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Ultimate Moving Guide to Austin - TX

Introduction to Austin,

Austin is a fairly affordable city and offers an infinite list of things to do for everyone. Whether it's checking out a Michelin-star restaurant, dropping into the dive bar around the corner for cocktails, or catching an intimate show at Stubb's, Austin's got it all. But if you are worried about moving to Austin, then don't worry, we are here to help you. Keep reading to know why moving to Austin is a reliable idea. You can't go wrong with settling in the live music capital of the world.

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Reasons to Move to Austin, TX

a. No Personal Assessment

The Lone Star State has a no-annual duty state, so you'll keep a tremendous amount of your check.

b. Lot of Action

There are countless reasons why travellers make Austin their excursion objective. You'll never run out of fun and energizing activities!

c. Climate

Austin appreciates a lot of warm, radiant days. Winters rarely see the snow.

d. Strong Economy

The unemployment rate is a deficient 2.5%. Even though Austin's economy profits by a few unique businesses, the tech area is excellent.

e. A Lively Music Scene

Austin's unrecorded music scene pulls in a ton of tourists to the city. You can encounter unrecorded music in an assortment of settings here, including theatres, bars, and eateries. Artists of all sorts perform here, so you'll probably find new top picks all the time. If you like concerts, you should visit in the fall to encounter the Austin City Limits performance.

f. Growing Job Opportunities

The technology scene in Austin is increasing. If you need to join this monetarily compensating industry, Austin is an incredible spot to live.

Austin Driver's License and Registration

The driver's license and vehicle registration are the same in the whole of Texas State. If you plan to move to Austin, you need to assign your out-of-state driver's license as a legal obligation. The period provided is 60 days to obtain a driver's license after establishing your residency in the state. For this, you have to go to the DPS and prove who you are and submit your old license, along with completing your license application.

A similar requirement is expected for your out-of-the-state vehicle registration. After getting your driver's license, you need to register your vehicle after moving into the state. You can get your car inspected in the middle of the week.

The Cost of Living in Austin

One of the most critical factors which drive our decision to moving to Austin is Affordability. While Austin was once recognized as an ultra-affordable city, increasing home prices and expensive transportation costs have mainly driven up living costs. But according to many reports, Austin's housing costs are still somewhat reasonable compared with other growing cities.

Coolest Attractions in Austin


Austin is not a long stretch of streets and structures. It's honoured with not one but three lakes that offer sporting exercises and help make the city what it is. Lake Austin, Lake Walter E. Long, and Lady Bird Lake are all readily available when you're in Texas' capital city.

Go for Hiking

Get your hiking shoes on! With 12 miles of lovely climbing trails, river beds, and cascades, the Greenbelt is an absolute necessity visit for each Austinite.

Take a Tour of Fredericksburg's Wineries

For a special weekend or a spirited road trip, plan a visit to Texas' own special form of Napa Valley—Fredericksburg. It's only a two-hour drive from Austin to the sections of land of plantations that populate this zone. Enjoy the sheer measure of various wineries that have settled in here. This place will make any wine sweetheart's heart siphon with fervour.

Take a drive out to Hill Country for beer and BBQ

When you get bored of the urban landscape, refresh your eyes and spirits by taking a trip to the Hill Country. It is only about 45 minutes away from Austin, but the long views and dramatically beautiful sunsets will make you forget all those emails you have in your inbox.

Weather and Natural Disasters in Austin

Austin experiences a humid subtropical climate. Expect long, hot, and sticky summers that will send you running to your nearest watering station to cool down. Winters here are short and rarely with ice and snow.

Tornadoes are the most dangerous natural disaster that Austin experiences. However, the metro area also has seen occurrences of floods and drought events.

What are the Best Places to Move to Austin?

Best Places to Move in Austin

West Lake Hills

West Lake Hills offers the ideal equilibrium of extravagance and closeness to both country and downtown. Living here puts you close to significant roadways, as 360 and 290, making voyaging to any place in the city helpful. The area is encircled by outdoor attractions, similar to Red Bud Isle — a 13-section of the land canine with a friendly lakefront park. Barton Creek Greenbelt highlights climbing and running paths that run along with Twin Springs, offering a spot to swim throughout the late spring months. You'll move toward one of the top of the line government-funded school areas in the state at West Lake Hills.

Tarrytown and Deep Eddy

Tarrytown is one of Austin's most notably affluent neighbourhoods. Deep Eddy, the local area that borders the southern side of Tarrytown. This neighbourhood has a diverse mix of homes. Residents also have quick access to Lady Bird Lake’s north end, known for its 10-mile hiking and bike trail and numerous water activities.
AISD assists Tarrytown and Deep Eddy and allows public school options for all grade levels at Casis Elementary School, O'Henry Middle School, and Stephen F. Austin High School.

West Austin

If you like to live in the pleasant wide open with perfect moving slopes, West Austin is undoubtedly the neighbourhood for you. If you drive down circle 360, you'll experience a more significant amount of Austin's regular, lavish magnificence rather than high rises and heavily congested traffic. This rich and trustworthy region offers unique perspectives, excellent schools, fairways, and many private turns of events. Homes range from wonderful Victorians to moving domains.
West Austin is additionally home to two different lakes, Lake Travis and Lake Austin, which makes the land more costly for buyers rather than tenants. West Austin is well known among families who like to be by the lake, and it's a quiet departure from the buzzing of the crowded city.

Quality Higher Education Institutes in Austin

Austin is home to some of the most reliable K–12 schools and universities in the country. The prominent ones are:
  • The University of Texas
  • St. Edward's University
  • Concordia University
  • The Acton School of Business
  • Austin Community College

Job Opportunities in Austin

Austin is a promising state for several professionals as the technology market is growing. Some of the highest-paying companies are:
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Austin Independent School District
  • Saint David's HealthCare
  • Ascension Seton

Taxes Scenario in Austin

While Austin residents appreciate living in a no-annual expense state, they pay more in terms of property taxes than any other significant part of the country. The expected property tax city-wide is 1.973%. On a home esteemed at $250,000, property taxes would be about $2000 more than anywhere else in the country.

Ready to Move to Austin?

If you are all set to move to Austin, here are a few factors that you should keep in mind. This will help you move efficiently, by keeping all the Austin features in mind and keeping you from facing anything different than expected.
Serious Real Estate Market: As of late, home estimations have been rising at an astonishing rate. For many people, it might be difficult to bear the cost of lodging.
Traffic: Austin traffic can be a bad dream – try to stay away from MoPac, Hwy 183, and I-35 during busy times tops.
Sprawl: As Austin becomes busier, it is encountering the inevitable endless suburbia.
High Local Charges: The high local charge rates joined with high home valuations may give you a pause and allow you to think about the acquisition of a home.
The Average Cost for Essential Items: Though it was all at once viewed as an ideal setting to live, high lodging costs have driven up the typical price for necessary items here.
Austin is a great place to call home and an excellent place for job opportunities, especially in the technology sector. But, moving house is a process, no one looks forward to. Try  today to make your move to Austin, as stress-free as possible.

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