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Ultimate Moving Guide to Baltimore, MD

Tags:  Before Moving,  Moving Tips,  Interstate Movers  | 06-08-2021

Introduction to Baltimore,

Baltimore is a bubbly and colorful city known for its natural beauty, history, some great museums, and world- class medical hospitals. The city has now become a major seaport and a hub of a booming economy. The vibrant Maryland city is a frontline player in economy, finance, healthcare services and education. You will be thrilled to note that moving to Baltimore can elevate life to a new level in terms of career, family and joys. Before taking to Baltimore moving, a city known for history, harbor, and economy, let this Baltimore moving guide help you.

Why Move to Baltimore with

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Reasons to Move to Baltimore

Baltimore enjoys a happening location and connectivity, offers promising employment opportunities, and is a beautiful place to spend life at. Here is a summary of the reasons why people relocate to Baltimore.
Location and Connectivity: Baltimore enjoys a scenic location and is well connected. A commuter train can take you to the capital Washington D.C. in just 45 minutes. There is convenient access to major airports.
Diverse Facets of the City: Baltimore being a renowned seaport possesses several decks, yards, basements and rooftops. The city has many architectural buildings too.
A Hub of Science and Technology: Baltimore is a promising hub of scientific research, and technology.
Job Opportunities: The unemployment rate is 5.3%. Still, there are promising job opportunities. Industries like shipping, auto manufacturing, steel and transportation and tech start- ups have a good future.
Quality Education: There are various public and private universities plus colleges in the city which pull students from all locations. The illustrious ones are the University of Baltimore, Loyola University and John Hopkins School of Medicine.

Coolest Attractions in Baltimore

Baltimore Inner Harbor

One of the most vibrant of Baltimore attractions, Inner Harbor is home to the National Aquarium having 20,000 fish, reptiles, and marine mammals.

Walters Art Gallery

Located in the Mount Vernon Cultural District, The Walters Art Museum has the finest ivory collection, bronzes, manuscripts, and rare books.

American Visionary Art Museum

This unique museum houses the art works by self-taught artists. The place is inspiring and a window to new ideas.

Oriole Park

The Oriole Park at Camden Yards is home to the city’s Major League baseball team, called Baltimore Orioles.

National Cryptologic Museum

This museum displays the work of spies and counterspies, and methods of encrypting strategic communications. The Enigma machine can also be seen here.

Driver’s License and Registration in Baltimore

When you are moving to Maryland as a new resident, you are allowed sixty days to get a Maryland driver’s license issued. This limit is 30 days for commercial drivers. You need to provide the following identity proofs for the purpose.
  1. A valid out of the state driver’s license or a license, which expired less than a year ago.
  2. If more than one year has passed after the expiry of the license, you need to appear for a vision test in addition to knowledge and skills tests.
  3. Your social security number.
  4. Please note that out-of-state learner’s permits cannot be exchanged for a Maryland learner’s permit or license.
The time allowed to register your vehicle in the state of Maryland is again sixty days after establishing residency.  For registration, you can apply for a Maryland title, and registration, in person at any of the MVA branch offices. The documents can also be mailed to MVA’s out-of-state title unit (6601 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD 21062. You need to submit your resident proof, proof of vehicle ownership, and lien documents if applicable.

Affordable Cost of Living in Baltimore

Baltimore is one such city that has a charming location, lively neighbourhoods. The cost of living in the city is on the higher side. The living costs in Baltimore are more expensive than 56% of the cities in the USA. Housing is particularly costlier with it being 47% higher than the national average. The median home price is somewhat around $500,000. The median rent price is nearly $1,500.

As per an estimate, the average monthly expenses for a family of four are around $3,500 (rent excluded). The expenses for a single person are nearly $950-1000 (rent excluded).
Here are some quick figures to assess the cost of living in Baltimore.
The cost of living in Baltimore is 17% lower than Maryland average.

Weather and Natural Disasters in Baltimore

  • Baltimore has a humid subtropical climate. The climate is mild with no dry season and moist conditions are experienced constantly. The summers are hot and the winters are cold, windy and wet.
  • The temperature varies between 30˚F to 90˚F all year round.
  • January is the coldest month (average overnight temperature 23˚F) and July is the warmest (average daytime temperature 87˚F).
  • The period between the end of May through mid- September is hot.
  • The period between the start of December and the start of March is cold. Baltimore is prone to natural disasters also of which hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, and winter storms are common. Disruption of power due to weather conditions is not uncommon.

What are the Best Places to Move in Baltimore?

Fell’s Point

An ideal neighborhood for young professionals, Fell’s Point is one of the oldest places in Baltimore. The place is home to some fine restaurants, and businesses.  The shops at Harbor East are close by. Fell’s Point is a good place to live with family too.

Federal Hill

Within walking distance from Inner Harbor, this place is known for 19th century brick row houses. The neighbourhood is adored by newly- weds and youngsters. Federal Hill is a lively place with good supply of fresh baked goods, other produce, and flowers


This neighbourhood has some amazing parks and gardens. The natural beauty is stunning, and so are the beautiful homes here. Guilford’s Sherwood Gardens are one of the attractions of this place.


This place is diverse with residents of all age groups. There are art studios, offices, and restaurants, and the people are friendly.


Known for good community feeling, Brooklyn can be considered one of the best Baltimore neighborhoods. Brooklyn has easy access to Inner Harbor. There are some good parks, shops, conveniences, and restaurants here.

Quality of Education Institutes in Baltimore

Baltimore has several higher education centres which enjoy global repute. Some of the eminent ones are:
  • University of Baltimore
  • University of Maryland
  • John Hopkins University
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • Maryland Institute College of Art

Job Opportunities in Baltimore

The following careers have promising scope in Baltimore:
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Science and Technology
  • Automobile manufacturing
The most in demand positions in the city are:
  • Home Health Aid
  • Interpreter and Translator
  • Personal Care Assistant
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

State Income Tax Policies in Baltimore

In addition to Maryland’s Income Tax and the Federal Income Tax, the residents of Baltimore need to pay a flat city income tax of 3.05% on earned income.  Non-residents who work in Baltimore pay a local income tax of 1.25%. Maryland state income tax is 19% lower than the national average.

Maryland’s personal tax rates start at 2% on the first $1,000 of taxable income. The cap is set at 5.75% at incomes exceeding $250,000.

The Baltimore income tax is due on April 15th. The calculation of income tax is simple and the tax preparers will file your Baltimore income tax for free. You can file your return on your own in which case the tax collector mails you a copy of the requisite documents/forms needed. The general sales tax in Baltimore is 18% higher than the national average.

Ready to Move to Baltimore?

Here are a few more quick facts about Baltimore to keep you updated:
  1. Baltimore has been ranked as one of the best places to work.
  2. It is suggested to move with professional movers licensed and authorized to move you to the city. has an extensive database of professional moving companies that are dependable and proficient.
  3. It is advisable to pack according to the season. Please remember that summers in Baltimore are hot and there are frequent thunderstorms. Spring is wettest and winters get sporadic snowfall.
  4. There is easy access to the BWI Airport, (Hanover), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Dulles International Airport (Washington D.C.).
  5. The traffic in Baltimore is chaotic, just like any big city. It is best to avoid rush hours on the outer loop of the Beltway.
  6. The public transportation service is efficient. You can use the MTA Metro subway system, the Light Rail, bus, commuter rails (MARC train), Amtrak train, and there is also a free shuttle known as The Charm City Circulator.
  7. Baltimore is also a nice city for walking.
  8. You stand a good chance of landing a job at Baltimore if you have a career in science, technology, engineering, and maths.

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