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Best Way to Compare Moving Companies for your Move

Tags:  Local Movers,  Interstate Movers,  Moving Costs  | 07-14-2020

It is a fact that a service or product is best only when it is compared with similar services or products and then comes on top. Without proper comparison and analysis, phrases like best or cheapest are not of any use. The same logic applies here in moving.  When you are planning to move to a new house, ensure the success of your move by hiring the best local movers or long distance movers who are well experienced and competent enough to take care of the whole moving process. And to find such movers, you will need to compare moving company quotes so that you find the professional but cheap movers that fit your budget.

Remember that comparing moving companies is all about comparing their quotes, followed by moving services and then the final step is to compare their ratings & reviews. Only with thorough comparison and research, you can trust and hire the most reliable movers to move your prized possessions.

How to Compare Moving Companies?

There are plenty of cheap local movers and long distance movers around. This makes it hard to choose the right one in terms of moving costs, moving services, and professionalism. Remember that all moving companies promise to be outstanding and moreover they claim to offer the lowest prices.

If you just consider all the claims without any proof, you will either find yourself being scammed or even more confused. After all, it is virtually impossible that a moving company is best and it also offers the lowest prices at the same time. So what should you do? What should be your next step? Fortunately, there is a great way of comparing moving companies which is on the basis of comparing moving company quotes.

How to Choose a Mover?

If you are not sure where to start the search process, then start by understanding how to choose a mover. This way you will get an idea about how to do thorough research and find quality movers. The very first step that you need to do is get moving company quotes. Here's how you can get them

(i) Quickly fill up a simple form online by visiting a reliable source like and get free moving quotes from multiple movers near you. You can also ask your friends and family who have recently moved for recommendations and then request quotes from movers. Compare these moving quotes online on the basis of prices, services, additional service requirements and terms of moving.
(ii) Make a shortlist of movers that match your needs. Check their license details from FMCSA portal. Also, check whether the moving companies you are considering are members of reputable moving organizations like AMSA or BBB.
(iii) Specially when you are trying to obtain long distance moving quotes, schedule in-home surveys from the shortlisted moving companies. Make sure to present all your belongings and explain all your moving requirements to the moving estimator. Such home surveys are more important to get accurate moving estimates.
(iv) Once the survey is over, the moving company representative will give you a written binding moving estimate. Read the offer document carefully and then this contract would be signed by both parties.

Compare Moving Estimates

Once you have the moving estimates, it is time to compare them. Keep reading to find out how to compare moving company quotes so that you can take advantage from the offers that you have received from the moving companies.

Moving Price

A moving quote will either make the deal or break it. Most of the time, moving prices comparison seems to be simple and straightforward, but the moving price is not the only deciding factor, albeit the most influencing one. There is no doubt that final moving prices have a strong impact on your decision of choosing the moving company. However, while comparing whether the prices offered are inclusive or whether the movers have added prices of various services separately. Get an idea about how much do movers cost before you begin your comparison.

Additional Services

Many people are so focused on moving prices, that they forget to implicate the additional services added to moving company quotes. The moving estimates you have received should have detailed information about all that additional services that are required to complete your moving process. These additional services may include, packing, unpacking, assembling, disassembling, stairs services and more.

The moment you have completed the comparison of moving estimates, you will be left with one or two clear winners. To make sure you hire only the best, it is strongly recommended to compare moving company reviews (to read what past customers have to say about their experience with the shortlisted moving company for hire).

Compare Moving Company Ratings & Reviews

For the moving industry, all-important feedback comes in the form of moving reviews that people leave after using the services. Here are a few steps on how to compare reviews of moving companies.

Step 1: There are plenty of online review sites wherein you can find moving company reviews. However, it is recommended that you choose only reliable moving platforms like BBB, and others. At BBB, you can not just find moving reviews, but you can also check for the consumer complaint history as well that has been filed against the moving companies and how they were resolved.
Step 2: Input the name of the moving company one by one and read what past clients have to say about their experience with the particular moving company. This would automatically give you a general idea about the performance and reliability of the movers.
Step 3: As a rule of thumb, stay away from moving companies that are full of negative reviews and low ratings.

The Final Step is Moving Company Research

Reading customer reviews about the moving company will give you a great idea about the credibility of the moving company, let's accept that hard facts are what matters the most. While you must have done preliminary research on the movers, it is important to do a deep investigation before making a final decision. Here's how you can do it.

All long distance movers are required to have a USDoT number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to cross state borders. In fact, many states too require their local movers to have the USDoT number, while others mandate licenses by other organizations. Search the USDoT number of the movers on the SAFER database and check their identification, type and range of operations, operating status, safety rating, etc.

Find & Hire the Best Movers in Just 3 Simple Steps!

Start planning your upcoming move with the help of, Just provide your basic moving requirements in a simple form and then multiple licensed and insured moving and storage companies will get back to you with free moving company quotes. However, you can compare these estimates based on your customized moving requirements for prices and services and opt for the best deal without any obligation from your end.

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