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Cheapest Ways to Move - 9 Moving Tips to Save Money

If you are planning to move anytime soon, whether locally or long distance, chances are you might be looking for the cheapest ways to move. After all moving is expensive and it puts a lot of pressure on the family budget. To reduce your stress with your upcoming move, here are a few money-saving tips to move your stuff.

1) Give yourself Time

We all agree that time is the greatest commodity. This is especially true when it comes to moving. Almost every task of your move will benefit hugely if it will get sorted out sooner rather than wasting time in stumbling around and finding yourself in a last-minute panic. So as soon as you know where you are going, prepare a moving checklist, set a moving date and start preparing for your move, no matter, whether it is a local move or a long distance move. If you delay planning your move, you will end up either with substandard services or moving your belongings for crazy prices.

2) Schedule your Move at the Right Time

One of the top ways to save money while moving is to pick the right day for moving.  The cheapest days for moving are definitely Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is because these days are a less convenient choice for parents with school going kids or anyone who needs to take time off work. As such, you will probably find it much easier to book your move these days or even bag a cheaper deal while you are at it.

3) De-clutter and Sell or Donate few of your Stuff

One of the cheapest ways to move is to move small. The number of your household stuff that you want to pack and take with is a huge factor in determining your moving cost. In the case of local movers, it will decide how much time is required for loading and unloading and how many hours movers require to finish your move. And since long distance moving quotes are majorly based on the weight of your belongings and the distance which impacts it directly. This is why you need to get rid of all the items you don't use or need anymore.

You could donate it all to charity or hold a garage sale to sell them off and make money from it. As long as your belongings are in a decent condition, it shouldn't be much difficult to sell them or at least find new homes for them.

4) Get Cheap Packing Supplies

When you are looking for the cheapest ways to move, you shouldn't forget that plenty of cash is required in buying packing supplies and hiring packing services. Most importantly, you need sturdy moving boxes for your move. The good news is you can get cardboard boxes for free from various sources like local retail businesses, bookshops, supermarkets, wine shops etc. Make sure to pick only the clean ones with sturdy bottoms and available lids.

Next in the list is packing paper. Well, you can replace them with a newspaper which is really inexpensive. However, don't use them to pack items where they might leave ink stains. Similarly, replace bubble wraps with your bed-sheets, towels, blankets or even thick socks! With a few simple moving hacks and tips, you can certainly save substantially on your move.

5) When you Choose to go with Pro’ Movers

You may think a DIY move with a truck rental or moving container are the only cheapest ways to move, however, there are many perks to leaving everything on professional moving service providers. First and foremost, is the matter of insurance. Your friends and family can get injured trying to help you or damage your belongings, in which case you will be liable for all the damages and even medical bills. Professional movers offer insurance options to protect your belongings during the move. With movers, you get skilled manpower, moving trucks, moving equipment and even insurance, which ensures a smooth and hassle-free move.

6) Collect and Compare Online Moving Estimates

Now that you are sure about hiring movers, your next step is to search for the most reliable and affordable company. The most simple way to get free moving company quotes is to choose a reliable online moving platform like, once you provide your moving requirements using a simple “Moving Quotes” form, multiple licensed and insured moving companies near you will get back to you with their estimates. For long distance moving quotes, ask the movers to conduct an in-home survey and provide you with binding estimates.

Once you collect all moving company quotes, it is time to compare them. Keep in mind, you should not just compare just the quoted rates, but also the services offered and even the reputation of the movers. So, with the license information provided in the quote, cross-check the USDoT details by visiting the FMCSA website. Also, visit BBB to check various reviews and ratings of the movers along with checking if any complaints were filed against them. Only after thorough research, choose the most reliable movers that match your needs and budget.

7) Negotiate with Movers

An interesting way to reduce your moving cost is to negotiate a better deal with your chosen movers. You can also ask about ongoing promotions or see if you can get any discounts. Lastly, directly ask your movers if they can further reduce the moving costs and offer a competitive deal.

8) Book your Movers Early

To get the cheapest deal from your movers, it is important to book them as early as possible. Even if you choose and negotiate with the movers early on, if you leave the booking too late, you could miss the entire deal and even end up paying double if you book at the last minute. And if you are planning a summer move, you might even lose your preferred movers to others if you don't act timely.

9) Organize your Moving Day

Organization is extremely important if you want everything to go right on moving day. This will help you avoid not just last-minute headaches but it will also help you save money. If you are paying your local movers on hourly basis, starting early will help you in avoiding any rush hour traffic, thereby reducing overall moving time. You should also get all of your packing done before the big move and stack up all the boxes at one place while providing a clear pathway for the movers. This will help movers while carrying your stuff to the moving truck and will also avoid any accidents.

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