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Broke-up with your partner this Valentine ? Time to Call Movers!

Broke-up with your partner this Valentine ? Time to Call Movers!

Holidays push couples to pause and ponder the state of their relationships. Some couples are able to work through these tough times and get to a more positive place in their relationships, while others ultimately decide to part ways. It may seem cruel, but statistically, Valentine’s Day has high break-up rates. Whether you have just figured out that the relationship is not working out or you have found your partner cheating on you which lead to a breakup, it’s time to move out and call the movers.

If you are one of those unfortunate couples who is dealing with the pain of breakup this Valentine’s day, here are a few tips which will not heal your heart but will at least make your move smooth

Book your own movers

Since now you are on your own, it’s better to hire your own movers rather than sharing one. You’ll be doing a lot of stuff separately now, so better start with this. This will streamline your move and reduce confusions. Also, if you hire your own movers, this will reduce your interaction with your ex if you had a rather painful and bitter breakup and it will also remove the awkwardness which you would have to face if you are working jointly again.

Divide the goods

You might have bought a lot of goods together in your relationship. It may small and expensive stuffs like jewelry or artifacts or heavy furniture or electronic items. So, after break up you need to divide your goods with mutual consensus before the movers arrive. Whether the breakup was mutual or not, you need to sort this out with your ex-partner and separate your stuff for the movers to pack and load to avoid unnecessary drama and wasting time during the move.

Divide the pets

While dividing goods in one story, dividing pets can be a whole new issue. You need to clear up and make sure who will keep which pet (if you have more than one) and hire pet mover services accordingly.

Don’t engage the movers

Whether you are sad or angry about the break-up, the temptation to share your feeling with unbiased persons is normal with many of us. However, that’s a job for your friends, family, psychologist or beautician and not your movers. Movers come to pack your stuff and move it to your new accommodation efficiently and in a timely matter and not to chat up with you.

Split expenses

If you had an agreement in place when you moved in together, it can limit confusion as to who gets to remain in the apartment after a breakup, who receives custody of your pets, and how remaining expenses and bills will be handled. However, if you are both moving out from your joint residence, it’s better to split pending bills and expenses. And when it comes to movers pay separately to avoid any confusion and awkwardness.

Don’t breed resentment and anger even if you are moving out this Valentine’s Day.  Effective communication, a little compromise, and an open mind will help you move out and move up to your single life. Find your movers from Moversfolder and make your move smoothly despite your painful heart.

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