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Best Local Moving Company - 5 Things to Consider

Tags:  Local Movers,  Moving Tips,  DIY Moving,  Moving Labor  | 07-02-2020

No matter where you live now and where you are planning to move, it is safe to assume that there are several local and long distance movers around you. But this poses a challenge when you are looking for the best local moving company for your move. Every mover claims to be perfect, how will you differentiate between the reliable ones from the scammers. The search becomes, even more, overwhelming especially when you are moving for the first time. To help you get the best moving experience, we have compiled the following simple guide.

1. First, Try your Own References

Finding the best local moving company is just like swimming in an ocean with so many options but with having no direction on how to choose a local mover for your moving requirements. To solve this dilemma, begin your hunt for the best local movers by choosing to approach your most trusted source of information. So, ask your friends, family or colleagues who have recently moved for recommendations. They probably would have done their research while moving which movers they would suggest and which movers should you stay away from. Since people who have recently moved had first-hand experience with movers, you will get a better idea of how movers work and which is the best one to meet your personalized moving needs.

In fact, your family and friends can even guide you on what to expect from professional moving companies and how you should prepare for the move. If you don't find any recommendations that fit your needs, then the internet is your next best option. Here at you would find the database of pre-screened, licensed and insured local and long distance moving companies nationwide. Just provide your moving requirements and get instant free moving quotes online.

2. Perform Initial Screening

Once you have recommendations from your family and friends or found other options via the internet, you now have a list of local moving companies that can provide you with all the moving services that you require. Contact them directly and get instant moving quotes, If your move is small like a studio apartment, then you can trust a phone estimate, however, if your move is larger like a 2 bedroom - 4 bedroom house, then it is recommended to ask your movers to conduct an onsite visual inspection of your belongings, understand all your moving needs and then provide you a binding estimate. Meanwhile you could understand the average cost to move locally for different move sizes and distance.

To make sure you don't make any mistake, check out these tips while collecting moving quotes online. While comparing these quotes, you will be able to discern the average moving rates in your area. Compare not just on the basis of prices but also on the basis of additional services offered and their terms and conditions.

3. Carefully Review your Moving Estimates

It is always tempting to choose the local moving and storage company that offers you the cheapest quote. However, this is not a sensible decision because you could be hiring scammers. Many rogue movers loop you in their web by offering you cheap estimates only to charge exorbitantly at the end of the move. Some even hold your belongings hostage until you pay them. To make sure you don't end up paying more than you bargained for, you need to review and analyze the moving company quotes properly.

Ensure that the local moving company you are considering is transparent enough that you know about every fee they are going to charge. Discuss every parameter of your move like you want packing services, you have a specialty item like a grand piano which you would like to include, there are multiple flights of stairs at your new home with no elevator. All such points must be discussed and accounted for in the moving company quotes so that you can avoid hidden moving charges.

4. Check Moving Company License Details

There are many partial and full service professional movers and not all of them might be completely reliable. Many scams happened in the moving industry who take the money and disappear or fail to provide moving services they initially promised. To avoid any such scenario, it is essential to ask your local mover's license and insurance details. These documents assure you that the movers you are choosing are dependable and will provide you services as promised.

While local movers are licensed by their state, there are currently 38 states that require local movers to be registered to operate in the state. And if they are members of reputable moving organisations like BBB and AMSA, then it's always a plus point. Note that if any local mover refuses or fails to give you details about their license, then they may be fraud movers, and you can ignore them and move on to other options.

5. Ask in Writing (Moving Estimates or Agreement)

Finding the best local moving company for your move can take you more time and effort, especially when you want to choose the most reliable one that provides you with the best services and stress-free move. To ensure that your investment on the move does not go into waste, always choose a local moving company that is ready to provide you with a written and binding estimate contract. This Written document by the movers will comprise all details about your move, such as the date of moving, time of moving, and all responsibilities of a moving company. Along with that, a written contract will tell you everything about the legitimacy of the moving company you are hiring.

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Search for the best local moving company is a serious task, you don't just have to find the most competent and trustworthy movers but you also need to find movers that offer the best deal. encourages healthy competition between the movers thereby offering you the best deals. By filling a simple one minute form you will be able to get free moving quotes online from multiple local movers near you. Compare these quotes and save up to 40% on the average cost of your upcoming move.

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