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Cheapest Way to Move Locally to Save on Your Moving Costs

Local moves are faster moving experience than a long distance move. But that doesn't mean you won’t be worried about the cost of a local move. The cost of your local move will depend on how much stuff you have, how much moving you are willing to do yourself and how you are willing to go to bed late, tired, and sweaty. Depending on your preferences, here are a few options to find the cheapest way to move locally.

Moving Truck Rentals

One of the cheapest way to move locally is by renting a moving truck if you are ready to do all the grunt work of packing, loading and unloading yourself. Most truck rental companies offer vehicles ranging from 9-foot cargo vans (which can fit content of a studio apartment) to 26-foot trucks (fit a whole more than 4-bedroom household stuff). To save money, the trick is to choose the right size moving truck. This will not only lower your costs and but also prevents your items from sliding around and breaking in the extra space during transit.

As for cost, a 16-foot moving truck which fits the contents of about 2 bedroom apartment will cost around $30 per day plus $0.72 per mile when moving locally. The cost can go up to $47 per day plus $0.77 per mile when you choose to rent a 26-foot truck. So while considering renting moving trucks, account for how long you’ll need the moving truck and how many miles you’ll put on it, as well as any other surcharges. Lastly, remember if you want collision coverage and/or liability insurance to your truck rental, it will cost you extra, which may range from less than $100 to almost $200.

Moving Labor Help

When it comes to moving help you can certainly bribe your friends and family with some beer and pizza and get them to help you with packing, loading and unloading. But remember your friends are probably not skilled in moving, so moving heavy or expensive items with them could easily lead to disaster. Now if you can't find any of your friends to help you or don't trust them with your beloved belongings, then you should hire helpers who can give you an extra hand loading your stuff onto the truck. Moving helpers charges around  $100 to $200 to help you either load or unload a rental truck. So, in case you need moving help on both sides, you’ll have to pay twice that fee. If you have any bulky or special item like a piano, expect to pay another $200 for loading that item alone.

Portable Moving Containers

PODS or Portable moving containers are usually considered among the cheapest way to move across the country, and they are also proved to be cost-effective while moving locally. So how do moving container companies work? They drop off the containers at your house, letting you load them yourself. Once you are done, they pick them up again to move to your new destination.

Now let's have a look at how much do they cost for a local move. For a local move, you will probably find all the information you need through PODS online quote system. The prices will be based on container delivering to your current location, transit cost, container pick up at destination, taxes and if you require monthly fees for storage. For a local move within 50 miles, it would cost you around $400 to $500. Remember moving containers prices can change depending on your current location, destination, time of year, and what size of containers you use.

Full-Service Moving Companies

Full-service local movers will do everything for you. They’ll box up your household, store your household possessions if needed, load and unload the trucks, and even assemble your furniture and place it in the right rooms for you. These full-service local moving companies are insured and licensed for your protection. And best of all, they are there for you every step of the way. Using a full-service local mover will lessen the stress factor of moving by a thousand times. Sure it can be expensive when compared with the do-it-yourself moves, but not in all cases.

So, how much do movers cost for a local move? Local moving companies usually offer hourly rates which are up to $50 to $100 per hour.  So for two people handling the move, average moving costs is around $200 per hour. This means moving a 1 bedroom apartment will cost around $500-$1000, moving 3 bedrooms can cost up to $1000-$1500.

Most of the local movers are pillars of their communities. Being members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) proves it. In Reverse, there are a lot of scammers in the moving industry. There are many companies that have a pickup trailer and claims they are a big company. So make sure you avoid the scammers and make appropriate research about moving companies before hiring.

A Glance at "How to Save on Your Local Moving Costs"

If you don't have much stuff to move and if you particularly don't have any big heavy furniture to move then your cheapest way to move locally could be to just rent a car or pickup truck, or—even better—borrow one from your friend. This way you can skip renting the moving truck entirely and save money.

  • Get discounted packing material from moving companies or you can try some of the packing and moving tips for saving and stress-free move.
  • Whether if you need to hire local movers or long distance movers, you can save a substantial amount by choosing to handle self-packing. There are also movers who offer “partial packing” which means you pack most of your own stuff but save the fragile or bulky items for the professionals.
  • Since local movers charge by the hour, so the less time you spend on loading and unloading, the more you save. So pre-organise all your boxes and stuff in one place before the movers arrive.
  • Avoid moving season (spring and summer) and weekends which are busiest if possible to save some serious money on your move.
  • Lastly, no matter whether you choose truck rentals or moving companies, it pays well when you do your research before hiring one. Get free moving company quotes online from reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder, compare the rates, services, terms and even customer reviews before choosing the best moving service provider for your move. Happy Moving!

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