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Cheap Long distance Movers - How to Choose the Best?

There is no doubt that moving is an enticing and stressful experience. With so many tasks involved with long distance moving, you probably would love to hire cheap long distance movers to tackle every aspect of your moving process. However, the method of choosing the best long distance movers is never an easy task. That’s because the last thing you never want is to hire a team of rogue movers who will handle your belongings poorly and charge you double at the end of the move. To make sure you don't hire such scammers to make your moving process a nightmare, here are a few moving tips that will help you hire reliable, competent and cheap long distance movers for your move.

1. Determine Reasons for Hiring a Moving Company

Before you start, you need to know a few things like how much do movers cost and all the other reasons for which you are hiring the movers. This will help you in determining what moving services you need from the cheap long distance movers and what tasks you will be handling yourself. This way you will also be able to remove any recurring doubts about the hiring movers.

The following are a few reasons which will convince you why it is a good idea to hire professional long distance movers:

1) Long Distance Move

Moving long distances is always a challenging task. Tackling multiple moving tasks in a limited time is both difficult and stressful. Thus, hiring reliable and cheap long distance movers to handle the move for you is the right thing to do.

2) Moving Specialty Items

If you want to move fragile items like a grandfather clock, baby grand piano, or bulky furniture items which requires disassembling to move them or to manoeuvre them, then you need the services of professional movers to deal with moving such items safely with especially designed handling equipment.

3) Tight Schedule

You certainly don’t want to mess up your relocation because you don’t have adequate time for planning and moving. So let the professional long distance movers handle all the moving tasks. Their experience will make a huge difference in efficiency and speed.

2. Ask for Recommendations from Family Or Friends

Of course, word of mouth is the most reliable source of finding the cheap long distance movers. Ask your colleagues, friends, relatives or neighbors for recommendations. You may learn many positive and negative points from their moving experience. Once you get it, research and contact the movers directly to get free moving quotes online. If in case you don’t get any reference, then your next best source would be to search it online.

3. Get Online Moving Estimates

One of the most important things to figure out while hiring cheap long distance movers is to know the average cost to move out of state. And then get estimates for your customized moving needs at, by providing your basic moving requirements in the simple “Moving Quotes” form and get instant moving companies quotes online. Once you get it, thoroughly compare them based on services, prices, and any other additional services and its charges that might be applicable to your move.

4. Verify that Movers are Licensed and Insured

Whether you are hiring short distance movers or long distance moving companies, verify whether the moving company you are hiring is licensed or not. If you neglect to investigate, you may end up dealing with broker companies and may be scammed. You can get their license information by visiting their website or directly ask them to provide you with their USDoT number (which is must to have for long distance moving companies). And can verify this number online through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s electronic search system. With a few clicks, you will be able to get the status of USDoT number along with other details like types of cargo and carrier operation.

Another important criteria you need to check is whether the movers you are considering have the proper insurance or not. Moving is a tough job and accidents can happen during the moving process even with professional movers. Thus, it is better to be prepared at all times. Typically moving companies offer two types of coverage, full value protection and released value coverage. In full value protection, the mover is liable for any damage or loss whereas released value coverage covers not more than 60 cents per pound per item. If you want any additional protection, you have to speak to your moving agent and buy third party insurance. Know about moving insurance policies and coverage details before you choose one.

5. Evaluate Company’s Experience and Professionalism

Apart from license and insurance, you need to be sure about the movers for hire experience and professionalism. Check how professional the movers are and check if they have a physical office, a website, right equipment, right size of moving trucks and modern tools. When the moving company representative visits your home to conduct a visual survey of your belongings, notice their level of professionalism. They should be friendly and willing to answer all your queries. If the moving estimator refuses to answer your questions or provide vague answers then it's better to not consider such movers.

6. Inquire about Moving Agents

Before choosing a cheap long distance moving company, don’t forget to ask if they will handle the complete moving process themselves, or will they hire subcontractors to perform the moving process. Several moving companies partner with moving agents to complete the moving, especially for a long distance move. In such cases, it is difficult to ascertain how good the subcontractors are and how well they will be handling your move.

7. Read Reviews & Ratings

In addition to checking moving company reputation, it is always better to research a little more about the hiring moving company by reading reviews from their previous customers. You can do this with the help of wherein you will find genuine feedback from people who have recently moved. You can also visit the BBB website, and check their track record history. Along with it, you can also find about the complaints filed against the movers and how they were handled.

Easily Find & Hire Cheap Local or Long Distance Movers!

Start taking the delicate matter of choosing the reliable and cheap long distance movers. Just by providing your basic move details, you will not just have a list of professional long distance movers at your fingertips, but you will also be able to get no-obligation free moving quotes from them to compare and save up to 40% on your upcoming moving costs.

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