: A place loved by kids and adults alike, famous for fun, magic and fantasy.
Hollywood: The world famous moviedom located in the neighborhood of LA is the fountainhead of the US film industry. TCL Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame, Dolby Theatre and Paramount Pictures are world famous spots here.
National Parks: Of the nation’s 59 national parks, nine lie in California.

Weather and Natural Disasters in California

California has a moderate temperature with sunny and dry weather. There is diversity in weather also and you get rains, snow, sleet, and ice. The average temperature can be said to be around 70˚F.
The summers are dry and winters are mild and wet. San Francisco also gets fog in spring and early summer. Wildfires (in areas of dry vegetation), floods, mudslides, tsunamis are some of the natural disasters California is known for.

What are the Best Places to Move to in California?


The capital city is more affordable than LA and SF. The average home price is near $4,00,000.

San Jose

There is good educational infrastructure and low unemployment rates.

Los Angeles

A sought after location for those smitten with the glamour and media career.


This place is quite affordable with the average home price around $2,80,000.

Quality Higher Education Institutes in California

    • Stanford University
    • University of South California
    • California Institute of Technology
    • University of California, LA (UCLA)

Job Opportunities in California

California is the fifth largest economy in the world. The professionals like coders, writers, engineers, media persons, entrepreneurs, technology professionals, engineers have a good scope in the state.

State Income Tax Policies in California

The Income Tax ranges from 1% to 12.3 %. There is also a 1% surcharge on all taxable income beyond $1 million.
California income tax has the components of Personal Income Tax and Sales Tax. Different states have different tax policies. For more details and sources, one can follow Article XIII of the state constitution. The states use these taxes to fund several state sponsored services. The other revenue sources are excise, federal funds etc.
The state of California also levies a corporate Income Tax at the rate of 8.84%.

Ready to Move to California?

If you are all geared up to move to California (The Golden State), please also go through this quick fact sheet.

1. California is Quite Health Friendly

The weather and climatic conditions of California are diverse and the new movers can move to their most suitable location. The healthy temperatures are health friendly and there is not much harshness in the weather. California has good and healthy food options for both vegetarians and non- vegetarians. The lifestyle in California also encourages outdoor activities.

2. You Should Have your Own Vehicle

California is a large state, and it would be quite inconvenient to move around and commute without your own wheels. The cities are spread around miles and miles. (LA to SF is nearly 380 miles of travel). The transportation is expensive, and it is recommended to have your own car. In fact, the state of California has more cars than any state in The United States.

3. Traffic Pains

Yes, they are true. California traffic can be a pain, and so do the parking spaces.

4. Get Professional Movers

It is recommended you hire professional movers to move you to this hip and happening state. You can get the licensed and expert California movers here at through an easy one minute process.

There is much to the Golden State than written above. This moving to California guide is an insight into the major facts and figures that a new mover should keep in his mind. Depending upon from which location you are moving to the state of California you could go through the profiles of dependable local movers and the best long distance moving companies to choose from for your customized moving needs.

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