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Average Cost to Move Locally - Factors that Influence

Moving even locally is a very interesting period in a person’s life. Local moves may not be as stressful as a long distance move, but they possess their own challenges. They need to be handled with proactive thinking and meticulous planning because any mistake can turn out to be too costly in the end. This is why you need to hire reliable and professional local movers to handle your move. But how much do movers cost for a local move? This is the number one question that has been puzzling the majority of people who are expecting a move since, after all, it’s your hard-earned money on the table. So to avoid any unexpected and unpleasant post-move surprises, you need to be familiar with the average cost to move locally to stay in complete control of your move, right from Day 1. With this guide, learn about all the important factors that you need to know about average moving costs for local moves.

DIY vs Local Movers

When it comes to local moves, most people wonder whether they should handle the move themselves in order to save money. While the decision rests on you, there are certain important circumstances that you need to consider before making your final decision.
  • The distance of your move
  • The number of belongings to be moved and the nature of goods like how many bulky furniture items or do you have any specialty item like a piano or a grandfather clock.
  • Do you have time and resources to manage all the moving tasks yourself? If your moving day is fast approaching and you haven’t started yet, it’s better if you hire professionals to handle your move.
  • Moving is not a one-man affair so know beforehand whether you can actually rely on your friends for help or not.
So, if you are willing to do all the packing, loading, driving, and unloading, then let’s have a quick look at the average cost to move locally with a DIY move.

Moving Truck Rentals Costs: Depending on the size of the moving truck that you hire and the duration of the rental, the average moving cost for a local moving truck rental can be around $30 to $500. Another major cost that you need to consider here is the fuel cost. Now, depending on the truck size and whether it’s full or empty with home goods, it gets on average 8-12 miles per gallon.

Rent A Portable Storage Container: If you are worried about driving a fully loaded truck, but are ok with handling all the other moving tasks like packing, loading, and unloading, then this option is for you. For a local move within 50 miles, the average cost of renting one portable moving container is typically around $400 to $700. With this type of move, it is to be noted that most companies charge a fee every time you move the container. This means you are required to pay a drop-off fee, a transfer fee, and a pick-up fee.

Average Cost to Move Locally Upon Hiring a Moving Company

Local moving companies usually charge by the hour with average moving rates around $50 to $200 per hour. This hourly moving rate depends on the number of movers you require to complete the moving job. For example, a small one-bedroom apartment move typically requires 2 movers who can finish the job in 2-3 hours, thereby making the approximate final cost of about $150 to $400. Likewise, a larger 2 to 3-bedroom home may require 3-5 movers who may need about 6-10 hours to complete the move, thereby costing you about $600 to $2,000 in total.

Now let's have a look at Some Important Factors that Influence the Average Cost to Move Locally:

Local Movers: Some local moving companies will charge more for the same type of service than others. The increased rate doesn’t mean that they provide better services than others. So, try to find affordable movers that offer the best deals for your move.

Moving Locations: The average moving costs offered by local moving companies also vary from city to city. This may be due to many factors like their demand or competition that directly influences the prices. For example, for moving a one-bedroom apartment, the average moving cost in New York is $272, while at Los Angeles, it is around $395 and the same move would cost about $555 in Boston.

Hourly Rates: Generally, Local moving companies charge on an hourly basis whereas long distance moving quotes are based on the weight of your belongings and distance.  However, there are a few local movers who may charge you with a flat fee which is determined after analyzing all your moving needs. Get moving company quotes to understand their prices.

Extra Movers Help: Hiring an extra professional mover will cost you extra. So, be ready to shell out around $25-$35 per hour for an additional pair of hands. Now, remember more movers might complete the moving job faster, thus reducing the number of hours required for the move.

Packing Services and Moving Supplies: Long distance movers charge a flat fee for packing services, but most local movers will charge you roughly $35-$40 per hour per packer. As for packing material, it may or may not be included in the hourly charge, so make sure to ask your local mover about this. Use a few moving hacks and tips on packing and moving supplies.

Minimum Hours: Local moving companies usually charge a 2-4 hour minimum charge, even if your move takes less time. This is to protect themselves from mini moves that may not justify their time and efforts.

Travel fee: You will also be billed for the time required by the local movers to reach your home from their place of business. This fee usually equals about one hour of standard labor.

Additional Moving Charges: Moving house can be complicated and unpredictable at the same time. And with more complexity, the more money you are likely to pay to cover all the extra charges. These charges generally include for circumstances like too many stairs, too great a distance from the home to the moving truck, too many heavy or bulky items to carry. These are just a few of the reasons where you may be overcharged. Don't fall for hidden charges scam, make sure to research the movers and check their complaints at BBB before hiring them.

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