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Best Tips for Moving in the Rainy Season

Moving in the rain isn't fun or recommended. In any case, there's very little we can do to control the climate, particularly when moves are arranged in advance. You could choose to move in the late spring rather than the colder time of year or keep away from the stormy season, however now and then, a sudden rain can hit when you probably weren't expecting anything.

While we don't suggest going out and purchasing rain-specific moving materials and boxes, here are some quick ways to utilize things that will make your move in the rain effortless and hassle-free. A portion of these tips may appear obvious, yet they should prove to be useful when you're in a high-stress climate attempting to scramble without a second to spare.

Here are Some Helpful Tips to Move in the Rain

1) Wrap your Boxes and Items in Plastic

Plenty of people get done with packing and don't consider putting things like hanging garments in baskets. They will probably roll a piece of clothing rack on a moving truck and cover it with a sheet. However, if there is even a slight chance of rain or storm, you should re-examine plans like these. Preferably, anything that can get damaged when wet, like gadgets, should be secured with good plastic wrap.

Numerous full-service movers provide shrink wraps that can shield furniture pieces from rain. Be that as it may, if you are hiring them for your move, then your movers will charge extra for this help.  Instead, consider using household things to secure furnishings and other different items. Remember that Plastic repulses water, while something like cotton sheets is not as protective.

You can protect your clothes by tossing them collectively and keeping each family member's clothes separately in trash bags. If they get wet, just launder them after the move. It would be best if you wrap anything you are not keeping in boxes like your art pieces in plastic sheets, or multiple layers of bubble wrap will also work as a protective layer from the rain. If you are moving with your furniture, then thin blankets will not protect them, so it would be better if you use thicker comforters to protect your furniture and secure them with bungee cords.

2) Don't Forget Rain Wear

While it is important to protect your valuable items and furniture, don't forget to protect yourself from the rain. Moving in the rain can give you more exposure to injury and diseases. So to avoid this, you should wear proper clothes along with keeping an extra pair of clothes to change in case you get wet. A couple of non-slip shoes will be best for commuting in the rain. Don't forget to carry umbrellas, raincoats, Baseball caps or hats with you as you are moving in the rain.

3) Try to Reach your New Place Before Movers Arrival

Schedule your move in such a way that you reach your new home before your movers. This way you can prepare your new place for movers thereby avoiding a chaotic and messy day and make sure that everything runs smoothly and nobody gets injured.

Following are some tips, which you can prepare at home for movers arrival:

Set Out a Doormat: If you don't have a mat, any modest rug will do. Don't set out a costly fleece mat, but use your best judgment. If there are no carpets for movers to wipe their feet on, buy some at a dollar store, or use towels.

Wrench Up the Warmth: If your wet clothes are on, ensure you turn up the heat in the home. The heater will help eliminate dampness from the air and make it more comfortable for all people and reduce the chances of getting ill.

Put Out Plenty of Old Towels: Keep old towels at hand that you don't mind getting ruined. If the rain is substantial, movers will require them to wipe their hands, face and even to dry the things they are moving.

Set down Dry Cardboard Boxes: If you have extra dry moving boxes, lay them down on the floor, as this will protect you from slipping. Exposed tiles and wood floors can get truly tricky when you go in and out with wet shoes, so securing these walkways is important.

4) Make a Proper Loading Plan

To effectively stack a moving truck in the rain, you need a proper plan in hand. No matter what weather you are moving,  we recommend that a couple of individuals remain with the moving truck to work on packing it in a coordinated style. This tip holds considerably more true when it's raining outside.

In the rain, the fewer individuals move from A to B, the better. This means while some people can be posted at the moving truck, others line up in a systematic way to handle the move.

For example, If you have a garage or any other space where you can unload all the boxes, then one person can drop them all there. Then, another mover with dry shoes can move the boxes and place them in their respective rooms. This will protect your house from getting dirty and wet and even avoid accidents.

5) Manage Moisture on the Way

It would be best to manage moisture while moving rather than cleaning all at once after your movers leave. If you have an additional individual, assign water cleaning as their work for the day. Have them work to limit the number of puddles that collect in both homes.

6) Tips for Managing an Overabundance of Water

Wipe things with towels when they come into the entryway: You ought not leave furniture and other things with standing water.

Unpack boxes that get wet: Cardboard is tough, but if left enough time in the rain, they can fall apart. So, immediately unpack these wet boxes and dry anything inside so things don't get irreversibly damaged.

7) Check your Moving Vehicle

Before you begin moving, check your moving truck (or the storage compartment of your vehicle) for spills. If you recognize a little break on the off chance, pipe tape will function as a transitory fix. For bigger holes, you may need to get innovative. Give making an impermanent fix a shot of plastic wrap and conduit tape.

Line the doorway of your home and the entryway patio with towels. As the movers bring in boxes and furniture, you'll get any mud or water from their feet. These towels will protect your floor from any harm.

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Lastly, use some time to loosen up before you race into unloading or finish other moving obligations. Try not to get so enveloped with what should be done that you cause yourself more pressure over the long haul.  You might think that this is not important, but a little break to recoup after all the stress and chaos will do wonders for your stress levels.

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