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Best Auto Transportation Guide to Ship your Vehicle

Whether you are moving your personal vehicle or your beloved classic car, shipping your vehicle from one city to another, let alone across the country is not a small undertaking. This is where the best auto transport companies come in. With their experience, they handle all the nitty-gritty specifics of shipping your car with care, so you can concentrate on your home move. With this guide, learn everything you need to know about moving a vehicle and hiring the best auto shipping company for your move.

What do you Need to Know about Auto Transport?

Let's begin with understanding how to ship your car or any other automobile locally or from one state to another. You can, of course, choose to drive yourself, but if you want to avoid wear and tear on your vehicle, then it's wise to hire the auto transport company to move them. Now, as per ASWD Auto Transport Services, you have two simple options:

1) Terminal-to-Terminal Facilities

The vehicle arrives and departs from a specified location and then transported with other vehicles to the next terminal site. This method is the cheapest way to move your car, but your vehicle will have to stay at the main terminal waiting until the shipping service is fully loaded. You will also have to drive the vehicle yourself to and fro from the terminal points.

2) Door-to-door Transportation

The moving company representative will pick up your car from the place you want and drop it as near to your chosen destination.

Type of Carrier Service

Next, you need to understand whether you should choose open air vs closed container auto transport. You might have seen large semi-trailers driving down the road stacked with cars. This type of shipping is called open auto transport. Enclosed transport, on the other hand, uses a closed trailer, but can carry only a  few vehicles at a time.

Although usually cheaper, open shipping will expose your car to harm beyond the control of the auto transport companies. Think of all the rain or highway rocks that could destroy your vehicle en route. So, if your car is especially expensive, you should go with enclosed transport.

Steps to Hire Auto Shipping Companies

Steps to Hire Auto Shippers

Step 1 - Get Free Moving Quotes Online from Auto Shippers

To find the best auto shipping company, begin by asking your friends and family for recommendations or you can visit, which is a reliable online moving platform for all your moving and storage needs. Just provide details of your vehicle and avail instant moving quotes online from the reliable movers near you right in your inbox.

Step 2 - Understand Variable Influencing Moving Prices

Quotes estimated by the transport companies will depend on various factors, which includes:
  • The type and weight of the vehicle you are moving
  • The type of transport service and carrier services you choose
  • Whether the vehicle is in working condition or not.
  • When you are planning to move (rates may be lower in off-season months)
  • How far you're going to ship it
  • If you are choosing door-to-door services, then how far the transport driver will have to move away from his main route.
  • Predetermined trucking routes and truck's availability also influence the prices
The best way to find out how much do movers cost for auto shipping is to compare the moving company quotes received from multiple auto transport companies. This way you're going to have a clear idea of what you can expect from movers in terms of services and prices which will eventually help to make your decision easier.

Step 3 - Research About the Companies

Avoid the temptation to make your decision solely on the basis of prices. Instead, you should find a moving company that has a good reputation and promises on-time safe delivery. You can evaluate this by
  • Visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website or call their hotline number at 888-368-7238 to verify the auto shipper’s license details along with their insurance record. Remember, that shipping companies carry liability and cargo insurance. However, if you find them inadequate, you can choose to upgrade your auto policy with third party comprehensive coverage, especially for theft and collision.
  • Check various online reviews and ratings of the auto transport companies at BBB. You can also check if any complaints were lodged against them and specifically how they were resolved. If you have chosen as your one-stop moving solution partner, then you can analyze customer reviews right at this platform and then make your decision.

Step 4- Get the Best Deal

To avoid any extra fees or surprise hidden costs on moving day, make sure, to be honest about the condition of your car and provide all the information that the car shipping company needs. Better yet, ask them to conduct a visual inspection of your vehicle and then provide you with accurate binding quotes. Before signing on the dotted line, see if the company can throw any bonuses to make the deal sweet. Many companies offer customer discounts or special offers like a car wash after the trip so that they can get your business. Discuss this with your hiring movers and then make a final decision.

How Long Does it Take to Transport A Car?

Even though you have found the best transport company for moving your vehicle, one important question that still might be troubling you is when can you expect your car to be delivered. This time will actually depend on the moving distance, the type of transport you have preferred, and the dates you have chosen. In the case of local movers, it's usually within a day, but in the case of long distance movers, it could take about a week or longer. Ask your auto shipping company regarding this, since they can provide you with a timeline so you know when to expect your vehicle.

Need to Ship your Car? Trust Moversfolder!

Finding the best auto transport companies is no easy feat. But, with, you can avail free moving quotes online delivered right in your inbox from the most reputable auto shipping companies in your region and nationwide. Then by utilizing this guide, choose the right auto transport services as per your needs and budget.

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