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Carrier Versus Driveaway, What's the Right Choice?

Transporting a vehicle can present a dilemma for the owners if the vehicle is to be moved out of state. The main concern is to efficiently move the vehicle which causing any damages. Broadly, there are two options available for vehicle transportation – A carrier or a Drive away service.

A carrier service involves transporting the vehicle with several others using a specialized trailer. The usual number of vehicle on the truck is usually between three and five. A drive away service provides a professional driver to drive the vehicle to its destination.

There are three factors to evaluate when deciding between using a drive away or carrier service:

(1) when the vehicle is needed,
(2) time taken by them and
(3) the various costs involved.

A carrier service can be faster, easier, and cheaper than a drive away service for a longer move. Most carriers will not move vehicles distances under 350 miles without a significant premium. It is a little less expensive as compared to drive away, however, it can take up additional days to transport a vehicle via a carrier, since the transporting trucks must be full before they’re dispatched. They are a good option if you have several vehicles going to the same location.

Drive away services are bit expensive but they are more immediate. Shorter moves usually make more sense for a drive away service.
The main advantage of carrier service is that they pick the vehicle up and deliver it as is. A carrier service more attractive because, unlike driveaway services, it doesn’t accumulate miles on your odometer and thus causes damage to your vehicle. For example if the destination is around 300 to 400 miles, it wouldn’t impact the condition of the vehicle, however, a longer cross-country move of say, 2,000 miles could add unnecessary wear-and-tear on the vehicle But if the vehicle already has 25,000 miles, then it’s no big deal to add 700 miles to it. Many drive away companies offer repair services as part of their fees.  However, if it’s a brand-new car, then unnecessary mileage is a consideration.

No matter the other variables, time trumps mileage and cost. So if time is an important constraint for you, drive away is a better option for you. With a drive away service, it’s a one-vehicle, one-driver situation, so the driver has the ability to do more than a carrier driver.

If you are choosing a carrier service, you need to check motor carrier numbers, carrier safety ratings, insurance updates, and amounts etc. For Driveway, you need to make sure is the driver is honest, punctual and dependable.

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