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Avoid Being Scammed By A Mover

Tags:  Moving Tips,  Moving Insurance,  Moving Costs  | 05-08-2018

You might get tired of knowing the moving scams happened to the people in the hands of ethic-less movers. Recently, The Today Show has telecasted an exclusive program on ‘How to Avoid Being Scammed by movers’. According to The Today Show, these are some of the common moving scams attempted by the moving companies:
  • The Hostage: Movers offer you an estimate quote which isn’t valid. As they add the additional price by doubling the cost of your move.
  • Bait and Switch: Firstly they provide you an estimate with a tag of lowest price, but in the end, the moving estimate goes beyond the agreed price.
  • Trumped Up Delivery Charges: At first, the moving estimate is based on weight, but on the day of moving they claim extra fees for exceeding the cubic feets as per their policy.
  • Late (or Never) Delivery:  Moving Companies Promise the delivery on time, but in the end, they give excuses saying your belongings are stacked behind other peoples’ in the moving truck. Sometimes you won’t receive your goods due to the violation of the licensing terms with US DoT.
  • Reckless Abandonment: Notorious moving companies fly away with the money you paid for the moving and abandon your belongings either on a truck or in a private storage facility. You have to pay the mammoth to claim your belongings from the private self-storage facility.
To avoid such moving scams, you need to pick the right mover. Here is a simple guide compiled to intercept such notorious companies:

  • Before finalizing the moving company, cross-check the real address to make sure that the movers website isn’t manipulating its customers.
  • No genuine movers demand a deposit from you. If any moving company demands a deposit, then that’s for sure a rogue movers whose agenda is to run away with your money.
  • Never ever pay in cash, as such transaction doesn’t provide any evidence to claim your rights.
  • Professional relocation companies will have their own trucks with a brand and logo on it. Whereas, notorious movers can’t afford such fancy trucks to work. Avoid such companies.
  • Sign a contract once all of your goods get listed on it.
  • Professional movers offer a varied range of protection plans. Enquire about the same and choose the best.
  • Ask your friends, family or colleagues for a reference if they have moved with a moving company with good service.
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