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The Ultimate Moving Guide to Arizona

Introduction to Arizona:

You must have heard Arizona is a great place to live in, but have you ever wondered why? This perfect state not just offers the Great Canyon but it has much more to offer. No matter whether you are escaping from extreme winters or the high living costs of other states, you will love the idea of moving to Arizona. It is a state with beautiful blue skies, deserts, canyons, and forests.

Arizona is a South Western state of the US. Before you relocate to this state, make sure you know all facts about the place with this little moving guide.

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Reasons to Move to Arizona

There are plenty of benefits of living in Arizona, here are some of the important reasons.

Great Weather

If you are a person who loves sunshine, then Arizona is for you. Most cities in the state get sunny days all around the year.

Affordable Cost of Living

If you are moving to Arizona, the first thing that attracts you is its lower cost of living. The cost of living index here is lower than the national average. Another beauty of the state is it allows people to have a high standard of living as compared to other states.

Great Job Opportunities

Arizona has many cities like Phoenix, where you will find plenty of job opportunities. The state has many growing and emerging industries. The employment rate here is higher than in other places in the US.

Solar Energy

As the state experiences sun all around the year, many locals take advantage of solar power, which saves their electricity bills. There are also fewer chances of hazardous effects of electricity.

Multiple Recreational Activities

The state is full of activities like golfing, hiking, skiing and numerous other outdoor activities.

The State is Full of Youngsters

You must be thinking the Great Canyon is a place for retirees, but this is not true. Middle-aged people between the age of 30-40 are moving to the state due to many benefits.

Arizona’s Driver’s Licence and Vehicle Registration Process

For applying for the state’s driving license, it is important to visit the ADOT office in person. Then you have to complete the application form for a driving license with all your details. You need to present your two identity documents like proof of residence in the state or any other. It is also important to surrender your previous state’s license to the office to get an Arizona’s license. Always remember, you have to pass the vision test before paying the application fee, and you will get a temporary licence. The ADOT office will deliver your original license to your home within 15 days of application.

Vehicle Registration

It is important to register your vehicle as soon as you get the residency of the state. There are many ADOT offices in the state, you can visit any of them. Make sure you surrender your out of state number plate and registration before you get Arizona’s number plate. You need to show your driving license and proof of residency in Arizona to get your vehicle registration.

What is the Average Cost of Living in Arizona?

When we compare Arizona with other states, the cost of living is relatively low. But you must know, the cost of living depends on the region, city, housing and other factors.

Things to do in Arizona

Before you move to Arizona, explore the things you can do in the state and find out the coolest places to visit. Here are the top recommendations.

Sightseeing: Arizona is one of the promising places for sightseeing, as it is among the best tourist destinations. There are plenty of options like the Grand Canyon National Park Bus Tour, Sedona Vortex Tour, Grand Canyon All American Helicopter tour and many more.

Concerts: Shows and concerts in Arizona are something you should not miss. Once you are in the state, you will notice there are some shows or concerts taking place every day. Few recommendations of places to visit for shows and concerts include Fox Tucson Theatre, Talking Stick Resort, Mesa Arts Center, etc.

Sports: Sports activities are the major highlight of the state, football being the most popular game. The state fields all four major professional sports leagues: The NFL's Arizona Cardinals, NBA's Phoenix Suns, MLB's Arizona Diamondbacks and NHL's Arizona Coyotes.

Food and Wine Tours: You cannot afford to miss the food and wine tour, once you have relocated to Arizona. Recommendations include ROJO Tours, Art and Wine class, Scottsdale Trolley Food tour.

Water Parks: There are numerous water and amusement parks in Arizona starting from Trail dust town to Enchanted Island Amusement park, making it a family-friendly state.

National Parks: Arizona is a state where you will find the best national parks in the nation. Some of the popular national parks are Grand Canyon National Park, Tonto National Monument, Coronado National Memorial.

Weather and Natural Disasters in Arizona

Arizona is a state that experiences an arid to semi-arid climate throughout the year with very little rainfall. The climate varies from region to region, as the Southern state has mild winters with hot summers whereas the Northern state experiences four seasons. Natural disasters like extreme summers, winter storms, lightning and many more usually take place.

What are the Best Places to Move to in Arizona?

As the state is large, there are many cities and towns where you can choose to settle down. Listed down are the best places when you are planning to move to Arizona.


Located just a few hours drive from Phoenix and Grand Canyon, Flagstaff is in the northern part of the state, full of deserts, plateaus, mountains and forested areas. This city lies in the mountain region that offers various outdoor activities and affordable cost of living. It is a great city that gives you a small-town vibe. Flagstaff is a diverse city, and if you are an outdoor enthusiast, there are numerous activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, hiking and more that will make you fall in love with this beautiful city. Moving to Flagstaff is also a perfect option to raise your children, as it is home to many above rated public schools.


Located in the Northern region of the state, Prescott is a place known for retirees. It gives you a small-town feel, and the cost of living here is a bit higher than other places to live in the Grand Canyon State. Prescott, just like Flagstaff, experiences more chilly winters and snow as compared to other cities. If you are an outdoor adventure person, this place will amaze you at every corner. When it is about the culture of the state, you will find many historical places in Prescott. If you are looking to move to a relaxing city with four seasons, Moving to Prescott should be on the top of your list.


Next on our list is Sedona, which is also among the best cities in Northern Arizona. If you are a nature lover, Sedona is a paradise for you, with its red rock scenery and evergreen landscape.

This city has an arid climate with mild winters and amazing surroundings. Although the housing costs here are higher than in other cities, it is home to many biking and hiking trails, beautiful art galleries, and a great place for shopping. Sedona is known to be the most beautiful city in the United States, where thousands of tourists visit throughout the year. If you are keen to live in a safe and clean city then Moving to Sedona is an ideal option.


When we move to the Southern area of the state, Glendale is the 6th most populous city of Arizona State. It is a diverse city where many families and young professionals reside. Moving to Glendale, which has something for everyone, starting from sports to nightlife. Public schools here are above average. Glendale would be a perfect blend of awesome weather, affordable cost of living and unlimited entertainment.


Mesa is the third-largest city of the state and largest suburban city in the USA. It is a family-friendly city to move to Mesa because there are many job opportunities and educational centres here. Also, the beautiful mountain view of the city is the main attraction. There are numerous places to visit in this city, so you will never get bored. It is home to several well-renowned institutes and public schools. With many benefits like low cost of living, sunny weather, and multiple things to do, it is among the best places to live in Arizona.


Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and the fifth largest populous city of the state. Phoenix is known as the State’s crown jewel. The summers are extremely hot here, but the city has many things and opportunities to offer. There are many benefits of moving to Phoenix, firstly the lower cost of living, which is extremely low as compared to other cities of the US, secondly there are boundless indoor and outdoor adventure opportunities. Not to miss the festivals and the diverse lifestyle of the city. You will get many public average schools in the metropolitan area of Phoenix. With a strong job market, affordable cost of living, and all year round sunshine, this city is the best place to move to in the US.


This place is part of the Greater Phoenix area, also considered the desert version of Miami beach. The city has many things to offer such as great public schools, sunny weather, fine dining options, open spaces, art galleries and much more. But there are some drawbacks too, like the higher cost of living and extremely hot weather. It is the best place to raise your family and the safest place in Arizona. You could consider your Move to Scottsdale, a livable city with great modernization.

Quality of Higher Education in Arizona State

The state comes with many cities and towns with high-quality schools and better learning options. Arizona is a state that offers great education opportunities and schools ratings are high here. Here are the top 5 district schools and colleges.
  • Vail Unified School District
  • Scottsdale Unified School District
  • Young Elementary School District
  • Gilbert Unified School district
  • Paradise Valley Unified School District
  • Arizona Christian University
  • Prescott College
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • North Central University

Job Opportunities in Arizona

The overall job market in Arizona is increasing every year, though the unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Here are some of the top industries of the state:
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Mining
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Aerospace
  • Business and Financial services

Taxes Scenario in Arizona

The property tax of the state is below the national average. The sales tax in the current scenario is 5.6% The income tax rates are luckily lower than in any other states.

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With so many benefits of Moving to Arizona state, there are a few drawbacks too like poor water supply due to drought issues, extremely hot weather in some cities like Phoenix which is also a crowded and congested area. While you plan your move to Arizona, ensure you hire reliable but cheap moving company professionals to ensure you a stress-free and a smooth moving experience.

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