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Avoid The Hidden Moving Costs

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There are two options available when it comes to moving on your own, one is hiring a moving company and another is to do it yourself. Well, there are hidden costs whatever option you choose to go with and here we are to enlighten you with those hidden costs which can be avoided.

What are the Hidden Moving Costs

  • Additional charges for moving heavy items.
  • If a qualified technician is called upon to disconnect the gas then additional cost will be charged
  • If a specialist service is used to disassemble the piano or pool table an extra charge is applicable.
  • If the movers walk more than 75 feet or use used any stairs or elevator from door to truck then the moving company charges the cost.
  • Charges if you use the shuttle to move your furnishings on the smaller truck and then to shift them on a larger truck.
How to Avoid the Hidden Costs
You can avoid these extra charges with DIY moving, but be aware that it has it’s own hidden costs. Apart from that, DIY demands a laborious work of renting a truck, packing, loading, driving the truck and then unloading. It requires a lot of time to be spent on it.

Extra considerations for DIY

Make sure to purchase a truck insurance from the rental company if you have decided to do it on your own. Truck insurance safeguards you from the unforeseen accidental scenario which can lead a risk. Inquire with your insurance agent to know whether you need an insurance rider to be prepared for unexpected happenings.

Never take an old truck from the rental company though it comes for a less price because, if a poorly maintained truck breaks down in transit then you have to bare the repairs until the company reimburses. Moreover, the breakdown delays your moving schedule which can turn into a nightmare moving experience.

Overall it’s all your budget and time decides which option to choose. Every option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Plan wisely and consider a moving option to make your relocation experience more cherish-able.

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