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10 Best Ways to Pack Electronic Items When Moving

Tags:  Fragile Items,  Packing Tips,  Things To Consider  | 07-12-2021

The world is cyber smitten today. Much of the personal tasks, professional chores and social interactions are using more and more electronic devices. Computers, UPS, laptops, scanners, TVs, microwaves, music systems, video games, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and mobile phones are just some of the devices based on electronic technology.
Electronic items are often a delicate lot and hence require careful handling. The care gets extra important when we are faced with the challenge of packing and moving that electronic stuff. Here are a few handy suggestions for a safe packing of such items.

Safe packing dictates a safe transit. No points for guessing why a safe transportation of electronic items depends largely on a safe packing. A loose and careless packing is likely to spell doom however expert the driver might be.


1. Wipe them Clean

The first and foremost suggestion is to disconnect the items and wipe them clean. Whereas simple damp clothes can clean most of the body parts of computers and similar items, you may require mild detergent too to do away with the stubborn grime sitting for a long time on the surfaces.

2. Check the Brochure/Manual

Almost all electronic items come with a user manual, catalogue or brochure having description of the individual parts and handling tips. It is time to pick the manual and turn to the page that advises on safe dismantling and packing. You will also come across the disconnection, re connection, installation instructions in the manual that will be authentic and a lot helpful. Pay special attention to the description of humidity and temperature a particular item can bear. Ensure these guidelines are followed during packing, moving, and storage.

3. Backup of Computer Files

A move is a move, you never know what happens with your personal computer with vital data stored in it. It is advisable to have a backup of all the important files saved in your computer before sending it with the movers.

4. Remove Batteries from All Devices

The batteries of electronic items like gaming consoles, music systems, weighing machines etc. must be removed before packing them off. Some batteries may give away under heat and pressure. Similarly, remove the cartridges of printers and accessories like chargers from your electronic items.

5. Remove and Detach Wires

Similarly, the detachable chords, wires, and leads must be removed for safe packing and transportation. You never know when the loose wires end up entangling somewhere. Also, some storage units may not have climate control which might damage such things.

6. Click Pictures

In case you doubt that you would not be able to connect the wires and cords after moving, it is suggested to click pictures on your phone before disconnecting. The images can be edited and labelled with the names of connections to facilitate the installation at your new destination.

7. Cover the TV Screen with Cushion & Cloth

This holds true for flat screen TVs and monitors. Sending them off without providing adequate screen protection can translate into a broken system later. The screen covering can be DIY type like old towels, blankets or any thick cloth.

8. Best to Pack in the Original Box

Most people make it a point to retain the original packing container or box of the computers, microwaves and vacuum cleaner type items. It is time to remove dust from the box lying in the store- room. Remove the dust before wiping it clean with a damp cloth. You will be delighted to see your cherished electronic item sliding smoothly and fitting exactly into the box. Since the box is made exclusively for a specific size, chances of ‘play’ and damage during transportation will be considerably reduced.

9. Pack Insulation on the Sides

The electronic items being delicate and costly, you would not like to take a chance even after a perfectly fitting packing. Thus, a shock-proof packing along the sides will be more than good. The stuffing material can be anything from newspaper crumples, cotton, rag- pieces to bubble wraps.

10. Label Properly

You should also ensure proper labeling of the boxes containing your electronic items. The label should be bold and legible and should clearly state the fragile nature of the stuff inside. It is further advisable to mention the temperature conditions also in case your stuff would be stored in containers for some days by the moving company.

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