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Complete Guide on Local Movers Quotes for a Safe Move

If you are moving, you should be prepared to pay from hundreds to thousands of dollars when moving locally or long distance. While you are moving locally, get local movers quotes before you proceed to hire the movers. Well, there are many factors that determine local movers quotes such as how far you are moving, how much stuff you want to move and many more. With this guide, understand all the factors pertaining to local moves, their importance and what hidden charges you need to be aware of.

Moving quotes gives you an idea of how much you are going to pay for the move. Movers are liable to provide you free moving quotes either on phone or online, but always remember all movers must give you written moving estimates before they finalize the deal. It is always recommended to have multiple local movers quotes from different movers. It makes your comparing process easy and you could select the best moving deal.

Moving is always a stressful task, especially when it comes to managing finances. Are local movers affordable? Will packing yourself help you save money and how much will you be saving? How much will you be spending on moving a specialty item like a baby grand piano? To know answers to all such questions, the quickest way is to analyze the local moving quotes.

1. Develop a Realistic Budget for your Move

Moving can be expensive, and in order to avoid spending more than you want to or can on your move, you’ll need to have a realistic moving budget. You cannot just randomly choose a number and consider it your moving budget. Analyzing multiple local movers quotes will help you determine all the costs related to various moving services and then decide a practical moving budget.

2. Get an Idea of the Average Moving Costs near you

If you get just one free moving quote, you’ll have no idea whether it is high, low or average price in your area. In general, when you get multiple estimates, you can expect that they’ll roughly be the same and by comparing them you can easily determine the average cost to move locally. However, if you find any estimate which is much higher or lower than the others, you should take steps to find out the reason behind it. If the estimate is overly low, maybe the company is fairly new and trying to attract new business, or maybe they are offering cheap quotes because the company isn’t properly insured or licensed or perhaps they are scammers and just trying to lure you in with lowest prices.

On the other hand, if the estimate is overly high, don't just ignore them too. Chances are they are quotes higher than the others because they have included additional services or the company utilizes higher quality packing material etc. Remember a higher quote doesn't mean the company is reliable, they could be offering such outrageous prices only to confuse you and to swindle you out of your money.

3. Better Compare Moving Companies

Getting an estimate is a good starting point for comparing moving companies. Having multiple local movers quotes will help you choose which company fits in your budget to hire. And if there are several companies to choose from, you can use other factors to choose which one is right for you, like the services they offer, the amount of experience they bring to the table, the kind of customer service they offer, etc.

Local movers quotes also include license and contact details of the company. Like long distance movers, local movers are also mandated to have USDoT numbers in certain states. So, make sure to research what your state requirements are regarding the license of the movers and then cross-check them. Also, find out if the movers you are considering are members of AMSA, which is a reputable moving organization.

4. Avoid Being Scammed by a Mover

While there are many respectable, honest moving and storage companies out there, that’s not the case for every moving company. Some companies are there to take advantage of their clients, and they’ll often lure you in with a super-low estimate and then hold your belongings hostage until you pay a higher price that wasn’t included in the moving quote. Along with evading movers who offer unrealistic prices on the quotes, avoid any movers who ask for an overly large deposit or for full payment upfront and who are only unwilling to give you an in-home estimate and insist only on over-the-phone estimates.

Now that you have seen how local movers quotes can help you with various aspects of your move. The next factor you need to consider is the hidden moving costs. You need to be aware of them since many movers won't mention the various additional charges that might incur come moving day. So, while receiving moving estimates for your move, make sure to be clear and precise about the services that you will need and then ask for detailed questions about any additional charges that may be applicable for your move.

Here are a few Hidden Moving Costs which could be a part of your Moving Quotes:

Packing Services: If you want packing to be done by movers, then this will add to your moving costs. If you are moving locally, the time it takes to pack will be included in your hourly rate.

Packing Materials: Whether you are getting packing services from movers or not, you can always choose to buy packing materials from the movers. These include charges for moving boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, furniture blankets,  tape and others.

Blanket-Wrapping: Even if you pack your own goods, you will want to protect your furniture from scratches, chips, dents, dirt and so on. Movers will wrap your furniture carefully with durable blankets but may charge extra for this service.

Furniture Assembly/Disassembly: If you need your bulky furniture items like your bed set to be disassembled or reassembled at your destination, ask your moving company if there are additional fees for this service.

Flight Charges: Stairs can add fees to your moving cost. If you have stairs in your home, and you want movers to carry your stuff up and down multiple flights of stairs, then they may charge an extra fee per flight.

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