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Checklist For Any Size Office Relocation

Office relocation is not as simple as stacking your items into a box and shifting to a new place. A lot of planning needs to be done in advance for a hassle-free transition.

Select A Moving Incharge

Look for a person who has a good organizational skill and good decision maker. Make him the in charge of your office relocation plan. The in charge will make it a smooth transition for you.

Set A Planning Team

This planning team develops a plan to fortify the office relocation which includes set key dates for packing, moving out from old office and moving into a new office. This planning team takes the responsibility to get moving quotes and keep everything in the boundary line of the budget.

Information Update

An important part of office moving is to make business moving announcements and update your employees, customers, and vendors. Employees should be taken on a priority to update about the relocation, as they need to be prepared to commute to the new location. Update the name, address and phone numbers on the website and in Google My Business.

Better to keep FAQ about your office relocation well in advance.

Marketing Materials

Update your business cards, stationery, and website with new contact information. You do not want to lose business for your negligence.

Turn Paper To Digital Data

While business relocation, there can be a chance to misplace a valuable paper document. It’s always suggestible to transfer the paper documents into a digital data format. Make use of cloud service or external hard disks to backup your valuable information.

Rent a Trustworthy Moving Company

Hire a reliable office moving company which gives a top priority to safety and care for your equipment and other materials. You can make use of Movers Folder office relocation tool to get trustworthy and genuine movers from our mover’s network.

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